PROBLEM Inability to “DELIVER” the Package on ALIEXPRESS

If you see “Delivery Failed: Package Undeliverable” or “Delivery Failed” while tracking your order on AliExpress and don’t know what they mean, we’ll explain it in detail in this post. Remember, you can see the most recent tracking of your order by going to this section of your AliExpress account.

What do “Undeliverable” and “Delivery Failed” mean?

This occurs when the postman tried to deliver you a certified package but no one was home.

I have something to do?

Courier companies always make two delivery attempts. So if nobody is present on the first delivery attempt, try again on the next (working) day.

Why didn’t the postman leave a message in the mailbox?

The postman will not leave a message in the mailbox the first time the delivery attempt fails. If the second attempt fails to deliver it, they will leave you a notice stating the office where you can pick it up and the days you have to do it.

The shipment will be available in the office from the next working day and you have 15 calendar days to pick it up before it is sent back to China. It can also happen that when Sinotrans processes your parcel, the postman makes the two delivery attempts but does not leave a message in the mailbox. We explain why below.

What if I don’t pick up my package within 15 days?

If you fail to collect the package within these 15 days, the package will be sent back to China and there is a high possibility that you will lose your money even if you open a dispute.
Because of this, AliExpress usually doesn’t agree with the buyer.

What can I do if I cannot collect the package from the post office?

In the event that you are unable to collect your package and you would like someone else to collect it for you, you will need to complete the authorization on the back of the message.
If you haven’t left a notification for the reasons explained below, you can download one from the post office website.

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Packages managed by Sinotrans

For orders managed by Sinotrans, which you can easily identify by the letter “PQ” in the tracking number followed by a number, you will be sent notification of the failed delivery by email or SMS to your mobile phone. Usually both ways (both email and SMS) on both the first and second delivery attempts, but don’t expect the postman to leave a message in the mailbox.

Please note that once you have received the first notification from Sinotrans, you will not be able to collect the package from the office. You have to wait for the second attempt to collect the package from the post office and always do so on the next working day.

The postman didn’t deliver the package, but I was home

They expose us to this situation more and more: How can it be that the postman did not deliver my order while I was at home?

Unfortunately, there is a serious shortage of staff and all couriers have goals that they have to meet in their working day. That means they have to deliver ‘X’ packages per day. If you are short of time to end your day and have a large number of orders to deliver, mark directly that delivery was attempted, if not. It’s not common, but if it happens to you a lot you can apply to the post office. Though it won’t be easy to prove.