Review 5 Digital CAMERAS on AliExpress

Today we’re going to analyze AliExpress Digital Cameras: Are Cheap AliExpress Digital Cameras Any Good? What are their characteristics? We will answer these and other questions in the course of the post.

Properties, Uses, and Types of Digital Cameras

In the past 20 years, like most electronic products, Digital Cameras have gone through a great deal of development. There are currently three main types of digital cameras: compact are ideal for hobbyists, reflex are great for photography and lovers bridge they are a middle ground between compact cameras and SLRs, for those who want to learn more about photography.

Before you start buying a camera, it is important to consider the purpose we are going to give it in order to be able to choose between these three types of cameras. We’ll focus on compact and bridge cameras, which are easier to find on AliExpress.

5 Cheap Digital Cameras on AliExpress

Below we’ve selected the best AliExpress Digital Cameras for all budgets and different uses. However, if you want to see all of the digital cameras you can find on AliExpress.

18 Megapixel Protax Compact Camera: cheap and easy

Among the top-selling compact cameras, we find these, which cost less than $ 30 in their simplest model (without a memory card). It can achieve a resolution of 4896 × 3672 pixels and also allows video recordings in HD quality (1280 x 720). It has a 2.7 inch TFT LCD screen on the back, 8x digital zoom, and some cool features like face detection, smile detection, and burst detection. In short, it is a simple camera with several automatic shooting modes that makes it ideal for those who do not need to configure parameters and are very affordable.

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24 Megapixel Waterproof Digital Photo Camera

Our second choice is this camera, which can record at up to 24 megapixels in quality, but what we, and certainly many of you, like the most is that it is waterproof so you can record videos and take photos underwater (up to 10 meters). Another of its most interesting features is the front screen, which is convenient for taking selfies. We can also record videos in full HD quality (1920 x 1080), it has a 16x digital zoom and a built-in speaker and microphone. You can find it here for less than $ 50.

Amköv AMK-R2 Digital Camera: for everyone who wants more

However, if you are looking for a compact, high resolution camera to capture high quality images, we definitely recommend choosing this Amköv brand camera which can be found here for less than $ 70, a very affordable price for all the features we are going to teach you next.

It has a resolution of 24 megapixels, 4x digital zoom and a 3-inch screen that can be rotated 180 degrees, ideal for carefree selfies. In addition, you can record videos in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and are equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker. It has face recognition, beauty mode, allows programming of series, single and delayed images and has a number of preset scene settings so that you can get the ideal photo with just one click. After all, it has a classic design and if interested we can adjust wide angle lenses or a teleconverter to multiply the focal length of the lens.

Xiaomi Yi M1 Digital Camera: Xiaomi’s Digital Camera with 4k

Given the great quality and variety of Xiaomi products, it is not surprising that the famous Chinese brand has opted for a digital camera. Of course, we warn that the price is significantly higher than the previous models, but the quality and features are worth it. Xiaomi already has a large number of cameras of all kinds in very good quality (Xiaomi Yi action cameras, IP cameras for the home…)

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In this case it is a “mirrorless” camera model, i.e. the lack of a mirror between the sensor and lens (although this again makes an optical viewfinder impossible so we have to take the image through the screen.

Thus, the Xiaomi Yi M1 is a perfect camera for everyone who wants to enter the world of professional photography. It contains a Sony CMOS sensor with 20.16 megapixels, it can record videos in 4k format at 30 frames / second, record in high quality formats like RAW or DNG and its 3 inch touchscreen will serve us as well as we do have already done above said the digital viewer. In addition, it can be connected to our cell phone or computer via Bluetooth or WiFi. However, the price, around $ 350 here, is a bit high for most.

Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm Cameras… on AliExpress

We also found a wide variety of popular brands’ cameras with deals on AliExpress. They are cameras of a higher standard (and at a higher price), but if we are looking for a more professional camera they can be a good alternative.

The bestsellers are those of the Fujifilm brand, of which we can find many models, but two that are particularly worthwhile: the Fujifilm S8600 and the Fujifilm FinePix S4500, both cost less than $ 200 and are used cameras, but in perfect conditions. Both are bridge cameras, halfway between compact and reflex cameras, which are small, light and very easy to grip. Their prices and benefits are similar, those of the S8600 are slightly higher as it has 16 megapixels (compared to 14 on the s4500), 36x optical zoom (30x in the second), but both have a 3-inch screen (that works as a electronic viewfinder), records in HD quality and has an image stabilizer.


We also found cameras from better known brands, but they are increasing in price a lot. Anyway, we leave the links below for you in case you want to check it out for yourself.