REVIEW Shark Watches Cheap Alternative to Replicas

Hello, AliexBA friends! Today we are going to talk about the Shark branded watches, a manufacturer that may be a little unknown to some but is becoming more and more widespread among all of us due to its rapid expansion through e-commerce platforms.

It is possible to find Shark watches on AliExpress, although it is not entirely easy as not many stores have them in their catalog. Something similar happens in other consortia such as Ebay or Amazon, where some models of these Chinese branded watches are also for sale, but not all. First of all, Shark is a brand from China that wants to draw attention to itself with a watch collection with exclusive designs, mainly sports watches that express speed without losing the elegant touch, for less than 50 $. It’s an affordable price if we compare it to other brands of men’s sports watches that you already know usually don’t go under $ 150 as they are generous. These are my favorites, they have a very beautiful design.

Shark, a booming Chinese guard march

The Chinese watchmaker was born in 1997, but it wasn’t until 2010 that the real boom of the oriental brand came along with the expansion of some sales platforms in China, such as AliExpress. Inspired by sport and speed, Shark mainly works with reddish and dark tones, avant-garde models of quality watches at an affordable price.


There is no reason to be suspicious of them. They contain everything you need for the money they cost. We are talking about a saving of over 100 $ on other watches from well-known brands. If you are enthusiastic about the world of Chinese watch brands, take a look at our guide, in which you will find other important oriental manufacturers.

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How to buy Shark Watches on AliExpress

This work can be a little expensive so let’s try to find the best models. There is a store with a lot of different references that is hands down the best we have found. We’ll talk about them later. We noticed that when searching for Shark watches directly in the AliExpress search engine, you slip through some watches from other brands that we don’t care about.

The best way to avoid this is to head straight to the TimeZone store, where you can find dozens of different models, all from Shark. To give you an idea, the official watch website itself recommends buying from this AliExpress seller. They also quote other Amazon and Ebay sellers if you’d rather choose a different virtual trading platform, but maybe these are a little more expensive.


This seller, with endless sales and positive comments for our safety, also tends to add all new models to their catalog very quickly. For example, these are the last to hang up:

Shark news

You see the price is ridiculous. For $ 44.94 (and no shipping costs, unlike other platforms) you can buy a Shark watch from the latest collection. Another knowledgeable store is Primeridian, which is where you can also see very cheap Shark watches. This shop has five diamonds, a more than acceptable reputation to trust.

Models of Shark Watches

While it is difficult to find watches from this Chinese brand on AliExpress, it is possible to find a specific model. Like the sandbar collection, for example. We really found it by a miracle.



This watch is available from AliExpress for 50.33 euros. Tempting … keep in mind that there are only 12 active stores in Europe selling Shark watches. So it wouldn’t hurt if you’ve decided to buy one, do so ASAP. This is how you make sure you don’t run out of your product. There are other interesting collections:

TOP: If you are looking for a special model, I recommend typing it straight into the AliExpress search engine. You may be lucky, but there are times when you don’t get the results you want. We checked it several times. If this happens to you, go to the first step we mentioned in the tutorial: search the TimeZone store.

Remember to write that Model name + shark


MY OPINION: You don’t need to arm yourself with patience as these watches aren’t hidden, but if you invest a little time and research, you can certainly find a bargain. You also get rid of the shipping worries as the package is small and does not arouse suspicion at customs. It is enough to choose a reliable seller, once you have decided on the Shark model that best suits your tastes and possibilities. You already know that none of them typically exceed $ 50, which is tempting.