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After analyzing the Market and the dozen of Speaker and Headphone Brands around the world, we have come to the conclusion that there is a Chinese brand that could be the perfect replacement for Bose, an American multinational that specializes in manufacturing of sound components such as Loudspeakers, Amplifiers or Headphones. The brand is none other than Bluedio, a great alternative to other manufacturers who make their products significantly more expensive in Europe and America, mainly due to the production costs.

Well, luckily, Bluedio works with high quality materials and components, but at prices that attract a lot of attention. It is one of the Chinese sound brands available on AliExpress, where we can buy the latest models of portable speakers and headphones that work via bluetooth at more than affordable prices. You can forget the ‘best headphones’ for sports or television for 200 dollars… and speakers too. Bluedio has managed to reduce the number of these devices to make them very attractive as you can see if you look at this search that is filtered for its brand’s top selling products.

Tips on buying the Best Bluetooth Headphones / Earphones

With anything you buy, it is important to know a few requirements before deciding on a headset or bluetooth headset. Then it is best to compare the prices and features of the models. But first of all, estimate your budget and always remember that another important factor is comfort. Looking for earbuds?

One of the top brands is Bose, but it has an important handicap when the budget is a little tight or you just don’t want to spend more than 30 dollars on a Bluetooth headset. A similar brand from China is Bluedio, which is increasing its sales exponentially because it Sells Headphones seven times cheaper than, for example, a Bose that was seen on Amazon for 179 dollars…


Whichever brand and model you choose, value possible sound quality, size, portability and comfort. What if I want to shop online and can’t try it out? It is best to read the buyers’ comments on AliExpress, a platform that has multiple sellers of Bluedio products.

Why Bluedio is a Great Alternative

Because of the new models and because they are so cheap. One of the Newest Headphones on the market is the Bluedio HT, compatible with tablets, smartphones and MP3 players for 22 dollars. These headphones are characterized by the duration of the integrated battery, which makes the headset a little heavier, but offers a maximum autonomy of 40 hours and a talk time of up to 45 hours.

Right now we see how there are several Chinese manufacturers of sound devices that deal with the usual brands like Bose, Samsung, Logitech, Sony… We continue talking about Bluedio (we are going to prepare an article from Somic, Ausdom and other Chinese brands) which, in my opinion, offers acceptable and balanced sound quality, whether you are looking for headphones that completely enclose the ears or prefer earbuds.

Best in-ear Bluetooth Headphones of the brand are the Bluedio N2. They cost 10 dollars!


The star product in my opinion is without a doubt the Bluedio T2 due to two factors: the number of sales (in this case this seller has 685) and the ratings (almost 400). The opinions are favorable to both the item and the seller. Here you have, for example, a review of some Bluedio Turbine Hurricane headphones that cost between 25 and 30 dollars on AliExpress today.


Good and affordable wireless Bluetooth Speakers

With a wireless speaker you can connect your sound player to the desired device (mobile phone, tablet, computer…) without a cable. There are so many speakers to choose from these days that I figured it would be best to consider some tips while buying the best bluetooth speakers on AliExpress.

  • Sound quality above all
  • High performance for outdoor use
  • If you plan to transport it, it is ideal that it does not exceed 15 cm
  • Check the battery life
  • USB or microUSB charging method for easy access
  • Choose Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth 4.1
  • When you have your hands free, so much the better
  • Wide range of activities


It is not easy to meet all of these requirements and find Bluetooth speakers for less than 80 or 100 dollars. Although we’re lucky. Bluedio has managed to adjust the price and there are, for example, two models that have worked very well with buyers.

Bluedio BS-3: I was very surprised by the sound quality of this 2.1 speaker system. It has real 5 + 5 W, enough to listen to music, watch a movie properly, or even answer a phone call. It costs around 40 $, half of what a Pioneer, Bose or Hercules model would be worth. Bluedio BS-2: They came out a little earlier and are worth a little less. Around 30 dollars, although we found a bargain for 16!

How to Find Reliable Sellers

Should we decide to find another Shop that sells Bluedio Headphones and Speakers on AliExpress, it is imperative that we thoroughly check the seller and the products on offer before making a purchase. In this test, we take into account the following:

  1. The rating given to the seller by AliExpress.
  2. Reviews from consumers who already own the product
  3. We will be looking at the product’s technical data sheets to check the properties
  4. The number of people who have made purchases in the store. If none of these 4 variables arouse suspicion, we can be sure that you are a good seller. If we have any questions, it’s always good to speak to the seller directly via chat to resolve them for us.
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And little more to add, unless something was not clear to you. We allow the comments for you to ask us. Greetings friends!