REVIEW Addicting GAY UNDERWEAR on AliExpress

One of the Men’s Underwear Brands that is hit hardest right now is undoubtedly Andrew Christian, who has an exquisite collection of men’s underwear and swimwear that is specifically aimed at the gay audience. In fact, this brand was very easy to find on AliExpress, but now it’s practically gone, so we can assume that what was being sold were imitations and that AliExpress closed the beach bar for them.

On the flip side, the Addicted brand, which we also talked about in the original version of this article, has survived that “sifting” of imitations that AliExpress has been doing lately, so maybe this is about authentic products. The work of the designer Eduardo Suner, whose collection consists of a wide range of high-quality gay underpants and men’s swimwear, which we are now showing you on AliExpress, is addicting.

How to find Addicting GAY Underwear on AliExpress

Sellers who have Addicted branded products advertise them openly (another reason to believe they are original) so we don’t need acronyms or anything like that to find them. We just have to do this search.

Addicted underwear

You will see that you get dozens of results from sellers with a great reputation and with hundreds of sales in a rush) to decide which one to go with.

Alternative Chinese brands to Andrew Christian’s boxer shorts: Pink Hero, Croota, BS Underwear …

Since the part of this article where we talked about Andrew Christian’s underwear has become unusable, in return I will recommend a couple of Chinese brands that are easy to find on AliExpress and have a very low price.

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The first is Pink Hero who has $ 3 clothes as cool as these:

Pink Hero on AliExpress

And the second has hundreds of sales and great reviews too (especially when you consider that each boxer is worth a pair or three dollars). It’s about Croota who has designs like this one:

Cheap Croota gay underwear

To find more cheap underwear brands.

The best stores for Gay Underwear that is addicting and the like

As always, based on the criteria discussed in the previous paragraph, we have selected the best stores to buy gay underwear from the brands mentioned. When you shop at any of these stores you can be sure that you will be 100% satisfied.

  • you run like a river (1 Crown) – This is hands down one of the best gay underwear stores on AliExpress. In it you will find many Addicted, Croota and Pink Hero boxers, as well as other unbranded gay boxers, but also at very interesting prices.
  • GY Trade Co, Ltd. (5 diamonds): In addition to gay underpants, it offers a wide catalog of men’s clothing.
  • so fashion online underwear (5 diamonds): This reputable seller offers gay fashion at the best price. Come in and get yourself a pair of Addicted boxer shorts and other brands at an unbelievable price.
  • KV MEN’S FASHION STORE (4 diamonds): In the underwear department of this renowned store you will find very affordable Addicted Slips of excellent quality.

Another option: Chinese products with no recognizable brand

As we mentioned in the AliExpress article, in addition to Chinese brands (such as in this case Pink Hero and Croota), AliExpress has many products of very good quality, which, however, cannot be classified under one brand. We usually call them “white label products,” and on men’s underwear, I recommend taking a look as you will see even better results than looking for Pink Hero or Croota.

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To find these products you have to browse the hundreds of categories on AliExpress, find the one that interests you, filter … a very boring job we did for you as always. All you have to do is click on the link in the list below that interests you and you will see the relevant category sorted and filtered by sales:

Finally, we recommend that you contact the seller directly if you have any questions. AliExpress has a very useful chat for talking to sellers quickly and easily. Also, if you’re not satisfied and want to return your purchase, it never hurts to review the return policy before ordering.