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Backpacks are indispensable for our daily life: They enable us to comfortably and adequately transport everything we need for a long day away from home. And it no longer applies to every backpack: In a world that is becoming more and more technological, it is essential to have a high-quality backpack in which we can carry our computer, tablet, mobile phone, comfortably and safely.

Today we are going to talk about the Tigernu brand backpacks, one of the most famous AliExpress brands in terms of backpacks. The backpacks of this brand are characterized by a very minimalist design, their workmanship and details are of high quality and without a doubt we like their price best: they are very affordable, taking into account the factors mentioned above: most models do not exceed 50 dollars.

What are the Backpacks of the Tigernu Brand like?

As mentioned above, this brand is characterized by the fact that it lots of indoor capacity and indoor organizers to transport our electronic devices convenient and safe. Their designs are very much inspired by the most popular backpack models: Anello, Nomad, Kanken, Samsonite, etc.

We won’t find backpacks with very flashy colors, this brand prefers to use the most classic colors that everyone likes. And most importantly: Tigernu triumphs for them Quality and good finishes that enclose your backpacks: high quality zippers, handles with the possibility of adding an anti-theft lock, padded back … No wonder your backpacks get such good reviews. We’ll show you the best models you can find on AliExpress.

Tigernu anti-theft Backpack

The backpack that has been on everyone’s lips for a few months is the “Nomad Backpack”. In fact, we recently explained in our blog how to find the famous cheap anti-theft backpack on AliExpress. In the article we explain that there are several AliExpress sellers selling these fashionable backpacks and one of the most reliable sellers where to buy them is here at the Tigernu store. Its internal zipper prevents anyone from accessing the contents of your backpack without removing it from their back, but this backpack is also full of details: padded back and straps, external USB port, several internal pockets to organize your pens, boluses.


Tigernu shoulder Bags

Messenger bags have many advantages: They are comfortable, offer enough space for various objects and they hardly weigh. With this brand, we find shoulder bags in a casual style perfect for everyday use, and most of them have a waterproof and reinforced outer material to safely transport small devices such as tablets or mini laptops.

Backpacks with an external USB port

Since the appearance of the aforementioned Nomad anti-theft backpack, backpacks that have a small USB port on the outside that can be connected to an internal power bank have become very fashionable. Tigernu has several models with different colors and finishes as you can see in this link. In addition, all of these backpacks have ideal properties for the transport of electronic devices: double zipper, interior organization, padded shoulder straps.

Multi-position backpack

If you want to carry your backpack in different positions depending on the occasion, this is the perfect backpack for you. Its handles can take up to 3 different positions (held by the handles, on the shoulder or on the back). It also has a good capacity and a lot of interesting details like its reinforced straps, inside pockets … you can find it here in 5 different colors.

Backpack with handle

This backpack is very similar to those of the Japanese brand “Anello”, which are very practical as they are very spacious when opened at the top and also the two side pockets allow a water bottle, umbrella or other items at your fingertips. Waterproof and with reinforced seams, it is the ideal backpack for everyday use.

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Backpack with Solar Charger

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t have to go home all day and always need to be connected, this backpack is sure to interest you. Outside it has a small solar panel that we can use to charge our cell phone or tablet when we are not at home. In addition, it has two separate interiors to store your tablet or laptop separately from the rest of your luggage, a hidden pocket, straps and a reinforced back … There is no lack of details! It’s great for tech geeks. In this link you will find the two Tigernu solar charging backpacks, the cheapest is a backpack like the one just described and the most expensive has the same features as the anti-theft backpack mentioned above, but with built-in solar panel charging.

Crossed Backpacks on the chest

Although this type of backpack had its boom a few years ago, there are still people who love this type of backpack for its great practicality: they are comfortable, they distribute the weight better, they are very discreet , good range of backpacks in different colors and designs.

Backpack for SLR cameras

If you love taking photos, you definitely need to get a backpack for your camera, and as we explained in our article on cheap photo backpacks on AliExpress, it’s worth buying them on this website because of the good quality at low cost. This Tigernu branded one has different partitions to carry all your accessories in hand, it does not exceed 20 euros and it is compatible with most SLR cameras on the market.

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How to find Tigernu backpacks on AliExpress

Finding backpacks from this brand is very easy. In this search we have filtered all the backpacks in order of sale, although without a doubt the backpacks of this brand are best bought from the official AliExpress store.

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