Review SAVA Brand MOUNTAIN Bikes

In the past few years, many of you have asked us how to Buy Cheap Chinese Bicycles and it is a little complicated because they are products with a high price and it can be scary to spend so much money on a product with few reviews .

But we found a brand that has all the factors to become the Cheap Chinese Bike benchmark brand on AliExpress. It is the SAVA brand that offers all types of bicycles of exceptional quality at a very competitive price. In his official AliExpress store, which you can enter from here, you’ll see some of his bikes garner hundreds of sales from all over the world.

Where does this Brand come from?

The SAVA brand was founded in Sindelfingen, Germany in 2005 by Mr. Yang Yiwu, a well-known businessman in the bicycle industry, after a trip to Germany where he was fascinated by the technology and craftsmanship of the country’s bicycle market. So he decided to start a creative team in Germany that would attract designers from all over the world and the company grew quickly.

After the Chinese cycling team was treated unfairly at the London Olympics, he decided to bring SAVA and its R&D team from Germany to China, with the aim of completely renewing the country’s cycling business with its German technology. its cutting-edge talent and the professionals it had recruited from Europe.

Their bikes combine technology and low cost. On the one hand, due to its experience in the German and European market, it uses materials such as carbon fiber and titanium technology, but at the same time reduces costs through the high production efficiency of the frame / painting / labeling / inspection process. and quality control with more than 300 employees and a production of more than a million bicycles per year.

Currently, in countries like Germany, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Australia, America, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand (with a large number of sales in the last two countries), its products are always sold through marketplaces like Amazon. or AliExpress, where we can find the official shop. Their brand’s goal is to bring down the price of carbon fiber and expensive titanium alloys with a desire to become a global sports bike supplier. To date, it is the leading carbon fiber bicycle brand in China and a leader in this market thanks to its own carbon fiber frame manufacturing factory established in 2014. We’ll review your best-selling models, do they live up to your long career?


MTB bikes: ideal for Enduro and Downhill

We start with the MTB Mountain Bikes of this Brand, these bikes usually have the highest demands on design and components in order to be able to drive on even the most difficult terrain without any problems. His mountain bikes use carbon fiber (CF), which gives the bikes great rigidity and lightness. It is lighter than aluminum but stronger than steel. It has excellent corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal for MTB bikes, which will undoubtedly get badly stained at the end of the day.

One of the best-selling bikes is the SAVA Deck 300, thanks to its great value for money (less than 900 dollars as you can see in this link). It is a bike with 29 inch wheels for people between 165 and 190 cm with a T700 carbon fiber frame and a weight of 12.5 kg. Among the components we find Maxxis Pace wheels, a Manituo fork, Shimano brakes and gears …

If you are looking for a slightly better bike without spending a fortune, we recommend the SAVA Deck 700, there are hardly any differences to the previous model in terms of price (approx. 300 dollars) and aesthetically it is very similar, but has better Shimano brakes. its weight drops to 11.2 kg, it has 29-inch Michelin Country Race wheels, etc.

Finally, if you are looking for a mountain bike with a titanium alloy frame, we recommend the SAVA Mini Mamba, a bike with 17.5-inch Michelin Country Race wheels, a Rockshox FS air suspension fork and a high-quality Shimano M800 shifting system.

Racing Bikes: the Flagship Product

SAVA road Bikes are the most successful because we can find models with very competitive features and very low prices. You have them all under this link. In fact, one of their best-selling models, the SAVA Winds of War 18S, costs just 700 dollars.


A bike is specified for a height between 170-185 cm made of extremely light T700 carbon fiber (8.6 kg without pedals), Shimano gears, extremely light frame with Japanese technology… In short, a bike that is worthwhile.

There are also high-end racing bikes of which we recommend the “Phantom” range, with the best value for money being the Phantom 2.0 available at this link. It is a racing bike suitable for a body size between 165 to 180 cm, with a weight of 7.8 KG made of T800 carbon fiber with high quality components: Shimano gears and brakes, Maxxis Sierra tires …

If you’re looking for a bike that performs better than the previous one without leaving a fortune, it’s well worth taking a look.

Folding Bikes: Practical and Compact

Folding bicycles are growing in popularity as they are the best way to get around town without needing a parking space to stow away: all you have to do is fold it up to put it in the closet, under the desk, or in any other corner of yours Without having to worry that your usual means of transport will spoil you. All of their folding bikes can be found here, and as you can see prices vary based on the inches of the wheels.

One of its most popular models is the SAVA Z1 with 20-inch wheels and a carbon fiber frame. It can be easily folded up in 8 seconds and weighs only 10 kg and, as with all bikes of this brand, also has high-quality components such as Shimano M315 hydraulic brakes or Shimano R3000 9-speed gearshift.

Electric bikes: Urban, Folding or Mountain

Many of us are starting to appreciate the great benefits of buying an Electric Bike, not just for getting around town, it can also be very useful for mountain sports fans who need a little help getting on without so much effort and so you can enjoy the descent to the fullest. SAVA offers foldable electric city bikes and very affordable electric MTB bikes.


In this case, the Best Selling Electric Bike Model on AliExpress is the SAVA Knight9.0 M800-22S with a T800 carbon fiber frame and a Samsung 36V 10.5AH battery fully integrated into the frame that has a range of around 50-80. offers km. . It works with a yuebo motor with 36 V and 250 W brushless power. It contains high-quality components: hydraulic suspension fork, 27.5 inch Maxxis Ikon wheels, Shimano Deore XT BD-80000 disc brakes, gear shift and Shimano gear lever, etc.

In short, a powerful electric mountain bike that comes at a bit of a steep price tag because of its powerful components.

Opinions: is it a Good Idea to buy a SAVA?

After analyzing these bikes, we can confirm that they are a high quality brand that includes reliable components (Shimano, Maxxis, Samsung …) without sacrificing beautiful aesthetics and a very attractive price. Therefore, if it falls within your budget, it is worth buying one of these SAVA branded bikes on AliExpress.

The seller offers to cover customs duties when shipping their bikes to the following countries: Europe (excluding Norway), USA, Russia, Japan and South Korea. In fact, the average delivery time is between 7 and 15 working days for the European Union. The seller offers a 1 year guarantee on the frame and 2 years on the battery and motor (for electric).

How to Buy SAVA Bikes on AliExpress

The best way to buy these bikes is to do it through the official shop in AliExpress which you can access through this link as it is a very secure online sales site that accumulates thousands of sales around the world avoiding middlemen that increase the price.