Security at Home or in the Office is a concern for many. With the idea of ​​offering intelligent solutions to protect our rooms, Xiaomi launched its Sherlock products as part of the Mijia crowdfunding platform.

The Xiaomi sub-brand Sherlock offers you smart locks with futuristic functions. You can check out everything that Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock has to offer you in its official store on AliExpress.

Sherlock: Xiaomi Smart Locks to protect your home

With a Sherlock Xiaomi lock you can protect the entrance of your house in a smart and simple way. We say simply because you don’t have to remove or change your lock to install your Sherlock lock. The Sherlock lock is securely attached to your door with a strong adhesive and is ready to use right away.

The lock is controlled via a mobile application (Xiaomi Mi Home or its own app, depending on the model). Sherlock offers protection on various levels, securely locks entrances and enables convenient and convenient key management.

How does the intelligent protection of Sherlock locks work?

Sherlock Xiaomi locks lock your door and allow you to open it more conveniently. In addition, you can remotely grant permissions to your friends so that they can enter your home without you having to be present or make copies of the key for temporary visitors.

It installs on the inside of the door and puts a door lock key in its cylinder. With the internal motor, it allows the key to be turned and the door to be opened when someone authorized by you enters your key. You can also open the door from the outside with your conventional key. Opening from the inside is much easier, as you only have to slide your finger over the motion sensor attached to the side of the Xiaomi Sherlock lock.


As the owner of the system, you can configure various access codes and adjust expiry times if you only want to grant someone access for a certain period of time. Connectivity is via Bluetooth, the device’s battery is charged via USB and lasts up to a year.

Are Sherlock’s systems secure?

You are. Xiaomi Mijia Sherlock locks contain an MJSC chip that has a unique private key and certificate. This security chip enables the communication between the lock and the application to be encrypted.

On the other hand, they work with bluetooth. This protects you from vibrations or failure of an unstable WiFi connection. If you have young children you will find the feature that prevents accidental opening of this smart lock. This is especially useful if you are concerned that they are trying to open the door from the inside with the mentioned motion sensor. 3M glue is used to fix the lock, high strength and resistant to time and moisture.

Buy Sherlock locks and products

Before buying a Sherlock Xiaomi lock, you need to make sure that your door and lock are compatible with its design. First you have to define the blocking direction to be selected. To do this, just stand in front of the door that you want to protect from the inside and look at the position of the lock.

You should also consider whether the product you are about to buy is compatible with your lock. In principle, locks with a keyhole in a horizontal position and towards the center of the room are compatible.

Here are pictures of the general compatibility of doors and locks with Sherlock products:

Is it Safe to Buy Sherlock Products on AliExpress?

Sure! As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Sherlock has an official shop on AliExpress. You can visit it here so you can shop with complete confidence.

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This shop has existed on AliExpress since May 2018 and has received many positive reviews. If you have any questions about the operation of this website, we recommend our tutorial about buying on AliExpress.

Buy Sherlock products EE.UU, Australia, UK…

Unfortunately, the official Sherlock store in AliExpress does not have any deliveries from USA, UK,… We also haven’t found any alternative sellers who can ship from here at the moment.

The closest alternative for England to your Sherlock orders are products that allow shipping from Germany. The other two options that repeat themselves most often are China, which has longer waiting times, and Russia, which does not send to EE.UU.

How long do these broadcasts take?

The delivery times for products ordered from Germany are approx. 8-15 days. If the desired product is not available in Germany but is being shipped from China, the expected delivery time is 14 to 18 days.

To find the products available in Germany, you can search for your product in the general AliExpress search bar, search for “Shipping from” and enter “Germany” as shown below. You can also look for the option “Shipping from Germany” in the side menu of the official shop on the left:

Which products does Sherlock Xiaomi offer on AliExpress?

You can find different models of Smart Locks in the Sherlock AliExpress Store. The most popular is the Sherlock S2 lock, which is ideal for exterior doors, but you can also use it on room doors if you prefer. You can also find an accessory key for Sherlock S2 in this official store that allows you to open the door with just one click.


You can also find smart office locks. The Sherlock F1 lock is a numeric control panel that allows access to the room by entering numeric codes. It has an anti-spy system that allows you to enter wrong numbers before or after the code and still allow opening without inconvenience or betrayal.

For more exclusive protection of offices or rooms, you can opt for the Sherlock G1 lock, which can be opened using a fingerprint or the mobile app. With its biometric recognition technology, it enables fingerprints to be read quickly.

You can also find battery replacement parts for your Sherlock locks in the store.

Reviews of Sherlock products on AliExpress

At the time of this writing, Sherlock’s online store on AliExpress had an average positive rating of 99.2% for the past 6 months. The vast majority of ratings are high; opinions relate to the speed of installation and faultless function.

You can get to the real evaluations under this link. You will find reviews in Spanish from people on this side of the world who have decided to try these Chinese products. Sherlock Xiaomi products offer simple installation and usage mechanisms. They are a great option for those who want to dominate their spaces and add extra protection and comfort to their home or office. And you? Have you already bought Sherlock Smart Locks? How is your experience shopping on AliExpress?