Sometimes when we check the status of our order through the AliExpress app or website we may be surprised to find it listed as “delivered” but we haven’t received anything. It can also happen with postal tracking, in which the package is recorded as “delivered” without a postman having reached home.

Why does AliExpress or Post say “Delivered” when I haven’t received anything?

This can have different causes:

  • Incorrect Tracking Number: Sometimes the tracking number provided to AliExpress by the seller may be incorrect or incorrect.
  • The deliverer has marked the package as delivered. This could be due to human error and the package is still being delivered.
  • The order was delivered by the deliverer, but not to us (a relative living with you may have picked it up for you).
  • The protection period for our order has expired and AliExpress has automatically confirmed receipt.

Do i have to do this?

Next, we will describe in detail how we should proceed without losing our level headedness first.

First of all, click here, copy the order’s tracking number and consult it on an international tracking website such as Postal Ninja or Parcelapp to have the real tracking of our package as sometimes it is not possible to do it through the application or the AliExpress web, it works correctly . If you’ve tracked the order and it says delivered, go here and contact the seller to let them know what happened.

Sometimes the tracking number shown to us is wrong and he can give us the correct one. If this happens and the order is not updated with the new tracking number, we will closely monitor how the shipment of the package evolves so that we do not lose the protection of 15 days we have to open a dispute. If the seller informs us that the package has been delivered to the address we have provided and the tracking number does not contain an error, we will contact our post office.


If it is a registered item, we can ask Swiss Post to tell us to whom it was delivered. On the other hand, with ordinary items that the courier leaves in the mailbox without a signature, we may not be so lucky and someone stole them.

Last option: open dispute

Finally, if the seller does not answer us or we are not convinced by his explanations, we will open a dispute by clicking here and clicking Open a dispute” on the order in question. We explain step by step how to do this in our article Open a dispute on AliExpress.

If the tracking number tells us that the package was delivered in a different city than ours, we will take a screenshot and add it to our dispute as evidence that we did not receive the package. AliExpress almost always accepts it as valid with no further questions asked and we will get our money back soon.

Another possible problem: order confirmed but not received

It can also happen that we have not received anything, the protection period has expired, and AliExpress automatically marked the order as confirmed. In this case, we need to open a dispute directly without wasting time contacting the seller or the like. The above-mentioned international tracking websites such as Postal Ninja or Parcelapp are very convenient to know from the first moment where our order is, regardless of the courier company used, and they have great reliability.