REVIEW Counterfeit PERFUMES on AliExpress

Since many of you have asked us this question, in this article we’ll try to answer your questions about AliExpress perfumes and colognes. Do you sell imitation perfumes on AliExpress? Do we recommend buying cheap imitation perfumes on this great Chinese platform? To the first question, almost certainly yes.

Why? Firstly, because there are other stores with more guarantees, and secondly, because the Chinese sellers at AliExpress are not yet exclusively dedicated to selling good and cheap imitation perfumes. Unlike other products, AliExpress is not even worth looking for perfumes.

Alternatives to Buying Imitation Perfumes

If you already knew that AliExpress was not the right and ideal place to buy perfumes despite the fact that there are imitations, the next thing you should know that you have other platforms available where it is affordable for you to buy Imitation perfumes in contrast to the AliExpress perfumes and other cheap 100% original perfumes:

  • Among the competent alternatives that we have found for buying this cosmetic there are all known platforms, such as Amazon, now one of the largest American companies, with thousands of transactions on the Internet every day. Safe and Fast. In addition, the perfume sector is one of the most successful, as many users of the company reflect.
  • Another of the brands we recommend to buy perfumes is equivalence, a Spanish company specializing in perfumes and flavors with high quality products and a low cost philosophy, so there is no way the price of the product will be very high. One less obstacle 😉 In just two years, Equivalenza has opened an extensive network of branches around the world, which already includes more than 500 sales outlets. A wide range of perfume and aroma products is available to you, which will surprise you with their extraordinary hold and long-lasting effect.
  • It continues with further references: Caravan fragrances, a long-term company specializing in the development and marketing of perfumery products. As a sign of identity, it is noticeable that every fragrance is unique and different, in line with the latest trends on the market. Caravan offers high quality novelties at very competitive prices.
  • And how, The English court, one of the benchmarks for cosmetics, perfumes, colognes … The perfumery department of El Corte Inglés is one of the most famous and well-known on the market. Who hasn’t bought a perfume here? In addition, it is one of the best alternatives when buying online. Speed ​​and reliability. Without a doubt a recommendable choice, among other things because of the large selection of imitation and branded perfumes.

Our opinion

Since the perfumes on AliExpress are not original perfumes and the imitations of perfumes leave a lot to be desired, we do not recommend that you buy on this platform. We have cited other alternatives: Amazon, Equivalenza, Caravan, El Corte Inglés … and certainly there are more, but according to the AliexBA and many comments and user reviews, these are the best we have found and researched on the internet.

So if you are thinking of buying perfumes online, these stores should be targeted before AliExpress. Be careful, it is possible that the sellers of this Chinese platform will jump in the pool in the future and bet very hard on imitation perfumes, but to this day it is better to bet on other alternatives if you don’t want to take a small fiasco with you Your scents. However, if you know a good seller or a star imitation perfume that has been traced back to the original, we would appreciate it if you could send us this via comment. Together we can make shopping better and easier 🙂