Review ORAL Irrigation DENTAL TEETH Shower

We all want our mouth to be clean. In the last few years Electric Toothbrushes have become more and more accessible, but while they help clean your mouth, there is still a need to floss it or complete it with an irrigator, a small electrical device that sucks in water under pressure and lets you clean your mouth To cleanse your mouth in a more efficient way. These devices are usually very expensive, but if you want to find very cheap Oral B, Waterpik or Lacer irrigators, read on because today we are going to show you how to get a cheap dental irrigator on AliExpress.

The benefits of using a Dental Douche

There are many benefits to using an oral irrigator and the best part is that they will be noticed from the first time you use them as they improve oral hygiene and make our mouth feel cleaner and fresher. We could summarize its most outstanding advantages in the following points:

  • They allow cavities and corners to be reached without chemicals.
  • Bacterial plaque is reduced, so the likelihood of tooth decay and tartar removal is less.
  • It’s also very useful for reducing bleeding gums and preventing inflammation.

As you can see, having an irrigation system at home is almost imperative and at the prices you will see below there is no excuse. It is very simple to use, just add water or mouthwash to the tank and choose the appropriate pressure (this should be enough to clean the cavities but without damaging your gums).

The Best Cheap Tooth Showers on AliExpress

Finding cheap irrigation equipment on AliExpress is very easy. All you have to do is click here for a filtered search of the best sellers and most popular from this famous website. However, there are more than 1,400 different models, so that you do not miss the best offers and brands, we recommend that you take a look at the models that we show you below because we have selected the best in terms of value for money for Money.

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Irrigation system adapted to the tap: practical and inexpensive

The best selling irrigator on this famous website is this one, an irrigator that doesn’t work when plugged in, but instead needs to be plugged into your faucet. It may seem absurd, but in reality it is very convenient: you no longer need plugs and you can adjust the flow and temperature with your own faucet, plus you don’t have to refill and empty the water tank every time to prevent bacteria from building up to avoid. The best thing is the price: it costs less than 10 $.

Portable Dental Shower: complete cleaning everywhere

If you spend a lot of time away from home but don’t want to miss out on good dental hygiene, we recommend buying a portable tooth shower from AliExpress. They’re very cheap and you can complete your cleaning routine, it’s ideal if you wear braces or have dental problems where you need to be more careful with your teeth. All you have to do is fill it with water and press the button for the pressurized water to come out.

Vaclav Dental Showers: cheap and practical

These two irrigation devices that we just showed you are white label and can be found in many AliExpress stores. But there are also Chinese brands that have their own range of products, one of which is Vaclav, which offers irrigation systems that are great value for money, like the one you can see below.

For less than 30 euros you can get an electric irrigation system with an output of 18 W. It has a 600 ml tank, enables water to be drawn with a pressure between 30-125 psi and has 10 pressure adjustment modes. The best part is that it contains 7 different mouthpieces for different uses: standard, orthodontic, periodontal, tongue and plate.


Waterpulse Irrigator: powerful and professional

However, if you are looking for a high quality irrigator on par with brands like Oral B or Lacer, we recommend that you check out those from the Waterpulse brand, which are of high quality and also have a very affordable price in terms of their properties.

Its best-selling model is this one, which you see below, an ideal cordless irrigation system for on the go and at home too. In this case it works with an internal battery. It has a capacity of 240 ML, a power of 7.4 W and a water pressure between 70-110 PSI, as you can see it is not that far from the previous machine with the great advantage that there are no cables in between . As you can see, there are two versions of this irrigator, the V400 or the V400 plus, the latter can regulate the water pressure in 3 stages, both include different attachments and a practical transport bag.

If you are looking for the most powerful irrigator on AliExpress, the waterpulse v660 model (available at this link) is without a doubt the one for you. It is an irrigator that cleans and massages your teeth and gums using water pressure between 20-140 PSI. It has a capacity of 700 ml, adjustable in 12 levels and comes with different heads to clean your mouth thoroughly.

Nicefeel Dental Shower: high capacity for thorough cleaning

To conclude, although Nicefeel is a lesser-known brand and has private label irrigation equipment that is also sold in other stores, this model that you see below seems like an excellent choice in terms of value for money. Most surprising of all is the large capacity of its tank, which reaches 1000ml that allows you to drink water for up to 90 seconds. It also has an interesting UV light in the tank of the nozzles that makes it easy to sterilize them after each use.