Never having to clean windows again may seem like a dream, but now it can become a reality thanks to the new window cleaning robots on the market. Up until now, such machines were so expensive that they were only used in cleaning companies, but we found very Cheap Robots on AliExpress. If you already have your robotic vacuum cleaner that will help you clean the floors, why not get this great device that will keep the windows like new?

The Best Cheap Window Cleaning Robots on AliExpress  2023 

With these window cleaning robots we will be able to clean our windows effortlessly, so it is a good purchase if we have difficult to access or very large windows. So far they have been inaccessible as they can’t be found in stores for less than 200 dollars, but on AliExpress they can be found for almost half as much as you can see here. We will analyze the best ones, taking into account their price and characteristics.

Alfawise window cleaner: variety and quality

The window cleaning robots from the Alfawise brand are bestsellers for their good price-performance ratio. The best-selling is the Alfawise S60 as this model can be found for just over 100 euros, which has made it a very accessible robot for private households. It has an intelligent cleaning system that detects the window frames and selects which of the 3 patterns is best. Thanks to its remote control, it can be controlled remotely and adheres perfectly to the glass. In order to function, it must be connected to electricity and fixed in one place for safety reasons. However, if the power supply fails, its UPS system, which powers it with a small battery, prevents it from falling.


If you have a little more budget, this brand also has other very interesting models such as the Alfawise Win660 robot that you can find here. It’s very efficient and quiet as it doesn’t exceed 65dB and can clean 1 square meter in less than 2.5 minutes. It can be controlled with your remote control or via the mobile app. Best of all, its square shape allows you to reach all corners.

But at a very similar price, the Alfawise WS-860 robot is also very interesting, which includes a brushless motor or a gyroscope, among other things. The noise level is reduced by up to 60 dB and the microfiber cloth ensures more efficient wet and dry cleaning. You can find it for around 150 $.

Covace Window Cleaning robots: inexpensive and efficient

Covace is a Chinese brand that makes robotic vacuum cleaners at a low price but also has a window cleaner among their products with hundreds of sales and positive reviews that is cheap and efficient. It has automatic frame detection, fall control, 5,600 Pa suction power thanks to the high-performance motor, gyroscope and planning of cleaning routes. Its price is just over 100 $, together with the Alfawise S60 they are the two cheapest vacuum robots and very similar in their properties.

Hobot Window Cleaning Robot: top performance

This brand has excellent window cleaning robots, although most of them are over 200 dollars. What sets these robots apart from the others is that they recognize edges with their laser sensor, can also clean frameless glass and most of them can also be controlled via the mobile application. With its pressure sensor, you can adjust the power and pressure depending on how dirty the glass is. You can clean a square meter in just 2.5 minutes.


Cecotec Glass Cleaner

Cecotec’s window cleaning robots may be your best option as you can buy them with national shipping through the official AliExpress store accessible from here. There are 3 different models that cost roughly between 140 and 250 $

The most economical is the Conga Windroid 870 glass cleaning robot, which has two circular brushes that move across the entire glass surface. Its artificial intelligence technology enables it to calculate the best cleaning route and recognize window boundaries. It has 3 cleaning programs and with its “twice” button the robot cleans the glass twice in a row to remove even the most stubborn dirt. Its UPS system prevents it from falling if it runs out of power, as it contains a battery with 20 minutes of autonomy.

The other two Cecotec models, Winrobot Excellence and Excellence 970, have a square design that allows you to reach corners and are very similar in their features: 4 cleaning modes (with N and Z patterns) and vibrating top wiper for Scrubbing and removing stubborn dirt. In addition to cleaning, it also dries glass thanks to its 5-stage Advance Clean technology: moisten, rub, slide, wipe and dry for professional results. The only difference is that both have improved the artificial intelligence that makes it possible to calculate the routes, but the Excellence 970 model calculates them even better.