REVIEW Mpow H19 IPO Headphones

The Market for Bluetooth Headphones is Growing all the time. We have tons of brands, prices, and specialty models that we can use in almost any activity we can think of. Usually, excessive product choice is a good thing for the buyer, but that ultimately affects the brands.

Last week it became known that the all-powerful audio equipment manufacturer Evil decided to close its 119 physical stores in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. The reasons for this were that shoppers prefer the option of buying online and that the alternatives of other newer brands are starting to change market trends.

MPOW It is one of those brands, it is not yet as well known as the main brands, but it is one of the best-selling in major online stores in the world such as AliExpress and Amazon. Their main attraction is not only an extremely good price, but they also offer the highest quality products that allow them to compete with historical sound companies.

The history of MPOW It started when two Chinese students were studying in the US and decided to invent headphones that would allow them to focus on long hours in the library or their favorite sport. After that, they won the Red Dot Awards, which prompted the big company to invest more than $ 40 million in the conversion this brand in today’s reality.

BLUETOOTH MPOW H19 IPO Headphone Functions

Now that we know where this interesting brand comes from, let’s analyze one of the products that has caused the most buzz recently. The MPOW H19 IPO Active Noise Canceling Headphones, an improved rework of the previous H19s and one of the best value for money headphones for music and travel lovers.

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Aesthetics and professional workmanship

The H19 IPOs are earphones with reputable and professional surfaces. With an aesthetic far removed from sporty use and black with glossy inlays. With a design that sells comfort and elegance, these headphones are easy to transport thanks to a weight of 240 grams and the ability to fold them up for storage in your pocket.

Another thing that stands out just by looking at it is the thickness of its upholstery. The foam they are made with has technology that allows you to memorize the best shape so you can keep it every time you use it, so as to be as comfortable as it was last time. In addition, the ear muffs can be rotated up to 90 degrees with an ergonomic design and the headband can be opened or closed for better adaptation to each user.

Hear and be heard clearly

It’s always annoying to wear headphones that, no matter how good they are, don’t allow us to hear music clearly, with the H19 IPO we won’t have this problem thanks to the noise-canceling technology provided by CVC 8.0.

This technology enables us to escape our surroundings in order to concentrate on our work or, for example, to rest on an airplane. The sound reduction eliminates up to 32 decibels at the push of a button ANC.

In addition, this audio inhibition system also applies to telephone calls. As we commented, this model is an update of the H19 and compared to the CVC 6.0 noise canceling microphone that this model has built in, the CVC 8.0 microphone has a processing speed 1.5 times faster, which creates less distortion when making calls and suppresses the noise of the surroundings. With it, we can enjoy crisp hands-free calls even in a noisy environment.


Fast and Stable Connection

These headphones are already equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, this is an advanced technology and has a lower energy consumption. The connection quality is more stable and the wireless range is much greater than in previous versions, this allows us not to always have the smartphone in our pocket and to move 15 meters without losing the connection.

This stability in both distance and signal goes hand in hand with good sound quality and this is the main reason to buy headphones and that is so that they can be heard well. The headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 in addition to the mobile phone are compatible with tablets, computers, televisions and music devices.

A great battery that charges quickly

Another important factor when buying wireless headphones is their autonomy. The H19 IPOs are equipped with a 500 mAh battery with which we can be connected for up to 30 hours with active ANC and up to 15 hours with deactivated ANC.

If the battery is still empty, we can use the USB port for quick charge, which will give us an additional 2 hours of autonomy in 10 minutes.

Since it also has a 3.5 jack port, we can physically connect them and in this case don’t need a battery charge for them to work. In this case, the microphone will not be operational as it will only work when the bluetooth mode is working.