REVIEW Best Chinese “LEGOS” Brands

LEGOs have been a perfect Gift for Children and adults for generations: fun and ideal for arousing the imagination and improving spatial vision. The only problem with LEGOs is that they are very expensive. But the “LEGOS” geeks are in luck: AliExpress has very cheap Chinese clones * and very good quality. And today we’re going to analyze them. * Since they do not have a LEGO logo, they are not imitations or replicas. They are legal clones.

Review about Chinese Lego clones

Certainly at some point as a child you were given a Chinese LEGO from “Alles bis 100”. What was it terrible about? These deformed parts could drive most patients insane.
Well, today’s Chinese LEGO has nothing to do with it: In the last few decades the Chinese “block” industry has developed significantly and the quality of the product has improved spectacularly.

And that’s what we say from our own experience (we have bought several times, always satisfactory) and from what we have read in specialist forums.

Today the Chinese LEGOs are on AliExpress:

  • Of a quality that corresponds to about 90-95% of the original
  • 70% cheaper

But of course you have to know who you’re buying from. That’s why we ranked the best LEGO brands on AliExpress.

Best Chinese “LEGOS” brands in 2023 


Without a doubt, APAN SAPIO is one of the best Chinese LEGOS brands that you can find on AliExpress in 2023 . Its parts are fully compatible with the original LEGO and you can choose from sets of loose blocks of all sizes to many models such as robots, dinosaurs, emblematic monuments, etc.

Although they don’t have a box, they are perfectly packaged and have instructions on how to assemble the models.


The SEMBO BLOCK brand has very cool models that are in no way inferior to the LEGO originals. The prices are very tight considering that most kits are large and contain many parts. All this, supported by the great reviews of this brand, also make it one of the best and most diverse options that we can find on AliExpress (cars of all time, landscapes, shops, robots, weapons).

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This brand also has building blocks that are compatible with the original brand (they have models with large parts like LEGO Duplo, great for younger kids) You will find a large selection of children’s models (note that some are still not easy to assemble, so they are sure to be very entertaining for you too).
The parts also come without a box and with instructions. Although the price-performance ratio is good, it is not as much as APAN SAPIO.

4. BuildMoc

The alternative to LEGO Technics: With BuildMoc you can choose from endless cars, but you can also find other special models such as the house from the movie “Psycho”, Star Wars, pirate ships, cathedrals…


This brand particularly focuses on models for the little ones in the house. You have tons of options with large blocks, much like LEGO Duplo.


We could say that EACH combines the best of LEGO Technics with Meccano.
Although there are sets that are composed only of building blocks, we can also find mechanized kits (such as cars, trucks, cranes, excavators, …) that you can control with a remote control after the model has been assembled. They look very nice and the truth is that the prices for these slightly more sophisticated toys are generally very good.


The MAILACKERS brand may not have loose building blocks, but it offers a variety of models to suit all tastes (easier for younger children and more complicated for adults).


One of the reasons LEGO became such a famous brand in the 1980s was because of its models inspired by the Star Wars films. Mold King has a dedicated section dedicated to this saga and you can see all the models. With lots of sales and good reviews. It has 2500+ LEGO pieces that we’ll have a good time with.

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Specialty stores

In addition to the official Chinese LEGOS brand stores, there are also general stores selling several of these brands. Remember that most of these brands are compatible with the original LEGOS and you won’t have any problems mixing the pieces.

An immense variety

But the variety of LEGO on AliExpress is huge, if you want to see it for yourself, you can do this or this search. You will be able to keep yourself entertained by browsing an endless number of loose parts and models.

Official LEGO Store

As you already know, more and more famous brands are selling their products on AliExpress and LEGO couldn’t be less. LEGO has an official store in AliExpress Plaza and you can access it by clicking here.

Shipping from EE.UU in 10 days

All toys are shipped from EE.UU with a delivery time of 10 days. You need to know that these toys are completely original and while we already told you that Chinese LEGOs have nothing to envy of the real ones, you may be looking for a specific model that you cannot find anywhere else.

Are original LEGOS Cheaper on AliExpress?

We compared the prices with those on the official website and in principle they are the same on both sides, but every two for three have discount codes and coupons on AliExpress that allow us to buy these toys at a better price.

If you still don’t know how discount codes and coupons work, you can read this post where we explain how they work and how to get them.

What happened to LEPIN?

If you’re already a veteran of AliExpress Chinese LEGOS, you might already know the LEPIN brand. This was a Chinese brand from LEGOS that was highly valued by users and of spectacular quality, but sometimes the fine line between a clone and a fake is hard to tell. LEPIN had exact replicas of the popular brand, and in 2019 the Chinese government and Shanghai police “temporarily” stopped producing these toys. After the closure and some arrests, we didn’t hear from them, which is a shame given the good prices and the wide variety of models we were able to find.


Frequently asked questions

Can I buy LEGOS toys with the box?

Most of these toys come without a box in order to reduce shipping costs. If you are interested in having them with the box, because they are intended as a gift or are more convenient for you, do not hesitate to ask the seller about it. For a little more money, he can send you the parts safely with the original packaging.

Do all LEGOS on AliExpress come with instructions?

All models usually come with paper instructions, but now more and more sellers are adding a QR code so that you can download the instructions to your phone.
If your toy doesn’t have any of these, ask the seller before giving them a bad rating.

How do I find Marvel LEGOS on AliExpress?

If you are a fan of everything to do with the Marvel Universe, you can also find the LEGOS of these superheroes by clicking here. Of course, AliExpress also has the collection of Marvel Avengers (The Avengers) with many different models. While you can find many of the original brands, you also have affordable options for your favorite superheroes.