PACKAGE RETURNED to the Sender on AliExpress

It is not common, but sometimes we wait a long time for the AliExpress order to arrive and suddenly one of these states appears in the tracking:

  • Package sent back to sender
  • Returned to sender undeliverable
  • Package goes back to sender
  • Back to the sender
  • Delivery returned
  • The package will be sent back by national express …

They all say one thing: the package could not be delivered and is on its way to the seller (or has already received it, as was the case in the last state). This can happen for several reasons:

Aborted order at customs

One of the most common causes is that the order was held at customs and, as no one claimed, was returned to its sender. This is because many people believe that when they receive notification of an order held by Customs, they just have to wait for the order to be returned to China and then request a refund. This is not the case.

The buyer is responsible for customs duties. So if you ignore a notification and the order is returned to the seller, don’t go to the trouble of opening a dispute. You will lose it. Later we will suggest a better solution.

Post notification ignored

The second most common cause is that you received a notification from the post office and you ignored it or didn’t know about it. If the postman tries to deliver you a certified package and you are not at home, they will try again after a few days. If he doesn’t get it this time either, he’ll leave a message in the mailbox or you will receive an SMS asking you to pick him up at the office.


It is possible that you missed the text message or notice (not everyone looks at the mailbox often) and the collection period of 7 to 14 working days has expired.

Wrong address

The status “returned undeliverable to sender” indicates that the postman could not find the address you entered on AliExpress and that the package was therefore returned to the seller. Note that this only happens if the address does not exist. If the postman has found the address but no one has been home, the status is displayed that the package cannot be delivered. To prevent this from happening to you again, see our article on how to change your address on AliExpress.

Postal or courier errors

Don’t you fit in any of the three previous cases? Then get the tracking number for your order and contact the post office as it may have been their mistake.

What should we do?

Periodically enter My Orders on the AliExpress app or website (click here) and wait for you to see confirmation that the seller has received the return. Once the order is in the seller’s hands, contact them to find a solution. They usually give you two options:

Pay again for shipping

The most normal thing is for him to suggest that you pay yourself again only shipping the item you purchased to get it back to you. Of course, if the return was due to an incorrect address, you must provide them with the correct address so that the same thing does not happen again.

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Request a partial refund

The second option is to ask them to refund the amount of the item. Please note, however, that if you have paid the shipping costs separately, they will not be returned to you as the shipping was correct.

Can’t open a dispute?

If the seller doesn’t respond or refuses to refund or resend the item, you can try opening a dispute. There are no guarantees that it will be received well, but if you have a good track record on AliExpress, you may be eligible for a refund.