Review GIBSON Style Electric GUITARS on AliExpress

Use all 5 senses in this AliexBA tutorial because once and for all it is possible to forget about buying a used Gibson Les Paul for good. AliExpress has had a large selection of guitars inspired by the mythical Gibson for some time, but much cheaper, with identical finishes and a very worthy sound for the ridiculous price at which they are sold. The same goes for other Gibson guitars (electric and acoustic) and basses.

Les Paul, Custom SG, Firebird, Flying V, Explorer, ES, the Hummingbird Acoustic … even the Angus Young. The most legendary models of Gibson guitars and basses have their Chinese counterparts.

But are they Replicas of Gibson Guitars? Or Original?

Actually neither one nor the other. Well, there are some replicas and some original used Gibsons, but what I want to talk to you about in this article are unbranded (or white and white) or OEM guitars.

Get to know the cheaper but unbranded Gibson style guitars

As you may have heard, there are fewer and fewer replicas on AliExpress. Yes, you may still find some fake Gibson sellers in the guitar category, but every day AliExpress is “liquidating” more replica sellers and there is very little to do before they disappear altogether.

But as we mentioned in our article on brands or in that of Louis Vuitton, although the sale of replicas has ceased, the sale of products inspired by famous brand models is allowed as long as they do not plagiarize the identifying marks. This explains, for example, that you can find hundreds of glasses similar to the Ray Ban Aviator. And that’s exactly what Gibson guitars do.


How to find these Guitars on AliExpress

There are two ways to find guitar models that are clearly inspired by Gibsons.

1 – Search the AliExpress guitar category

In this link I leave you the category of guitars sorted by the number of sales. As you can see from the sales numbers, Chinese Les Paul / Gibson style guitars sell a lot more than the Fender guitars we talked about: the best sellers have sold hundreds of products.

Cheap Gibson Les Paul Guitars

That they have sold hundreds of products shows that what they are selling does not violate AliExpress counterfeiting guidelines as they turn off replica sellers pretty quickly.

2 – Find the name of the model that inspired the guitar

The other option is to look for the model name: just as sunglasses sellers cannot use “Ray Ban” to define their guitar but can say “Aviator”, Chinese Gibson-style guitar sellers tend to call it by its name . Product name the original model. So you can do the following searches:

  • LP guitar (Gibson Les Paul style models)
  • SG guitar (Looking for Gibson SG style)
  • Custom guitar (Look for custom style models)
  • Hummingbird (Look for models in the style of Gibson’s iconic acoustic guitar)

And the same goes for guitar-inspired models like the Angus Young or the Slash.

Is a used Gibson Les Paul better than a Chinese one from AliExpress?

I definitely prefer the latter. If you’re an instrument freak like me, buying these Gibson-style guitars is cheaper than buying a used one, which a few years ago was the only alternative that luthiers had.

I have an original Les Paul, but I bought one of these Chines to play games with. In fact, my case is quite similar to that of this Canadian boy I found on YouTube comparing an original Gibson to one from AliExpress, which he calls “Chibson” and which he bought from this store.

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If you don’t speak English I’ll summarize what he says: basically the guy is hallucinating with the value for money of the guitar he bought from Angela’s Guitars. It’s also true that the guitar comes out in this video not a white label, but a replica Pure and tough, but the quality of making replicas and private label products is the same: they only differ in that they used to have placed the Gibson logos, but now they prefer not to gamble and use them unbranded or to leave with an invented trademark.

For this reason, it’s important to check the comments to see what photos pre-buyers have uploaded and what logo actually appears on the guitar (if any).

The Best Guitar for Beginners

These guitars are also ideal for beginners, because they are worth less than a second hand, they are in better condition and have all the charisma of the Gibson universe. Of course, it won’t sound the same as an original (the woods aren’t the same, neither are the electronics), but they’re cheap, they’ll hit you, and with a few tricks you can build a pretty good guitar.

Since these are large sums of money, there is a small security code you need to adhere to to verify that the purchase is a good one. That they get reviews and have numerous sales like this one that we found on the platform. You already know that you always need to consider buyers’ opinions.

Opinions and tips on buying Gibson online

To buy Gibson on AliExpress, I recommend that you choose a seller who already has sales and reviews as it is a product that is starting to cost money and it is better not to play with sellers who are just arrived.


Reliable seller on AliExpress

One of the best stores with Gibson in stock is Kevin Shi Guitars specializing in this matter, with 11 different models and prices ranging from $ 200 to $ 300 depending on the reference. The business is backed by two prestigious diamonds, which we consider important to ensure a quality product.

However, if you are looking for a change, another seller with a spectacular catalog (to get lost) is the G Era Musical Instrument Store (5 medals) and cheap Les Pauls with infinite prices and different models. The truth, highly recommended. There are more stores out there, but they aren’t as valued as this one, which doesn’t mean you should distrust them.