Review PROSTORMER TOOLS on Aliexpress

The Chinese Tool Manufacturer Prostormer has been a benchmark in its industry for several years and sells its products successfully on AliExpress and in the vast majority of online shops such as Amazon. With thousands of sales and extremely high scores, this company doesn’t disappoint.

Today we are going to analyze some of the best selling tools and see the great deals on AliExpress so we can renovate our home at the best price.

The Best Prostormer Tools

12V cordless drill and screwdriver

This cordless screwdriver and drill should not be missing in any household. With these tools we can do a lot of repairs, assemble furniture or drill holes to hang pictures.

The screwdriver is equipped with a 2000 mAh lithium battery, which enables it to work for more than an hour at its maximum output of 2,400 rpm without having to connect it. Thanks to its power, we can screw directly onto wood. With its multi-head system we can swap the different screwdrivers and with the button to reverse the direction of rotation we can screw and unscrew. It has a small LED light on the back to be able to see in the most complex situations.

The drill with 12V power and without impact system is also equipped with a 2000 mAh lithium battery, but in this case works with a maximum output of 1,400 rpm. With this power, you can drill wooden, brick, aluminum and plastic pipes. With different speeds we can adapt to all surfaces to do jobs that don’t require drilling deep holes, but for almost all work inside a house.


It contains an LED light and the drilling system in both directions for easy removal of the drill after drilling. You can find the different kits sold by Aliexpress at the best possible price on this link. If you need more screwdrivers or bits in this other link, we can find more accessories.

20V Impact Drill

This 20v drill is a functional fusion of the previous models we’ve seen, but with a lot more power. It allows us to screw and drill, but in this case it includes a pneumatic motor. This hammering system helps us to drill deep into all materials, including walls and walls.

With a 20V and 2,000 mAh battery, it has a range of 60 minutes.If you need more power, you will find battery replacement parts and an extended 4,000 mAh battery with a range of two hours. The batteries have an effective life of 200 charges, from then on we will notice how the duration decreases.

The drill also has an LED light to see when we are drilling and the battery charger has the ability to fast charge for situations where we are running out of battery and need to keep using it. Sold with a carrying case that contains various bits and magnetic screwdriver heads. You can find them sent with from China. It is important that you select the type of plug that you use in your country.

600W paint sprayer

Another tool we bring with us today is this handy paint spray gun. We can use it to paint the walls of the rooms to give the furniture in your house a second life.

Equipped with four interchangeable 1.5 mm / 1.8 mm / 2.2 m / 2.6 mm nozzles, it adapts to most paints. The 2.6 mm nozzle in particular is ideal for spraying latex paint and chalk-like paint.

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The sprayer allows us three positions to set the different patterns. This way, the paint will come out at a more open angle, or at a more closed and focused angle.

It has an insert of up to 1,000 mm with a control valve that we can adjust to the amount of paint that is sucked in. The power cord is two meters long so we can reach every corner. With an empty weight of 1,600 grams, it is an easy-to-use tool. You can use this link to place your order, it is important to choose the correct plug for your region.

240W electric sander

This electric sander is used both for polishing a piece of furniture for later restoration and for removing mold or paint from the walls of a shed.

With a motor that enables 6,000 to 12,000 vibrations of the sandpaper per minute and which we can control via its simple operating elements. In addition, we do not have to suffer from exposure to heat as it has a double heat dissipation system.

Equip a sandpaper system 18’7 cm long and 9 cm wide. And thanks to its dust collector, our work is much cleaner and we don’t lose everything when we have to work around the house.

With a working noise between 80.6 db and 91.6 db, we can say that it is not overly loud compared to tools of this type. The sander is supplied with 20 replacement sanding papers, which can be easily replaced with a simple Velcro system. You can find it at this link sent with from China.


2000W Nail Gun

This nailing device will be your best ally when doing carpentry work, upholstering chairs and sofas, or assembling various furniture.

With a system of Plug and Play You don’t need compressed air to use it, just by placing it on the surface and pressing the trigger you have the nail or staple in place. Works with 16mm nails and 8-16mm staples. Equip a simple round command system to control the power you use when shooting.

The security of this tool is very high as it has an off switch and a sensor on the tip that must be pressed against the surface for the system to work. It has a two meter long cable and its mechanism allows us to work both vertically and horizontally. Can set up to 20 nails per minute.

What else does ProStormer offer us?

In the official ProStormer shop you can find many more high quality tools and accessories at very competitive prices. It is important that you take care of your shop. They’re constantly adding new tools and making irresistible offers. From AliexBA we will try to keep you updated.