We all want to get rid of the damn Cellulite with as little effort as possible. There are many creams and oils that will improve your appearance, but without a doubt, Cavitation is one of the best treatments that doesn’t involve walking through the operating room. Now you can save even more money thanks to self-made ultracavitation machines. You are safe and deliver good results if we are consistent. We are going to explain how to buy them very cheaply on AliExpress.

What is Body Cavitation and how does it work?

While you have probably heard of the treatment by now, you may never have thought about what this famous treatment is and how it works. Well, Cavitation consists of the application of ultrasound, waves outside of the hearing range, that reach the fat nodules to dissolve them and turn them into fluids that can be drained. There are many cavitation machines out there, but typically between 8 and 12 sessions are performed with 3 days between sessions.

Although the results are not as immediate as in a professional clinic, if we remain constant with our treatment, we can gradually see the results on our skin. It should be applied with a conductive gel and it is important not to use it if you have health problems such as cholesterol, thyroid, varicose veins, or heart problems.

The Best Body Cavitation Devices on AliExpress

The best site to find this type of device is AliExpress as you can buy very cheap white label Cavitation Machines which will then be sold twice as expensive in your country. As you can see here, there are nearly 1,000 models of cavitation equipment on AliExpress, but many are the same equipment with different sellers. That’s why we’ve selected our favorites so you know which are the best and the differences between each model.

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Cavitation Machine with Electrical Stimulation and Infrared

We start our selection with one of the bestsellers: this cavitation machine, which you can find at several different sellers, is the one that garners the most sales and positive opinions. It sends out up to a million ultrasonic vibrations per second, massages the body and dissolves fat. In addition, it can also emit infrared rays to restore elasticity and activate cells or, thanks to its electrodes, apply electrical stimulation to our muscles. All for less than 30 $.

Multifunctional Cavitation Device with LED treatment

In many of these cavitation machines it is common to find several functions at the same time. This one, which we’re going to show you next, offers ultrasonic vibration of around 100,000 vibrations per second, which promotes the breakdown of skin fat. It also contains EMS patches for micro-stimulation of the muscles and its LED photon therapy allows to improve different aspects of your skin depending on the color chosen: blue allows the elimination of acne and control of sebum secretion, red allows blood circulation to accelerate and improve Elasticity and wrinkles, finally, the emission of green LEDs soothes and neutralizes the skin and eliminates edema.

Simple and Inexpensive Cavitation Machine

There’s not much to say about this cavitation device that we’re showing you below, and it’s one of the simplest you’ll find on AliExpress: it simply allows you to use ultrasound to remove body fat. No LEDs, no EMS, just turn it on and enjoy the benefits of cavitation at home.

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High Frequency Cavitation Device

This cavitation device contains small dots that emit high frequency waves at 500 kHz that regenerate collagen and improve the appearance of the skin and wrinkles. Together with the 330 kHz ultrasonic cavitation, we can break up the fat nodules and achieve smoother and smoother skin. As if that weren’t enough, red LEDs are integrated, the wavelength of which improves blood circulation. In short, you can enjoy 3 benefits in a single device.

Mini 40k Professional Household Cavitation Machine

If you want a home cavitation machine that delivers professional results, we recommend this Mini 40k brand machine. With an output of 110 W and a frequency of up to 40 Hz, it enables you to penetrate into the deepest layers in order to break down fat cells more quickly. You can choose between different types of continuous, triangular or pulse waves, with the first penetrating the superficial layer and the other two being able to penetrate the deepest layer of the skin.