Review AOFLY SUNGLASSES on AliExpress

AOFLY is one of the stores with the largest selection of sunglasses on AliExpress. With more than 200 different models, this store has become very popular for its cheap and trendy sunglasses: you can get new glasses for just over 5 dollars. The finishes are surprisingly good for the price and all glasses come with UV400 protection. So, if you are looking for cheap, high quality glasses, this is your business. Although their most popular glasses are a modern style with the latest fashion designs, we can find all kinds of glasses in this store, so today we are going to analyze AOFLY sunglasses catalog.

We Analyze the extensive Catalog of AOFLY Sunglasses

It’s not the first time we talk about this brand on our blog as we talked about it a lot in our ultimate guide to cheap sunglasses from AliExpress. With more than 4 years on AliExpress, AOFLY is one of the most popular brands when it comes to buying cheap sunglasses and their glasses have a score of almost 5 out of 5. We’ll show you everything you can find in their glasses Store Official.

Sunglasses for women AOFLY

We can say that the best selling sunglasses in this store are for women, and the low price and variety of styles are very tempting. We can get multiple sunglasses, one for every occasion, for less than it would cost us a pair in any store. With more than 100 different models, you are sure to find the glasses that best suit your style.

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Sunglasses in the latest fashion

If you want to be in the latest fashion, AOFLY is your brand because it specializes in the latest trend sunglasses: if it’s fashionable, it’s safe in your store. As you can see below, you can find glasses of all trends and styles so you can choose the one that best suits your style. You can find them in this category of their official shop.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized glasses are a good choice as they allow for clearer vision in situations where light creates reflections on our usual sunglasses. Therefore, they are perfect for driving a car or practicing water or snow sports, as water, snow and roads are surfaces that generate a lot of reflections and driving with normal glasses is very dangerous. In addition, polarized glasses from AOFLY are very cheap (they do not reach 10 $) and you have a large selection of glasses with a very feminine and elegant style.

Vintage sunglasses

In recent years such vintage glasses have become fashionable, but buying them in any store is not cheap as everything retro has been upgraded and can even cost you more than a new pair of sunglasses. That is why we recommend you take a look at AOFLY, as there are very beautiful and feminine retro models at an unbelievably low price.

Stylish Sunglasses

If you like sleek sunglasses, AOFLY has a sleek sunglasses section that you can all find by clicking here. Best of all, you won’t find the typical glasses that you are tired of seeing, they also have very original and innovative models so that you can be elegant while having an original and unique style at an incredibly low price.


Frames for prescription glasses

In addition to sunglasses, AOFLY also offers frames for such prescription glasses, which you can see below. We find very daring frames in the cat-eye style or others in the classic style, inspired by Rayban’s Clubmaster glasses. They’re plastic frames obviously, but they’re so cute and cheap that they’re very tempting.

AOFLY men’s Sunglasses

There is also a large selection of sunglasses for men in the AOFLY store, as you can see for yourself by clicking here. In this case, we find sunglasses in a classic style, inspired by well-known brands such as RayBan, Carrera, Ralph Lauren, Boss. The price has nothing to do with the originals, but in terms of quality, they have nothing to do with envy.

Unisex sunglasses made of wood

Wooden sunglasses have become very fashionable and on AliExpress we can find stores like AOFLY that sell them at a very low price: you can get them for less than 15 dollars. They are great for both personal use and resale if you have a business as these glasses usually come at a very high price and if you buy them that cheaply you can get a good profit margin. In this filtered search you will find glasses with polarized mirror lenses or multi-colored wooden frames.

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