REVIEW Cheap ASICS SHOES on AliExpress

After several emails asking for opinions about Asics Running Shoes from AliExpress, we decided to write an article about it. The original Asics shoes were relatively easy to find and buy here, but what can happen now (May 2016) is that there are temporarily no real Asics on this platform.

A few months ago, with a little research and a few tricks that we will show below, we were able to locate original Asics shoes from models like the Nimbus, the Running, the Gel and the Kayano, etc, obviously for both men and women for women . There is currently a seller selling Asics shoes. You can find them all in this search. The seller is recognized as AliExpress ‘Top Brand’, a seal that guarantees that the seller is trustworthy in the eyes of AliExpress. However, in case you can’t find this seller in the future, here are some tips to help you determine if AliExpress Asics are genuine and reliable.

How do I Recognize Original Asics shoes?

If you are looking for cheap original Asics shoes, I recommend you start with this search. If you are lucky, you will see results from sellers who have been authenticated by AliExpress:

In case you can’t see it well, it’s this seal of guaranteed authenticity.


If a seller encloses it and it is later found that the product is NOT an original, they will refund up to double the money paid for the shirts, including shipping. Plus, in the best case scenario, you don’t have to return them. So, if a Chinese store pretends to be smarter than you, it won’t succeed, and AliExpress will reward us for it and punish the replica seller even more.

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IMPORTANT: AliExpress has stopped incorporating this seal into its original AliExpress products in a while, as the website itself now carefully controls sellers and does not allow replicas on the internet, so there is no longer any need to look for this seal, if the seller sends us what looks like a fake, opening a dispute will refund the money.

What do I have to do to be 100% sure?

In these cases we have to be much more careful. To make sure that they are really original Asics, we need to follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the seller has the highest possible reputation (better a medal than nothing)
  2. That sold a lot of units
  3. Check out the consumer comments (feedback). See they are positive reviews from Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, American buyers…
  4. If you have any questions, please contact the seller directly and request photos of the real product.

As we told you above, AliExpress has changed, and most of the sellers who sell original sports shoes have the “Top Brand” seal on them, which ensures that the website reviews the treatment of the customers and that what the Seller sends, quality is. When buying from a top brand, buy direct from the brand or from an authorized retailer. In this link you will find all the top brands and what advantages you have when buying.

The Quality of Asics Running Shoes from AliExpress

When you buy the originals, the Asics shoes on AliExpress are exactly the same as you would see in any local store in your city: a great result, whether it is their quality or durability. Even so, we recommend that you rate the seller based on their reputation and customer ratings before purchasing. In general, it must be said that the vast majority of consumers are very satisfied with the sports shoes. It should also be noted whether the shoes are replicas or originals. With this, we can’t help you any more than we told you before, as the replicas aren’t hard to tell apart from the originals (the price of the Asics is a good guide to determining if they’re replicas or not), especially Thank you on the stamp of the guaranteed authenticity and the price.

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An important tip

Compare the price of the original shoes. On Amazon, for example, some Asics GEL Nimbuses cost 110 $ and GEL Kinsei 6 are worth no less than 150 €, prices that should make you suspicious of an Asics Running with a price of 30$, etc. Finally, if you have any questions about the originality of the Asics, we recommend that you contact the AliExpress sellers directly so they can solve the problem for you. If you still have doubts, it is best to switch providers or check out the alternatives in China.

Chinese Asics-type sneakers, a cheaper alternative

On the run from Asics replicas, we have other options for Buying Cheap Asics-style running shoes and similar other models from other brands. For this reason I recommend some Chinese brands, some well-known and others that surprise for their price and their shoe designs that have little to envy of today’s Adidas or Nike in terms of materials, manufacture and comfort of the product.

We are talking about alternatives around 30/40/50 $. Many different models for women and men. I particularly recommend Li-Ning.


For more information, see a recent guide we wrote on the Li-Ning Brand.

The importance of choosing the right size

Finally, it is important to choose the right size to avoid any returns or inconvenience with our product. So please check the measurements of the sizes that Chinese sellers provide us with. As a general rule, EVERYONE includes a size conversion table for America, Europe and the UK compared to the manufacturer’s measurements in China. Fortunately, and unlike other shoes and sellers, most sellers that had Original Asics Running allowed you to select the size according to European measurements.
Ah, this picture is also useful for talking about shipping. The estimated delivery time is 15-45 days. A friend asked about them and it lasted three weeks. This is the average but I received products in 11 days (my personal record) that gives you the impression that it is a lottery and that the same comes to you in 10 days that takes an average month, to receive your order.