Would you like to have your home, office or Business Monitored Remotely from anywhere in the world? This is made possible by IP and WiFi surveillance cameras, which are perfect for monitoring these places and can see everything that these surveillance cameras are capturing live. And where would I see it? On your phone, tablet or computer.

In this guide we explain what they are like and what types of video surveillance cameras there are and, of course, where to buy them: on AliExpress. And there are a lot of cheap surveillance cameras on this Chinese platform. Or do you imagine being able to see your living room, bedroom or office for 50 dollars? We already assume that other stores, either online or physical, are selling this product for more than double that.

Ah! We will also talk about fake security cameras that can deter potential thieves and of course we will not overlook Xiaomi IP cameras which are hugely affordable when it comes to creating a cheap, wired security system. In addition, the night vision option is now integrated. Can you be calmer

How do IP Surveillance Cameras Work?

All you have to do is install a router or some other type of Internet connection in the place you want to monitor, among other things because this is the first time you have it in your hands you need to configure it on a computer or similar device. Once programmed, it will do its job without wasting a minute on setup or maintenance.


Further Advantages When Buying an IP Surveillance Camera with WLAN

  • HD video resolution that allows you to see a clear and sharp picture
  • Forget about cables. Works wirelessly thanks to its WiFi internet connection
  • Easy installation and connection
  • Ceiling or wall mount that allows you to place the camera anywhere
  • Recording on SD card
  • Night vision

cheap ip security camera how they work

Best Selling Models on AliExpress

The first thing you need to know is that this great Chinese platform is one of the most valued in terms of electronic devices. As such, we recommend AliExpress to buy this type of camera for several reasons, including value for money, which is one of the most important considerations when making a purchase. Below we show you the three best-selling security camera models on AliExpress, as well as others that have become fashionable lately.

  1. Xiaomi XiaoYi Smart Camera: more than 2600 historical sales of this Xiaomi high resolution, 4x zoom camera model available on AliExpress for Android. The best-selling on the entire platform. In addition, the seller TANDGGOOD 01 Store (4 diamonds) brings reliability and security to the possible purchase. 100% recommendable. WiFi surveillance camera also available in the H&H Electronic Store (4 diamonds!)
  2. IP camera C062105-IP5: sold more than 1500, can be the ideal baby surveillance camera (or for any other use) as it supports every operating system for mobile phone and PC. The maximum price is 25 euros, although you can find a discount 🙂
  3. Fake camera Eagle Vision Security: and for only 6 euros each, this fake security camera is another best seller that is very useful to mislead thanks to its LED support that emulates the most complex surveillance cameras.
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In this list we have shown you 3 types, each of which also corresponds to the various existing models (Xiaomi camera, IP surveillance camera with WiFi and fake security camera), although there are many more that you can find under the following words: AliExpress- Can find keys and abbreviations:

Best AliExpress Surveillance Camera Stores

Finally, we select the 3 best-rated sellers who should generally have no problems buying them (taking into account user rating, number of historical sales and user comments) and who have extensive experience in this matter. Remember, you always have the option to write directly to the seller. Nobody is better than them to get you out of your doubts. Ah, we don’t want to miss the opportunity, and for a security camera addition, check out our article on alarms without cheap fees.