Review GSHOPPER Online Shop

More and more pages are appearing where Chinese brand products can be bought, and little by little, the Gshopper page is becoming more and more popular. When you visit their site for the first time the first thing you notice are their products, which are very similar to those on other sites like AliExpress, DHgate or Gearbest.

But the big difference is their prices. At Gshopper there are products from such interesting brands as Xiaomi, Roborock, Shiseido, Meizu, Amazfit, QCY, JBL, Lenovo, Haylou, Nars, Nintendo … but at even better prices than AliExpress.

Would you like to know if it’s as reliable as it seems? Here is our opinion.

How does it work?

Based in Hong Kong, Gshopper is an online shop that specializes in selling electronic products at very affordable prices. It’s both a marketplace and a store with its own inventory, just like Amazon.

You can distinguish third-party stores as the top right part of the tab looks like this: If, on the other hand, it is Gshopper himself who sells the product, only the product category will be displayed:

While the product catalog is still a bit limited, it has some very interesting features that you will not find on other online sales platforms and the best part is that it has some very interesting temporary offers with discounts as you can see in this link.

How to find interesting products

When you enter the main page of Gshopper, as you can see here, you will see a selection of the latest offers, recommended products, discounts … Above we find a search engine. We recommend using the keywords for what you are looking for. For example we can use simple words like “Xiaomi”, “Roborock”, “Amazfit” … Once we know the model, we’ll include it in the search too, but the fewer words the better.

When accessing the results, we recommend that you filter your search by selecting only those models that are in stock. When searching, we see the model, price and shop that offers this product, as well as the rating of other buyers. You can also filter the search by price and novelty, that is, organize the search so that the newest or oldest products are shown first.

How to Tell If Gshopper is a Reliable Shop

The Gshopper site strives to offer its users the best shopping experience and therefore only tries to offer brands of recognized quality. Any seller can register on your platform, but the process is difficult: sellers need to sign an agreement and pass an exam before they can register their shop.

Therefore, when buying from Ghshopper, you can be sure of the fact that the stores have been checked beforehand by the platform. The best way to check that it is reliable is to look at other buyers’ opinions that you can see on the product you are trying to buy.

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Gshopper Coupons

Gshopper prices are low but as you can see you can add a discount code before paying. There are two kinds:

  • Seller vouchers: They apply to all products from the same Gshopper shop and usually have a minimum order value. It can be applied from your shopping cart, but to get the coupon you need to access one of their products and copy the discount code.
  • Gshopper vouchers: This is the discount coupon we all want: it can be applied to any product in your shopping cart, regardless of the seller. They aren’t as common as the previous ones, but they can be found during sales hours.


If you are wondering what is worth buying from Gshopper, we will explain the most famous brands to you, although it is best to visit their page and see what products are on sale today.

  • Xiaomi: It is the most popular Chinese brand internationally. In this search you will find your best-selling products such as smartphones, scooters, TV boxes, headphones or even laptops.
  • Roborock: It belongs to the Xiaomi group and has the best robotic vacuums on the market, at the height of the Roomba iRobot. Find them by clicking here.
  • Roidmi: Although less well known, this Xiaomi group brand offers very interesting and affordable handheld vacuums that compete with Dyson. You can see them in this link.
  • QCY: If you are looking for new cheap and high quality headphones, this Chinese brand will surprise you with their products. We encourage you to take a look by clicking here.
  • Yi: It also belongs to Xiaomi, but specializes in cameras, whether for sports, car or security use. They are very cheap as you can see in this link.
  • Amazfit: The smartwatches of this brand are some of the best on the market in terms of value for money. From here you can see all the available models.
  • Zenez: This brand is sweeping their gaming chairs and gaming desks. I recommend you take a look at this link, sometimes you need to be a little patient as their products sell out quickly.
  • 70 May: It also belongs to the Xiaomi group. It specializes in car security cameras. They are very affordable as you can see here, so you can protect your car without worrying about the price.

