Review KEMEI Razors and Hair Clippers

Kemei is a Chinese brand that makes razors, hair clippers, restraints, and other hair and beard care products. Its competitive prices have made it very popular in stores like AliExpress and Amazon, so in this article we will analyze its main products.

KEMEI Razors and Hair Clippers

Their products are sold a lot as their prices are very low without sacrificing quality. It is an ideal alternative for everyone who cannot afford the expensive traditional brands and at the same time is not satisfied with anything. For the design of its hair clippers and razors, Kemei takes the traditional models of the major hair care brands as a starting point. But it not only strives to live up to its advantages, but also to innovate and improve it to make its products more competitive.

An example of this could be the digital displays on the case of models like the KM-2026 and KM-050.

Buyers opinions about KEMEI Razors and Hair Clippers

At AliExpress, the brand’s official store has the top or superior brand logo. This means that the opinion of the customers and the amount of sales make it stand out in its category. In terms of users’ opinions, it is 96% positively received for the relationship of the product received to the business description, support and communication, as well as the speed of delivery.

In the past 6 months, the brand received 3,525 ratings:

  • 3223 users rated it between 4 and 5 stars
  • 94 users gave it 3 stars

In addition to this data, comments on the various models guarantee their operation and highlight the design of the products, the battery life and the efficiency of the blades. In the official store, you can browse customer comments, discover the best-selling models, follow the brand’s latest news, find out about offers and other official data that make Kemei reliable.


In Amazon UK, the situation is again very similar, as you can see here. Not only can we view the pictures and technical sheets of the products, but also know the users’ experience through pictures and videos that they upload to the website by themselves after receiving the product. User videos provide an opportunity to see how the product works.

Opinions include the power of the blades, the design and the ability to feel like a professional hairdresser for such an affordable price. Kemei’s rating on achieved a 92% positive response. From 3738 customer reviews we found the following:

  • 77% of them, about 2,900 people, gave 5 stars.
  • While 14%, around 500 people, gave 4 stars.

The product comparisons in both stores show that Kemei models cost 3-4 times less than brands like Wahl. This happens even though the products have similar properties to the Magic Clip 8148 and the Kemei KM-1986.

By reading reviews and comments from buyers, we can list the following disadvantages of the Kemei brand:

  • It is important to pay attention to the ergonomic design of the machines so that it adapts to the desired level of comfort and grip.
  • The battery lasts less than stated in the operating instructions, around 90 minutes on average.
  • Non-steel blades may last less than advertised.
  • With regular use at full power, a daily oil change is required.

As you can see, when it comes to value for money, there are more advantages to the brand than the disadvantages. It stands out from brands in the same price range and can match the features of traditional hair care brands at a third of their price, and in some cases even exceed them.


Where to buy KEMEI Razors?

The brand has a lot of sales on both AliExpress and Amazon, but prices for the same product can be quite different between the two. For example, this Buddha-themed electric shaver was less than half the price on AliExpress (without packaging) at the time we wrote this review:

Best Kemei Brand models

Here are some of their featured models in hair clippers and razors with their respective properties. In this list, you can find the best-selling and most sought-after models, as well as those that have gone unnoticed but deserve attention for their functions and characteristics.

Kemei KM 1986

  • It has a professional rotary motor that gives it a long service life.
  • Ideal for high demands and for continuous use.
  • The wireless connection provides greater maneuverability at work.
  • Includes LCD display with information on remaining battery and blade oil warning.
  • It has great power and high precision with professional blades.

Kemei KM-1971C

  • Light and handy.
  • Ideal for finishing, contouring, finishing, mixing and shaving.

Kemei KM-1996

  • It has a professional rotary motor that gives it a long service life.
  • It is ideal for high demands and for continuous use with a 2000 mA battery for up to 2 hours of continuous use.
  • It has a great power of 8 watts and high precision with professional blades.

Kemei KM-K32s

  • Its entire body is made of metal.
  • It has a professional rotary motor that gives it a long service life.
  • It has great power and high precision with professional blades.

Kemei KM-5027

  • Professional, super light and handy.
  • Ideal for finishing, contouring, finishing, mixing and shaving.
  • Digital display with remaining charge information.
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Kemei KM-700b

  • With an output of 10 W, it is ideal for demanding tasks.
  • It has a T-blade, making it ideal for finishing cutting, contouring, finishing, blending and shaving.

Kemei KM-2026

  • Lithium-ion batteries that offer a maximum output of 7000 cutting movements per minute and can be regulated in order to achieve gradients and fades smoothly and precisely.
  • It has an LCD display that shows performance and working speed.
  • Its offset blades allow for a closer shave.
  • It has hypoallergenic titanium and gold foils for an irritation-free shave.

Kemei KM-6558 (3 in 1)

  • High quality carbon steel cutting head, sharp, never cut hair, do not hurt the skin.
  • A single product that meets 3 hair care needs.
  • Low noise level.

Kemei KM-2010


  • Carbon steel blade for coating, styling and dry shaving.
  • Powerful rotating electric machine can improve speed, performance and service life
  • Ideal for hair, beard and detail work

Kemei KM-5031 (11 in 1)

  • Shave and finish lines or edges for a clean and smooth result.
  • A single product that meets 4 hair care needs.
  • It has a professional rotary motor that gives it a long service life.