Up until now, Airgel was little known, but it is sure to become a Fashionable material for ultra-light jackets and coats in the next few years. It is a super material that is considered to be the lightest solid that exists to this day. Its properties are incredible, but until now the clothes containing this material had a very high price, but Xiaomi has just launched its first jacket with airgel at an incredible price on AliExpress.

What is Airgel and what are its Benefits?

This novel material is a type of gel from which the liquid component has been extracted in order to replace it with a gas, reducing its density and providing great advantages over other insulating materials such as springs. It was discovered in 1931 and is still the most insulating, lightest and most solid material to this day. These are some of its great properties that are applied to coats and other items of clothing:

  • Better thermal insulation, 5 times better than 900 cuins category pens.
  • Light materialSince it consists of 99.8% air, it weighs only 3 kg / m2.
  • Not breathable, because of its high insulating power. 2 millimeters of airgel correspond to 3 centimeters of feathers.
  • fragilityIt can be easily divided so that it can be combined with other materials, which increases the price.

This material has been used in NASA suits since 1960, mountaineering brands such as Supield, Merrell or Helly Hansen were the first to put jackets and shoes on the market with this type of material, but the price is so high that few people can reach it, therefore the Xiaomi jacket that we show you below can be considered the first cheap and accessible airgel jacket.

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We analyze the Xiaomi DMN Jacket, ideal for extreme cold

Although Xiaomi has a wide range of jackets, some even heated, its new airgel jacket is the perfect piece of clothing for cold climates. Thanks to this great material, this Xiaomi jacket is able to insulate up to 85.4% of the cold outside and withstand extreme temperatures down to -160 ° C. It is a unique jacket as this revolutionary coat has up to 66 built-in patents.

His stuff has only 3 mm thick, but corresponds to 40 mm down jackets, so ideal for everyone who is looking for an insulating and lightweight jacket. These 3 millimeters are made up of 3 different layers: a waterproof outer layer with IPX4 classification (resistant to heavy rain and snow), a 3 mm thick airgel layer and a final layer of silver ions that come into contact with our body to maintain the body Warmth.

Xiaomi’s DMN jacket features ahigh quality coats that you will not find in other jackets at this price: high-quality seams, adjustable Velcro to prevent wind from getting into the cuffs, durable, adjustable and detachable hood for protection in extreme situations and 5 pockets (both inside and outside) so that you have everything you need close at hand .

As we said before Airgel is a very light material, so this Xiaomi jacket only weighs 400 grams. We also have to pay attention to the care, because good down jackets have to be cleaned chemically or very carefully so that the feathers do not spoil. The new Xiaomi jacket can be cleaned by hand or by machine.

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To choose the right size for your jacket, it is best to measure yourself or measure a similar item of clothing and Compare with the seller’s measurement chart. Since many sellers have not translated the measurement chart, we are attaching a measurement chart in centimeters below that we found in one of the AliExpress stores. If in doubt, it is best to contact the seller and provide us with our measurements, weight and size.

So you can find the Xiaomi Airgel Jacket very cheap

The Best way to buy this Xiaomi Airgel Jacket is to do it through AliExpress, where we can find sellers who ship from the origin without intermediaries, which prevents the price from rising. Although this parka is very popular in China, Xiaomi’s country of origin, this parka is not that popular, so we can buy it on AliExpress on a safe and reliable platform. To find the new Xiaomi Airgel Jacket, available in beige and black, You just have to click here. As you can see, the price is a steal, it can be found for around 100 euros, while other airgel jackets like Helly Hensen’s one cost around 6 times that.

Remember that on our blog we have an analysis of the best Xiaomi jackets if you want to find other very interesting Xiaomi jackets and we also have a guide to ultra-light down jackets on AliExpress. However, if you are into mountain sports or hiking, or just live in a very cold climate and are fed up with the heavy down jackets, the Xiaomi airgel jacket is the best option.