The China Basketball World Cup is over and many of you will be excited to put on your shoes and play a game with your friends. When you need to refresh your shoes, today we bring you Li Ning brand and their NBA models. It may be a huge stranger to many, but this Chinese brand has been doing its homework for a long time.

His greatest world reference was the Nba superstar Dwyane Wade. As an international brand ambassador, he has pioneered the use of a brand other than the league in recent years. Another engagement is guarding the Portland Trail Blazers CJ McCollum.

This became known a few weeks ago RJ Hampton One of the future stars of the next draft has also signed up for the brand. The young player has decided to forego an American college education in order to start his professional career in the New Zealand league.

“They are a great company, they stand behind me and have worked a lot since I decided to go to the NBL. I like your sneakers It will be great to be with CJ McCollum and Dwyane Wade.”

As you can see, the brand is making a strong bet to position itself between Nike, Adidas, Rebook, Under Armor and Jordan. In the AliexBa we have already talked about Li Ning’s smart shoes and we have also prepared a detailed shopping guide about the brand. Today we want to introduce you to the best basketball shoes and teach you how to look for the new models that are popping up.

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Li-Ning’s three NBA shoes that take you away

Li Ning AIT VI

The first model is the AIT VI from Dwyane Wade’s special department. You can find it in several colors and sizes. They are very light shoes with very good reinforcement in the heel and coverage in the Achilles tendon area. For less than $ 70 they can be yours through this link. Now you have no more excuses to stand out on the slopes with its excellent grip on the soles to take all the “back steps” you can.

Li Ning Bounse +

The Bounse + model is another model from the calf section, they have a more classic cut with special reinforcement in the ankle area. The foam system in the entire sole serves to improve the cushioning during jumps. You can find them in different colors (even a fashion model with an animal print) and sizes. For less than $ 65 from this link, they can be your new playmates or be used daily.

Li Ning storm

It is a model that creates great stability in the feet, with a lacing system that perfectly covers the instep to the ankle. It has less reinforcement for falls, but makes up for it with a slightly stiffer sole, ideal for players who rely a lot on their pace change. It’s the cheapest model we’ll see today, for less than $ 47 you can choose different colors.

Where to Buy Li Ning Basketball Shoes

From Li Ning’s main website on AliExpress, you have access to all of his products organized by category and sport. Here you can access the official website. We recommend that you check the website carefully as you can find many shoes and textile products for sports or everyday use.