Review CURREN Watches on AliExpress

One Chinese watch brand that is on the rise and talked about more and more is Curren, largely because of the versatility of its models and how they adapt to men’s, women’s, sports, casual and classic fashion. They cover practically all areas at really affordable prices.

If the question is whether there are Curren watches on AliExpress, the answer is yes, so let’s find out which models are selling the most, do a price comparison on AliExpress and other online trading platforms and we’ll check the best sellers to see if You choose to purchase the order as reliably and safely as possible. These are some of my favorites.

And if you want to search for other watch brands, you might be able to check out this guide of 10+ watch brands from China.

Curren Watches models and prices

Curren watches deserve an article of their own to talk about. Lately we have seen how AliExpress users tend to buy watches of this brand and based on the questions some readers have asked us, we decided to write this text. And if words don’t work for you, here is visual evidence of the Curren watches a user left on YouTube. Well worth a look at the three minute video if you want to get an idea of ​​the product you are looking to buy for its Final Price.

It was clear that these watches would be successful. There are some models with thousands of sales, like the three in the picture below. As you can see, you can buy a Chinese Curren watch for 10 or 11 $. Shipping is completely free. Another advantage is that your order as a small package is very rarely stopped at customs and you have to pay an extra charge. These problems are quite annoying, but with watches, it’s easy to avoid them.

These watches are worth a look. I’m sure you like a reference. The price is usually similar between models, but the design changes. You can choose from an endless number of them, from a sportier one to a much more formal and classic watch that is ideal for important events.

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Curren on AliExpress vs Curren on Amazon

The first thing you need to know is that Curren has its own online store, but we noticed one thing; Prices on AliExpress are lower than prices on the Chinese brand’s official website, so you might get lucky and find a discount on your product.

How could it be otherwise, Amazon also sells Curren watches at a good price, but a comparison with AliExpress prices comes to the conclusion that these are also lower on the Chinese platform. We’re talking about differences of around 10 $ in principle it doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider that the watch costs 10 on AliExpress and 20 on Amazon, it’s twice as much with a little luck you buy two different models in china for the price of one on another website.

With this article we recognized the boom in sales of this brand. There are even models that move second hand. Actually I don’t get it because for the price of a new one on AliExpress it is not worth buying a used Curren watch, you never know how to get there.

Best Curren watch sellers

To make your purchase as reliable and safe as possible, it is ideal that you choose one with an excellent reputation from among many Chinese sellers. That said, we are giving a review to make it clear to you: if a store has one or more crowns, then the users gave it a great reputation among all of its historical sales. Remember that this classification also includes medals and diamonds. At AliexBA we are reliable sellers from 1 diamond, but this does not mean that there are shops with medals or without a reputation, for example because they have only recently been on AliExpress and have not yet received any user reviews.

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The ones who received them are the 5 stores listed below. All of them have Curren watches in their catalog and one important thing in common: reputation. 2 crowns each. Buying here is of course synonymous with trust.

IMPORTANT: Just click on the names of the stores and we will take you to their internal search engine where you will find all the models available. Here we encourage you to order after sales and see what other people are buying. And if you particularly like a model, read the comments of other buyers.

One last important tip

If you already know the specific Curren model you want, you can type it straight into the AliExpress search engine.

current models

As you saw in the picture and checked that you were looking for it, there are quite a few different models among which the Curren 8139, Curren 8110, Curren 8023 and Curren 8106 stand out… although there are many more!