REVIEW Cheap GPS Watches on AliExpress

One of the best sites to buy technology products at the best price is AliExpress. Not only do we find a great variety, but the prices are incredibly low compared to other websites. In today’s article we’re going to show you the best AliExpress GPS watches, ideal for athletes looking for a watch that allows them to accurately control their time.

What is a GPS Watch for?

Many of you will already know their purpose and you just want to know the best cheap models of GPS watches, but if you came here out of curiosity we will explain to you, maybe you don’t know why they are so expensive and what the benefits are to have.

There are currently several alternatives to record our activity, such as activity wristbands or some smartwatches with built-in heart rate monitors. However, if you are looking for a more accurate and continuous measurement of your workout, a watch with GPS is your best option.

They are watches specially designed for athletes whose functions include the measurement of exercises of various types: swimming, cycling, fitness, mountain … and even being able to measure intervals. They usually also include a heart rate measurement by an optical sensor and, without a doubt, it is important that they include GPS. This allows you to accurately measure distances during your outdoor workouts.

The Best Cheap GPS Watches on AliExpress

Finding GPS watches on AliExpress is very easy as you can see in this search filtered for the best sellers from this famous online sales website. But as you can see there are more than 3,000 results so we will select the best models so you don’t waste time searching.

Xiaomi Amazfit: the Asian giant’s GPS watches

Xiaomi is known for its Xiaomi MiBand 2 Activity bracelet, but also has its own GPS watch: the Xiaomi Amazfit Pace, which many have compared to the Garmin Fenix ​​3 as a little brother, albeit at a significantly lower price. It has a heart rate measurement through its optical sensor, a compass, music control on the wrist and receives notifications from applications such as WhatsApp. In the test, it recognizes significantly fewer sports than the Garmin, but it can also recognize sports on a treadmill or ergometer. Many have already said that it is one of the best options out there in terms of value for money. Its autonomy can reach up to 11 days in watch mode or 35 hours if we continuously use GPS. It can be found here for around $ 100.


Recently Xiaomi also launched the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip (Pace Lite), a smaller brother of the first, more comfortable and lighter, with a very similar appearance to the Apple Watch. It also has GPS, although its autonomy is reduced to 10 p.m. in use, up to 45 days if we only use it as a watch. It’s a great alternative to the first one, especially for its price, almost half as much as the previous model as you can see in this search.

GPS smartband watch

This watch (with an aesthetic typical of a smartband) is among the best sellers as it is one of the Cheapest GPS Watches to be found on AliExpress, less than $ 40. It contains a heart rate monitor, a pedometer, is waterproof to IP68 and its battery can last up to 20 days.

S928 GPS Watch

This GPS watch garners a lot of sales for its great value for money and is one of the cheapest that we saw in the article. It can also be found at several different vendors so it’s easy to find on sale. It has a heart rate monitor, GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope to capture your every move. It can also detect altitude, ambient temperature and air pressure, ideal for mountain sports. It’s great for outdoor sports: walking, running, mountaineering and cycling, but it can’t record indoor sports and it’s not waterproof (it’s IP66 rating, we can wash our hands with it, but it’s better that that Not touching or showering with water).

It is controlled via its 5 buttons on the side, with which we can move back and forth in the menu, measure our training or set the intervals. Its autonomy is up to 18 days in economy mode, if we use the GPS continuously it can last up to 10 hours thanks to its 380 mAh battery. In short, it’s a very complete watch, great for outdoor sports and very affordable, in this search it can be found for just over $ 50.

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Makibes: The Best Sports Watch Brand

Finally, let’s bring you up to date on AliExpress brands with a wide range of high quality GPS Watches. The first is Makibes, which has become one of the “top” brands. In his official AliExpress store, we found up to 15 different watches with all possible prices.

One of the best sellers is the Makibes G05, a very complete GPS Watch at a very competitive price. It has a heart rate monitor, barometer, GPS, registers several sports and can be used as a phone with a SIM card to receive calls and messages. You can find it on this search for around $ 70.

If you’re looking for a more complete GPS watch, Makibes has a model you might like: the Makibes UPG06, which can detect many different sports: running, hiking, marathon, climbing, swimming, skiing, golf, surfing and it has several sensors: heart rate monitor, altimeter, barometer, compass. The battery lasts up to 2 weeks in watch mode or 10 hours in GPS mode. In normal mode, it can take up to 72 hours as the watch automatically detects the heart rate every 30 minutes.

Ezon: Cheap GPS Watches

Ezon is another brand specializing in sports watches. You can find a wide selection in his official AliExpress store, as you can see in this search. They even have some models with a chest strap for a more accurate heart rate measurement.

The bestseller is the Ezon T031, a simple and very affordable GPS watch. It can take up to 8 hours with GPS on and up to 3 months with GPS off. It can store up to 10 different training records and is waterproof up to 5 ATM. The only negative point is that it doesn’t have an optical sensor to measure heart rate. It can be found in this search.


However, if you’re looking for a GPS watch with a heart rate monitor of this brand, you have two options: choose the Ezon T033 model available here, which includes a chest strap for more accurate heart rate monitoring, or opt for the Ezon T907, very similar to the previous model but with a Philips brand optical heart rate sensor that accurately measures our pulse. The price shoots up to almost $ 100 as you can see in this search, but the comments are excellent so it can be a great alternative to the Xiaomi Amazfit.