REVIEW Electric GRINDERS from AliExpress

In contrast to other online sales sites of Chinese origin, AliExpress has managed to expand: you can no longer only find clothes, cosmetics, cell phone cases … The product range has grown to unimagined limits (and even with national warehouses outside of China). The household tools area is surprising and interesting at the same time due to the low prices. You can buy anything, today we are going to focus on Grinders, those little must-have gadgets to do the housework.

The Best Electric Grinders on AliExpress

We can use this tool to polish materials, but there are different types of polishers on the market as each use requires a different polisher. Finding them on AliExpress is very easy. In this search, we’ve filtered by keywords and categories so you can find them easily. But as you can see, there is a great variety. So, if you want to get to the point and don’t want to bother reading each and every description, I recommend reading on, we did the job for you. We’ll show you the most popular and explain what features and why we recommend each model.

Orbital Sander

Eccentric sanders have a round base. Their orbital and eccentric movement avoids sanding marks and they are very functional, they are used for small furniture and curved surfaces as well as for large sanding work such as walls or large wooden floorboards. For all of these, they are the most popular and can be easily found on AliExpress by clicking here.

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The most popular is the FivePears brand, a very affordable pneumatic hand grinder with very good properties. Pneumatic grinders work with compressed air, so their household use may be limited, but this in turn guarantees better results. It has an output of 150 W and a speed of 12,000 rpm. It is light, compact and can be easily operated with one hand. Thanks to its silencer, the noise is reduced to 88 dB, but for safety reasons it is always advisable to wear a helmet, gloves and glasses when it is switched on. In addition, its Japanese-made steel air motor makes it an extremely durable hand sander.

Decorative Grinder – a Trustworthy Brand

When we talk about tools, DEKOpro is definitely one of AliExpress’ most famous brands. It has all kinds of tools at low price, hundreds of buyers already checked it out.

Its eccentric cylindrical sander is the best known because, as I said, it is a very versatile tool for both professionals and casual users. In this case we find a Grinder similar to the previous one, with an adjustable speed in 6 stages between 6,000 and 12,000 rpm, but a higher power of 280 W. It has the advantage over the previous one that it does not work with compressed air, but sucks up the wood scraps and stores them in a depot to work more comfortably. You can find it in this search.

But another good option might be a square-base orbital sander, and Deko has one of the best value for money models as you can see here. The advantage of this sander is that, thanks to its rectangular base of 90 x 187 mm, you can easily reach corners and edges. In addition, its sanding is smoother, making it ideal for preparing a wood for painting or removing a layer of paint. This grinder has a 160W motor and works at a speed of 12,000 rpm, in this case the speed is not adjustable.


And if you need a sander that can also reach difficult corners, we recommend this delta sander from Dekopro. It is very useful for crafting and sanding small parts as it is not recommended for sanding large areas due to the size of the sandpaper. They are light and versatile as their heads can be changed so a good buy. This has a 300W motor with an adjustable power between 15,000 and 22,000 rpm. In addition to grinding and changing heads, we can also scratch or cut.

Inexpensive Belt Sander

Although less popular, belt or belt sanders come in handy for uneven areas. It is one of the first grinders to be invented so they come in multiple formats and you can find them all on AliExpress.

The best-selling is this 1.5 cm wide belt sander, it is very powerful due to its 800 W motor. Its speed can be adjusted in 6 levels and its heads are interchangeable so that you can work comfortably on any surface. It is ideal for sanding small and hard-to-reach areas.

Table Grinder

Finally, at AliExpress you will also find bench grinders, they are 2-in-1 grinders, belt and disk at the same time. They are useful for carpenters or craftsmen who work with wood because, in addition to sandpaper, we have a countertop with a miter gauge to work wood with great precision. You can find all of the bench grinders in this link, although the most popular one is below because of its great value for money.

How to Buy Grinder with national shipping from AliExpress

For some time now it has been easier to shop on AliExpress if you live in UK, as this Chinese sales platform has opened a new portal of Aliexpress, where you can find all the sellers who offer products with national shipping. This has great advantages as it cuts the receiving time to 5 working days and avoids customs fees, making it great for buying large products. If you’re looking for something very specific and don’t want to search through all of the Aliexpress stores, we recommend filtering your search as you can see below or click here to find all grinders with national shipping, the most popular are the of the Deko brand.

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