Review FOCALLURE Makeup on Aliexpress

Traditional makeup brands are often too expensive and it is difficult to find a wide range of products at home at such prices. In addition, the alternative to inexpensive cosmetics is huge and we cannot always know which ones to hit without using them in the end when we dress up or throw them straight in the trash.

The good news is that today we are going to bring you an affordable alternative for those of you looking for beauty products that are great value for money. We’re talking about Focallure, a Chinese makeup brand that maintains good quality in most of its products. Come on, not only will you be able to use it if you don’t need to buy any of the famous brands, but many of its products will surely become your favorites. Why? Because they are products that work well and cater to your beauty and bag needs.

What is Focallur?

Focallure is a beauty brand that has quickly built a reputation for itself due to the high quality of the products it offers and their effectiveness. Focallure does not conduct animal testing to manufacture its products and, moreover, all of its ingredients are natural and completely safe for our bodies.

All of this allows for these products to be easier to use and adapt to our daily beauty routine. That is, it makes it easier to apply makeup, as natural products are easier to apply and therefore a good finish is more likely to be achieved. What’s more, you also don’t have to worry about possible side effects.


They don’t test on animals

Fortunately, because of the cruelty involved, more and more people are looking for products that have not been tested on animals. Focallure embraced these values ​​and decided that none of its products or formulas will be tested on animals. The brand is simply using other methods to verify that the product is reliable and positive for human use.

Sources of Supply and variety of Products

Of course, Focallure is for sale on AliExpress, both through the official shop and through many other sellers. As always, we recommend you direct the product through our image search engine, which will often find it at a cheaper price from another seller.

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The variety of products that Focallure offers is very good. On the one hand, products are launched that adapt to the beauty trends of each year, for those who like to be always in fashion. On the other hand, it has a line of products got to which are very affordable and ensure that you have the essential basics to do good makeup. These are products that allow you to choose between different styles based on your preferences and without having to rob a bank to be able to afford them.

Surely you will love all of the products and categories that the brand has. There really is an option for everyone and if you take a look you can find the one that suits you best.


Brand lines

As we expected, Focallure has a wide variety of different products for you to choose from. These are the options it offers:

  • Lip makeup: Here you can find lipstick, lip gloss and eyeliner.
  • Eye make up: In this category, Focallure has eyeshadow, brow liners, eyeliner, and mascara.
  • Facial makeup: Focallure offers a wide range of cosmetic products for the face. From blush to powder and cream make-up to anti-dark rings, bronzers and highlighters.
  • Make-up brushes and instruments. In addition to make-up products, there are also brushes for the face and brushes for the eyes. They are reasonably priced and of good quality.
  • Make-up sets: In this category, Focallure offers various make-up set offers at affordable prices. It’s a great option if you’ve never bought this brand before and want to try multiple products without spending a lot of money. You can find many of these sets for less than ten euros.
  • Nail polish: You must not miss out on nail polish and all kinds of instruments in order to have a good manicure, keep the design you did on your nails, etc. In short, everything you need to become a manicure or a manicure.

As you can see, the universe of this brand is quite wide and you can find all kinds of products, colors and styles to suit your taste.

Top 5 Best Focallure Products

Definitely, since we know there is a lot to choose from and to make it a little easier for you to get to know this brand, we wanted to make a top 5 of Focallure’s star products. These are cheap, high quality products (in fact, they are top rated on AliExpress). In short, safe products that you can’t go wrong with and that whet your appetite for more Focallure products.


1. Matte lipstick

This lipstick is the best selling product from this brand. It’s a product that comes in different colors and costs less than two euros. The colors are intense and have a medium duration, ie they do not last all day, but several hours. The best thing about this product is the texture, the good grip and the easy application as it is damp and smooth and can slide well on the lips.

If you haven’t tried anything from this brand, we recommend starting with this lipstick as it is really good for the price it is.

2. Illuminator

This is another star product from the brand. It’s a face illuminator that comes in five shades to suit different skin types and make it look natural. It costs just over two euros, although the size is a bit small. However, the pigmentation adapts very well to the skin and leaves a very professional finish. You just need to know the tone that suits you to be perfect.


3. Eyeshadow palette

This is a palette of six eyeshadow colors. There are several options to choose from. The good thing about this eyeshadow is that the effect is even when it is applied, which means that you don’t notice the poorly integrated powder on the eyelid. Like most products, Focallure has good pigmentation and is easy to apply.


4. Brushes

The company also provides the tools necessary to apply makeup well. Within this product line there is a set with 32 different brushes that you can get for just over 10 euros. They come in a case for easy storage and preservation without spoiling. It’s a great option to check out which brushes you use the most. Plus, a brush or paintbrush will always help you get a better finish. With this purchase option, you have a large selection of high-quality brushes with little effort.


5. Basic Makeup kit

Another product that you can find in this brand is this set of four basic makeup elements: lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner and contour powder. All of this for just over six euros. It is in the top 5 of the brand’s products because for less than ten euros you can buy the essentials for simple and natural makeup.

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The lipstick is of medium duration and has a good texture for application. It’s at the level of the lipstick line that we mentioned above. Powder Contouring stands out, it’s a very great way to start and practice this new technique that has amazed those who have tried it without leaving your wallet.


High quality in its products

It is true that it makes sense to be afraid to ask about a product only to see that it doesn’t work well or doesn’t suit your needs. The truth is that most of Focallure cosmetics are high quality and we encourage you to look for your ideal products.

For those of you who have doubts, the brand evaluates each product before shipping and ensures that it is in good condition and meets its quality requirements. In addition, you have options that offer you sets of different products at a good price that allow you to try several options before deciding to buy a particular product.

Good customer service

We didn’t buy Focallure from other sellers, but the official shop is very responsive to any complaints or issues that some users may encounter. If you are unhappy with any of the products you have purchased, they can contact them and they will try to compensate you. In fact, customer service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hence, it will take no more than a couple of hours to reply to you.

In addition, the official Focallure store has a liberal return policy. What does that mean? Well if you don’t like the product, you can return it and they won’t cause you any problems. Aside from Focallure, there are plenty of other cheap makeup alternatives on AliExpress with highly recommended brands.