Review PARKAS for WOMEN and MEN on AliExpress

The parka has become an indispensable piece of clothing in every season. This outerwear is characterized by the fact that it is light and adapts to the different temperatures of the year. It usually goes down to the knee and the normal thing is that it includes a hood that protects us from the rain. The first Parkas were born in Russia to withstand cold, wind and water, later the military used them as a warm garment in everyday life and today they have adapted to the latest trends and all fashion brands have this garment in their collections. We can find lighter Parkas for halftime and others that are more designed for the cold. Today we’re going to tell you how to find your perfect and affordable parka on AliExpress.

This famous website has become a worldwide reference for buying Chinese products and among these products we can find very cheap clothes of impressive quality: you no longer have to wait for the sale to buy new clothes, as AliExpress parkas around 50 % of their price is cost in your country.

Parkas for Women on AliExpress

Although they started out as men’s clothing, we now find a wide selection of women’s parkas on AliExpress that you can check out for yourself by clicking here. There are thousands of celebrities who wear them on a daily basis and this garment is very versatile and versatile, perfect for an informal look and even as an evening gown if we can combine it well and the best thing is that it helps us to get out of the cold with a lot Combat style.

Padded parkas: ideal for winter

These parkas are ideal for winter, thanks to their padded material they are extremely light and thanks to their feather-filled inside very warm. At AliExpress you can find hundreds of different models, with colors, oversize styles.

Parka with fur hood: perfect for halftime

But undoubtedly the most popular style of parka is made of cotton or some waterproof material with hair on both the hood and the inside. It looks great with jeans and there are also many parkas that have the inner part that can be split so that you can continue to wear them in warmer temperatures. Thousands of models from 15 dollars can be found in it on Aliexpress web site.

Parka with colored fur: the latest trend

The latest trend in parkas is undoubtedly this one with the colored hooded hair. It’s very daring and fun so they add a touch of joy to such a freezing cold season. It has become very popular after being worn by thousands of influencers in their winter looks. The big plus is that it comes in many colors so you are sure to find one that suits your style. Well worth shopping on AliExpress for its low price compared to other stores.


Light parkas: warm and practical

Finally, if you hate wearing heavy coats, these lightweight parkas are a great alternative to the previous ones. Their padded material makes them warm enough to function as a coat and they are also very easy to stow away.

Parkas for Men on AliExpress

This outerwear has also been able to adapt to new trends for men. In this case we find very warm jackets that are dedicated to elegance, but also more informal models with colors and patterns that will make your AliExpress parka your preferred outerwear for an informal and casual look. We’ll show you our favorites, but you can find more here.

Padded Parkas

Padded parkas, like the women’s version, are perfect for winter as their feather inside gives a lot of warmth without weighing them down, which makes them a perfect winter coat for anyone who doesn’t like to wear a thousand layers of clothes over it: you can easily store it. You can find them under this link in different versions: short, long, hooded, military print.

Sports Parkas

If you are looking for a new sports jacket, there are also Parkas for the Sportiest with technical finishes and water-repellent material. It will be your favorite jacket. There are also casual urban sports style parkas that are perfect for everyday wear.

Fur parkas with hood

However, if you are looking for a more traditional parka, we recommend that you go for one that has hair on the hood, as on the female version. Their style is casual but very elegant, which is why they become an essential piece of clothing for every home. You can find them all in this filtered search with different colors and styles.

The Best Parkas Brands for Men and Women

Now that you have seen which parkas styles you can find on AliExpress and what the latest trends are, you will certainly have doubts when deciding between several coats from different stores. That is why we are going to leave you with a selection of the best AliExpress clothing stores that have the best selling parkas right now. All are well-known brands with very high ratings and good reviews from other users, anyway we recommend you take a careful look at the description of your next parka, know the materials and sizes, and get it right.



This store is one of the most popular, you can find high quality parkas for men and women here. It is a very popular shop among Russian buyers because, while their coats, while not the cheapest, are of high quality and good workmanship.


The Miegofce brand is very similar to the previous one. Their clothing line is designed for the European market, in which case you will only find winter parkas for women with a padded finish.


If you want to go for a more daring and casual look, we recommend you check out these women’s parkas from the Simplee brand, which you surely already know for their fun and youthful clothing with very adjusted prices. Here you can see all jackets and parkas from this famous brand.


This brand is growing in popularity for their clothing. Their designs are unique and very original. So if you decide to buy a parka from this brand you will be sure to wear something unique as they have their own designers and do not take inspiration from other brands as is usually the case with AliExpress.


If you are looking for a women’s parka with fur on the hood we recommend checking out this shop which has the most popular and best-selling parkas on AliExpress for that style. Their best-selling parkas have thousands of sales and a very high score thanks to positive reviews from other buyers.


If you haven’t found your fur parka in the store above, we recommend looking here. This brand has more than 30 different models of women’s fur parkas and sometimes there are significant discounts on these popular outerwear.


If you’re looking for an everyday parka, Simwood is the perfect brand. His dress style is informal, but not so much that he couldn’t pair it with a more arranged look.

Pioneer camp

Although very similar to the previous brand, these Pioneer Camp parkas may be easier to combine on a day-to-day basis due to their lack of prints and their more classic style. They have a very European style and could easily pass as parkas from Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti. At an incredibly low price.

Hee great

This store is characterized by a wide variety of products, in fact there are more than 150 different parkas for men so you are sure to find one that you like. On top of that, the prices are very low, so it’s perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your next parka.


For those who prefer an urban and casual style, we recommend these parkas from Vi! Show that, as you can see below, has a very youthful style to it. Oddly enough, it is committed to a European market with a minimalist style.

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City class

If you are looking for an elegant and high-quality parka, we recommend that you go for the City Class brand, which, as you can see, is not as cheap in price as other AliExpress brands, but, as confirmed by other buyers, is of high quality is justified. You only have to compare yourself to other parkas from well-known brands to know that, because of their material and workmanship, they actually have a good price.


Do you want a padded, elegant and affordable parka? Well, we encourage you to check out the ones from this AliExpress brand, which, although only recently on AliExpress, already has thousands of buyers who approve of the quality of their jackets. The best thing is the price, you can get a practical and functional jacket for less than 50 $.

How to Find the Right Size When Buying a Parka on AliExpress

We always find a lot of comments doubting what size to choose when buying a garment on AliExpress and the truth is that it is quite easy when we take into account that an L size is different in every store, especially when we take into account these are Chinese stores and it is possible that the seller uses Chinese, European, American, international sizes.

The best way to get the size of your next parka right is to check the product description for a size chart that will allow us to select our size. Attach a size chart to find your weight and yours Size tells you your size. When choosing a jacket, we recommend that you pay attention to the following measurements: chest, sleeve and clothing length. If you have any other questions about choosing your size on Aliexpress, we recommend reading our guide to choosing your size on AliExpress.