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For some time now, AliExpress has completely changed its sales strategy, and today this famous online sales platform of Chinese origin tries to introduce us to well-known brands in their country of origin. Today we are going to talk about the makeup brands that are becoming more and more popular with AliExpress buyers where we will find a wide range of makeup products with very good quality and at an impressive price.

This type of product is one of the best sellers as you can see by accessing its category through this link. So we have a great advantage: we can find many opinions from other buyers who make sure that we can buy with even more security, since many buyers now have photos, product samples, etc. We are sure that after reading this article, you will come with a Can’t handle the product, we already warned you!

Cheap Makeup On AliExpress: The Brands You Should Know

Why talk about brands and not specific products? Since there are thousands of makeup products on AliExpress all you have to do is enter here to see it, it’s a search for the best selling makeup products on AliExpress. But if you want to get out of “top seller” products (you’ve probably already bought some) and try something new, it’s always good to know which brands you can trust. All of them collect lots of sales on AliExpress and positive votes, some have even earned the “Top Brand” seal, which is only achieved when the store receives a certain number of sales and positive votes in its reviews month after month. This article focuses on makeup, but many of them also contain cosmetics for body or face care, which we also recommend because they are very worthwhile.

1. Focus

Although almost unknown until recently, the official shop has been on AliExpress for more than 4 years. Thanks to constant promotions, it is very popular with buyers. It is a brand that follows a classic line in the presentation of its products (black boxes, hardly any colors), but offers a wide variety of colors and products at a very affordable price. Focallure plays it safe, so to speak, and manufactures cosmetics that don’t disappoint. You can find it all: eyeshadow, lipsticks, makeup basics. They also have makeup packages, perfect for giving away or when you want to try more than one product.


2. Bioaqua

If I could just pick one of the brands I’m talking about, I’d bet on bioaqua and that’s because of the wide variety of products. Once you see the good quality they are, and at this price point, it’s impossible not to want to try again.

Among the best-selling products we can find face masks and all kinds of cosmetics: serums, night creams, anti-acne treatments. As for makeup, the most popular products for the makeup base are: bbcreams, primers for the base. But you will also find blush, lipsticks, mascara and almost every product you can think of in a wide variety of colors and at a price that is affordable for all budgets.

3rd picture

The official Imagic store is one of the newest of all we are talking about (it only lasts 1 year) but in that time it has already grown to become a “top” brand thanks to the high quality of its products and good buyers’ feedback . While their lipsticks stand out, they have a lot more interesting products too: founders, foundations, and even body and face paint to do body painting. What we like best about this brand is that they have many colors in their wide range of products, from the most classic to the most daring.

4. MeiKönig

MeiKing is a Chinese cosmetic brand that is very popular in China. Although not among the cheapest brands when compared to other AliExpress brands, they offer good prices (better than any physical store) and their cosmetics are designed for perfect skin. What I like most about this brand is that their cosmetics use components like collagen, hyaluronic acid, or aloe vera. In his line of makeup we can find basic products: lipsticks, eyelash masks, liquid eyeliners. As already mentioned, his products have a slightly higher price than others, but if you read the comments you will see that it is worth it for its quality.

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5. Maycheer

The most famous Maycheer makeup products are undoubtedly concealers and makeup primers. They are great quality and one of the cheapest on AliExpress. I’ve already tried the primer and it’s not surprising that it’s one of the best sellers: it comes with a lot of product, works like any other more expensive brand, and is ridiculously priced.

6. Party queen

If eyeshadow is your thing, this is your brand. Party Queen has all kinds of eye makeup products: shadows, eyeliner, mascara some of their shadow palettes cost less than 5 euros and are done in very neutral colors so they’re sure to be a hit even though you’re on this hunt go will see other palettes with more striking colors.

7. Shanghai

Although much less well known than any previous one, it is impossible to see the products of this brand and not look at their precious packaging. So, if you’re looking to give makeup as gifts, this brand might be a great option. Its official shop on AliExpress has 98% positive feedback, it’s a top brand, and you can find high quality cosmetics and makeup in it. Your products are worth a look.

8. Flamingo

This relatively new brand has earned a spot among the top brands on AliExpress thanks to their makeup. Among their best-selling products we can find a lot of eyelash masks, eyeliners, lipsticks. The packaging is reminiscent of brands like Benefit and their products are of high quality, as can be seen in the comments of other buyers which can not be more positive.

9. Baimiss

Baimiss reminds us a lot of the famous bioaqua that we told you about above. It offers all kinds of products: high quality cosmetics, skin care products and makeup essentials at a very affordable price. These lipsticks, which are strongly reminiscent of the Dior brand, are among the top sellers.


10. TZCosmetics

Looking for brightly colored eyeshadow palettes? Well that’s your brand. You can also find brush packs, concealer palettes, lipsticks in very bold colors in its official AliExpress store … It’s the perfect store for makeup lovers and professionals who need a wide range of colors.

11. Tutu

Although it doesn’t have an extensive catalog like other brands we’ve seen above, I love Tutu because it has basic products (lipstick, eyeliner) with very elegant packaging (reminiscent of brands like Clinique or Estee Lauder) and at an affordable price .

12. Miss Rosé

There is no official store on AliExpress for this brand, but their products garner thousands of sales and positive comments. Among their best-selling products, I love their lipsticks, which are very reminiscent of the MAC brand.

13. Bynanda

While not as well known as the previous brands, Bynanda has some very interesting products like facial primers, pressed powders, and lipsticks. They also have very nice packaging that is reminiscent of Korean cosmetic products.

Our opinion on Buying Makeup on AliExpress

After trying several products from these brands, I can assure you that it is worth buying makeup on AliExpress. My favorite products are lipsticks and blushes, but also other products such as foundations or eye shadow, as they are quite expensive products, but they are very important for good make-up. The price of makeup on AliExpress is unbeatable, and if you go for a product from these brands, you’re sure to be right.