Today we are going to show you How to Buy Cheap Drills, an indispensable tool that every home needs and that has multiple functions: drilling holes, assembling furniture, changing installations, grinding.

We will focus on 3 top brands that are successful with their drills on AliExpress because of their value for money. You can see for yourself by clicking here. We’ll tell you the pros and cons of their best drill models and how you can buy them cheaper. No longer an excuse for getting your hands on this useful tool without breaking the bank.

What properties should my Drill have?

Most of us see only one big difference between all the drills on the market: whether they are cordless or not. The truth is that this is something to watch out for. With a cordless drill we have more freedom and it will be more convenient to use, although the cordless drill is usually much cheaper and many agree that it gives better results because it performs better than that first can achieve. However, there are other features that you should consider before buying your drill:

  • Power: This tool will help us modify other materials, so it is necessary that it have enough power to work with all of them. We recommend a minimum power of 500 W. The more power it has, the faster it goes and we will be finished sooner, which is also reflected in our electricity bill.
  • Modes and functions: It is recommended that our drill allows you to choose between different powers, reversible rotation and other functions such as the impact function.
  • Weight and autonomy: It is important that our drill is not excessively heavy as we will sometimes be using it with just one hand for long periods of time. It is also important to pay attention to the length of the cable or the autonomy of the battery in case it is wireless.
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The Best Cheap Drill bits on AliExpress

Now that you know what to look for when buying your next drill, let’s analyze which drill models are worth the most on AliExpress. If you want to see all of the drills offered by AliExpress, here’s a filtered search with the bestsellers and bestsellers in case you don’t like the drills we have shown.


Decoration is the quintessential tool brand on AliExpress. In no time, it has achieved the top branding seal that AliExpress awards to the most reliable sellers on its website. His official shop on AliExpress has 1 crown and almost 98% positive feedback. When it comes to drills, there’s a lot to choose from, although the most popular are cordless drills and miniature drills.

Cordless Drill

The first drill that we will show you through this brand is this one, a cordless drill that has already sold more than 2000. Among its most outstanding features, we can say that it has a power of 18V, we can choose between 2 speed modes (450 rpm or 1600 rpm). Its design is very ergonomic and designed for a more comfortable grip. It contains a small LED light to improve visibility and has a 1500 mAh lithium battery.

In this case, and with so many sales, it’s interesting to check out other buyers’ comments. Generally they say it’s a good buy, the drill has enough power and the best part is that it charges very quickly which is ideal in case the battery runs out. The value for money is very good and it is a compact drill that gives good results for a good price. You can find it here with different purchase options: with a briefcase, briefcase and additional battery or just the drill. It is important to let the seller know what type of plug we would like: American, English, European or Italian as they will send us the appropriate charger.

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Ergonomic Electric Drill

In addition to the one we showed you before, Deko has many other Cordless Drills on offer. However, if you are looking for a cordless drill that gives you more power, I recommend this model. It has 800 W power, 4 operating modes (drill, impact), ergonomic handles for easy handling and a weight of only 3 kg. It’s a great drill bit if you need to use it more often than a cordless one. We also found this model very interesting, very similar to the predecessor, but with 600W (which is noticeable in the price). It is a compact drill of only 1.85 kg, percussion mode and drilling mode, allows you to choose the direction of rotation and in general it has all the basic functions of a drill press at an affordable price. In addition, both drills are shipped from EE.UU.


Although less well known than the previous one, Hilda also has a wide range of high quality electric drills at a good price. His official shop on AliExpress, although not a top brand, has 3 diamonds and 98% of sales. In it you will find the drills that we will show you below, but also many more.

Cordless Drill

The Best-Selling Drill of this Brand is this 16.8V cordless drill / driver. It has 18 torque settings plus a position for drilling, reversible steering mode, two speed modes, reaches up to 1500 rpm and weighs only 1 kilo. In addition, it includes a small LED to make work easier, and the battery charges in 3-5 hours.

Mini Drill

Mini drills are perfect when you don’t have a lot of space to store tools and you don’t need a large machine either. Plus, they’re a lot cheaper. Hilda has this 400W mini drill / driver that comes with up to 59 different accessories, making it a very versatile tool. It is suitable for every type of material and with its wide range of accessories enables other tasks that would not be possible with larger drills, for example for handicrafts.


Crazy power

Finally, we’d like to tell you about Crazy Power, another of AliExpress’ top brands that offers high quality Drills. His models are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio, which brings them to the top sales positions. If you want to see all of the drills from this brand.

21V cordless drill

The best-selling model of this brand is this Cordless Drill, which surprised us by its low price given its great power: 21V. It contains two batteries and has two different speed modes and weighs only 1.5 kg. An inexpensive and cordless drill to work comfortably in the repairs of our house.