Review DEKO Brand from AliExpress

The purchase of tools is usually quite expensive: Even in the typical “everything-for-100” business, the price of a simple screwdriver can easily climb into the double-digit range, especially when it comes to drills. In the following article we will analyze the cheap tools from the Deko brand, they have one of the most popular stores for these products and they also have a warehouse in EE.UU.

The Best affordable Tools from the Deko brand from AliExpress

Deko is a brand specializing in tools of all kinds. In its official international store, which you can enter from here, you will find everything from rangefinders, laser meters, drills to screwdrivers and tools, everything that should not be missing in any household. With so much variety and so competitive prices, it’s difficult not to buy the tool you need so badly, and you’ll never buy it for its price.

The advantages of buying decorative tools in your store with a national warehouse

In the official international store of the Deko brand, which you can access via this link, we can buy their products in different stores. The brand currently has warehouses in China, the United States, Spain, Russia and France.

Whether you buy from their international store or their AliExpress Plaza store, with domestic shipping you have the advantage of receiving your product within 5 working days with no customs duties. Also, both stores have great customer service as they are “Top Brands” as rated by AliExpress every month for better customer service. However, it is worth comparing prices between the two stores as we can sometimes find your tools at a cheaper price in either store.

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Electrical Tools

The best-selling and best-rated products from the Deko Brand are their Power Tools. For starters, we can find all types of drills at an unbeatable price: with large batteries, other smaller drills for home use (corded or cordless), and even small drills for those who don’t want to spend a lot or don’t use it with the frequency. You can also find other tools like polishers and silicone guns at an incredibly affordable price.

Distance meters, lux meters, sound level meters and other professional measuring devices

Professional gauges can make our lives easier, and if you’re a professional in the industry, they’ll help you get your job done with greater precision. And best of all: The Deko brand offers very affordable prices for its professional measuring devices: you can find laser rangefinders, surface thermometers, luxometers, laser levels or voltmeters for less than 20 $.

Cheap Soldering Tools

The Deko brand has many inexpensive welding tools and accessories. The bestsellers are the welding masks because the price is very good, around 20 dollars, and they have different models. But we also find welding machines like this one that you can see, very compact but powerful and with a good cooling system. You can find this device and all kinds of welding accessories in this section of the official shop.

Screwdrivers, wire strippers and other hand tools

These tools are essential in every household, and the advantage of buying from AliExpress is that for the price of a single screwdriver you can buy a set of several Deko brand screwdrivers in any store. You will find screwdrivers, scalpels, wire strippers, rivet guns. The prices range between 2 and 10 $.


Garden Tools

If gardening is your hobby, you need the tools you need to take care of your plants with little effort. We therefore recommend that you look at all the tools that Deko offers for gardening, such as hedge trimmers or weed trimmers for half the price of a gardening or hardware store.

Inexpensive Tool Kits

If you need more and more tools, maybe it is time to invest in a Toolkit. The Deko brand offers various tool sets, from the simplest ones for use in-house to sets with a portable case for professionals in the industry. The price is low for the number of tools included. They have sets from 20 dollars.

Accessories and small Items at the best price

Finally, there is also an area in the decoration shop where you can find accessories: bits, replacement batteries for your drill, rivet nuts, briefcases for your tools. If you like to do handicrafts and use your tools frequently, it is worth taking a look at the link and check the value for money of your DIY accessories.