Buying from Gshopper: What you should be aware of

If you want to know a little more about how this online sales platform works before you buy, let’s talk about the buying process. To start shopping at Gshopper you must first register with your email or mobile phone.

→ Security while surfing

To ensure the safety of Gshopper users, the site has received the McAfee Secure Security Certificate. It is an external audit of the platform that guarantees that the site:

  • It did not detect any malware on the page or any malicious links.
  • Has a valid SSL certificate
  • No spoofing is detected.

→ Pay safely

Once you have all the products that interest you in your shopping cart, it’s time to move on to payment. Gshopper. This site works with different local currencies like € EUR Euro or $ USD US-Dollar. So if your local currency is not one of these, you can charge a small bank commission for the currency exchange.

Currently, Gshopper accepts payments for its products through:

  • Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit or debit card.
  • Paypal.
  • Alipay or WeChat Pay (China only).

→ Shipping and customs

The Gshopper platform has sellers with bearings in different countries from China, Japan, Europe, America. So when buying we can choose between different bearings if the seller has them. Shipping is usually free, but some sellers may pay a small flat rate shipping fee.

It is important to note that products from China come with Standard Registered Shipping, while products we buy from our own country arrive faster. Tracking information can be tracked in 1-5 business days. Each seller will ship their products separately and, like most online sales sites, customs are not covered so we need to consider possible customs charges depending on the country.

→ Guarantees and returns

In order to process incidents with the products received from the Gshopper site, we must contact the platform itself during the first 14 calendar days after receiving our purchase. We will explain our problem with the product and the site will provide us with the information to return the product and later refund the money.

→ Return the product

One of the great things about this platform is that you can get refunds within 14 days of the date we received it. To do this, as already mentioned above, we have to contact customer service, stating the order number.

We must repackage all products to be returned in the original packaging and ship them to the local address indicated on the page. We recommend shipping within 7 days of receiving instructions. After confirmation of receipt of this return, the money will be refunded within 7 working days.

It is possible that the money will take a little longer as it depends on the management of the banks. If after 10 working days we have not received the money, we will need to contact your customer service team or send an email as per the policy.

→ Gshopper contact and customer service

If you have a problem, question, or suggestion for the site, Gshopper makes it easy for you. If you want to contact this website, all you have to do is fill in their contact form via this link. If it is an order, the best thing to do is to provide the number and we can also attach documents to explain our problem. You can also send an email to the address [email protected]

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Notable advantages

But as mentioned at the beginning, the Gshopper site offers other advantages compared to other similar platforms. This is not only because of the low prices, this page is also aimed at those who want to buy cheap products for their business.

Buy in bulk: lowest price

If you are looking to buy goods for your business in order to sell and make money, you are in luck as some sellers are willing to negotiate their prices if you buy them in bulk. All you have to do is check whether this button appears in the display:Clicking on it opens a window in which you can enter your details and submit an offer.

Dropshipping: make money easily

Thanks to dropshipping, which is based on selling products from other platforms at an increase in price, it is easy to build a profitable business on the Internet without the need for inventory and the risks that come with it. Gshopper will make your dropshipping life easier by allowing bulk ordering of products.

Real Opinions From Gshopper: Is It A Scam?

In short, if you buy from this online sales page, it is normal for this cheap new store to be a scam. However, this is not the case with Gshopper: we have already made three purchases and everything went very well, it has proven to be very reliable.

Large companies around the world support this platform and therefore there are more and more sellers from all over the world. Additionally, sellers are trustworthy as they go through an internal audit process that prevents fraudulent sellers. The site itself is responsible for managing the returns and, most importantly, you can contact them by form and email for a direct and personalized response.

We have already encouraged ourselves to buy from Gshopper, so we can give you our opinion: It’s worth buying if you can find a good discount. However, if you want to find out more offers and bargains on AliExpress, we invite you to keep reading our blog.