Review ELECTRIC and OIL Free FRYERS on AliExpress

Admit it: you love to eat delicious and crispy french fries, but the frypan you use is not the best. In addition, the latest deep fryers are becoming more and more expensive due to the technologies they contain, such as the Tefal Actifry, with a price of over 200 dollars. So we decided to look for cheap alternatives and found cheap deep fryers on AliExpress and put them together in the following article.

Cheap deep Fryers on AliExpress

The best thing about the deep fryers that we are going to show you below is that there are all types: compact for small kitchens, large for large families, with low oil consumption for those who live on a diet, together their good price, so you just have to decide what your needs are and choose.

Mini Fryer – Ideal for Singles and Couples

One of the Best Selling Deep Fryers on AliExpress is this one you see below, great for its compact size that will fit into any kitchen, no matter how small. Its tank has a capacity of 0.9 liters. Its temperature is adjustable to suit different foods and the best part is the price of around 25 $ including shipping.

DMWD Deep Fryers

But as you can see here, the same manufacturer of the previous deep fryers also has other large format and even professional deep fryers on sale for a very good price. DMWD is a Chinese private label that makes small home appliances. For example, below is a large capacity deep fryer that can fry up to 6 liters and is worth less than 30 $.

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7-in-1 oil-free Deep Fryer

If you like to deep-fry but want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, your best bet is to buy an oil-free deep fryer, one of the most famous is the Tefal Actifry, but the high price is a major disadvantage. That’s why we love to be able to offer an alternative at half price, like this 7-in-1 deep fryer, with which you can grill, bake, roast, stew or just heat up in addition to deep-frying. It works with air only, so you can cook your food without adding any calories. It has a capacity of 2.8 liters and its power of 1300 W allows a temperature of 200 ° C, so we can even bake cakes in oven mode. Your bucket can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Best of all is the low price of around 50 $ and the opinions of other buyers are very good.

Fat-free Deep Fryer

But without a doubt one of the best selling oil free fryers is this one that you can see below as it has more capacity (3.2L) and its programming is more complete, although it is a little more expensive than the previous one as you can see here but it’s worth buying when it’s on sale because of its good properties. The deep fryer has different cooking modes, depending on the dish we are preparing, between meat, fish, wings, shrimp and can reach up to 200 degrees.

Konka active Fryer

While the previous one is the most popular in the oil-free fryer category, it’s not the only one we can find on AliExpress. A good alternative, albeit not as popular, is this Konka fryer, which, thanks to its high-temperature cyclone air circulation, deep-fries food without oil, preserving the taste and reducing calories. Can cook at temperatures of 60 to 200 degrees

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Cecotec deep Fryers

Finally, the Cecotec brand also offers good quality fryers for a very low price as you can see here. This brand is very well known for its Conga vacuum cleaner, but it also has high quality small appliances and has become one of our favorite brands due to its good value for money, although it is currently only available in EE.UU.

This brand has the most complete deep fryers, if your looking for oil you can find electric deep fryers with an oil filter to keep them clean and you can choose from multiple capacities so you can choose the one that suits you best Family. These fryers have an anti-odor filter in the lid to minimize discomfort and can be disassembled to wash their components in the dishwasher.

But Cecotec also has a pair of oil-free multi-function deep fryers with very good performance. The cheapest is this one you see below. With a 5 liter tank you can not only fry potatoes, you can also cook vegetables, meat, fish … As it can reach 250 degrees and can work for up to 60 minutes without interruption. The Cecofry Compact Plus can deep-fry, bake, fry and toast all types of food, and its glass lid allows you to take control of the cooking.

How to find Deep Fryers with National shipping from England

It is getting easier and easier to buy on AliExpress from sellers who have a warehouse in England, especially since this famous sales portal has opened AliExpress, a portal where you can find the best sellers and Chinese brands with national shipping from England. Finding deep fryers is very easy, enter this link and you will see all electric deep fryers with national shipping, many of which we have already analyzed. Remember that if you choose to shop in England and not just avoid customs problems, you will receive your products in less than 5 working days.