REVIEW Swaroski JEWELRY on Aliexpress

Swarovski jewelry is one of the star products for any jewelry lover, but its high price point makes many of us decide to look for alternatives on AliExpress style Swarovski (which you can see here), much cheaper models, but the style of which is reminiscent of the famous crystals of this company.

When you see products on AliExpress that look very cheap like Swarovski, you naturally get the thought that they are not an original at the outlet price, because the Austrian brand does not exist on AliExpress, but there are very cheap bracelets, Rings, necklaces and more, far from the $ 200 an original ring can cost or $ 100 an original company pendant or brooch is worth.

If you are looking for original Swarovski Jewelry instead, I recommend looking here or his official Amazon shop. And if you have decided on AliExpress clones, then when choosing a Chinese store you should check the quality of the gem and crystal, which obviously cannot be compared to real Swarovski Jewelry. Hence, you should also take into account the reputation of the store and some other considerations so that buying Swarovski-style Jewelry on AliExpress is profitable and you have no problems. We are lucky because we have rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry on sale for ridiculous sums of money when we compare them with the original prices of the well-known brand.

What is Swarovski?

Swarovski is a luxury cut crystal brand owned by Daniel Swarovski. The headquarters of the multinational company has been in Wattens (Austria) since it was founded in 1895. Over 120 years of experience in crystal carving, both for jewelry and haute couture. Buying Swarovski means buying high-end jewelry, especially its quality and wide product catalog.

Why Buy Jewelry on AliExpress?

Mainly because of the price, and it is that these Chinese branded jewels (they are not imitation) are worth very little compared to Swarovski. They are highly valued by buyers and cost infinitely less. According to buyers, imitators have next to nothing to envy of their “biological parents”. You already know that Swarovski is one of the most expensive jewelry brands. So if you want to save a lot of money and want to buy a Swarovski-style pendant for around 10 $ / 20 $ or a bracelet for another 20 $, AliExpress is your ideal website. You already know that a Swarovski pendant does not go below 100 $ because it is generous, the earrings are more like the same, the gold and silver rings are better, nor do we mention the original price so you are not afraid.

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How to find cheap Rings Similar to Swarovski

One of the most sought after jewels on this platform is rings. Why? Because the originals are usually very expensive and very cheap at AliExpress. We have several ways to get hold of this type of jewelry. Just look for this, this or this. And take a while to filter 🙂

IMPORTANT: we repeat that These pieces of jewelry are neither Swarovski originals nor replicas. They are accessories from Chinese suppliers who are inspired by Swarovski jewelry and sometimes use this word to name them, for example who says donut instead of donut.

AliexBA tip: Since there are so many different references, filter your search by price or, for example, the latest news or the best rated. That way, you know that you are buying rings from high-rated stores or products that are just about to be released.

I want to avoid problems with jewelry sizes

Since some of you have asked us about Chinese sizes, it is important that you take a close look at each product. Chinese sellers usually add a table at the bottom of the page with the various measurements according to the millimeters of the ring diameter. As you will see in this picture, they include countries like France, Great Britain, and the United States. If you are buying from Europe country, look at the measurements from France.

Ring cutter

AliExpress Earrings and Pendants

The Swarovski-style earrings are also among the most popular items. There is also a large inventory on AliExpress. You will see the thousands of models by the following keywords that we have found: Swa crystal earrings and Austrian crystal earrings.
What are you looking for necklaces? From here, enter and search for the best prices and models. Units are usually available, but hey, they may run out at some point.

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We haven’t forgotten the dimensions of the trailer. To avoid unnecessary horror, please check the following picture. Anyway, you can write to the sellers too. In less than 24 hours, they usually reply, putting you out of doubt about every story that comes to mind.

Necklaces dimensions

Are there any bracelets that look similar to Swarovski?

The answer is yes. Just as there are rings, earrings or pendants, there are also cheap crystal bracelets that are obviously of poorer quality than Swarovski. You would not forget her. We also can’t find different ways to get there via the search engine (or by clicking directly on it) so you don’t lose a second 🙂
Unlike rings and pendants, bracelets are not made by size. It’s one size fits all, so one less thing to worry about!

Should I trust the sellers’ gold carat and silver numbers?

You already know that gold is measured in carats, a term used to describe the mass of pearls and precious stones, or the degree of purity of this precious metal. The same thing happens with silver, but instead of carats, it’s organized by numbers. It is important to understand that this numbering is expressed in thousandths and is conventionally represented as a three-digit number. However, carats are generally represented in two digits (14, 24 carats, etc).

Whenever you purchase a Swarovski jewelry piece and trust the carats or numbers shown on the product to be correct, you are asked to be careful. While sellers don’t usually lie on this issue, it is wise to orientate yourself by the price of the product.

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And remember that Chinese sellers who show this certificate in the product specifications are sure to be 100% reliable and their quality items to ensure you are buying genuine Swarovski crystal.

swarovski certificate

If the description says that the product is X carats, there is no need to be suspicious. Vendors shouldn’t gamble dirty, ashabenxprees can penalize them. Nothing will happen to them, only they will give you double the money back if they don’t stick to what they send you. However, it is important to read the comments and devote a few minutes to what you are going to buy because while you save on buying Swarovski style jewelry, no one likes to go wrong if they haven’t done a good research!

No hassle with customs and receiving your order

Since these are rather small products with a low weight and volume, it is very likely that you will receive your order without any problems within the estimated time frame. And something else important: Most shops do not charge shipping costs, so shopping is even cheaper.

The Bestsellers of Swarovski-style Jewelry on AliExpress

Finally, we’ll review some of the best sellers based on the AliExpress users’ rating and score. In any of these stores, you can buy without worrying about anything. All you have to do is wait to receive your jewelry. Click on it and you will see their extensive catalog. Between the three they have 2000+ references so this could be your ideal gem.

For more advice, see the Tutorials section of our blog for articles focused on making better purchases on AliExpress. Here we also leave you a guide with the best brands of earrings on AliExpress «cheap earrings on AliExpress».