Review XIAOMI Dreame DRYER

Since the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was released, there doesn’t seem to be a competitor that can stand up to this. It has become one of the most sought-after dryers and, unlike other products, there is no brand that has advertised products of the same quality.

But that may change since then Xiaomi has released a compact hairdryer with features similar to the Dyson Supersonic but at half the price. It’s called Xiaomi Dreame Hair Dryer and then we will analyze its features and show you how to find it cheaper on AliExpress.

Analysis and Review the Xiaomi Dreame Hairdryer

The Xiaomi Dreame is not just any dryer, It is designed to make your job easier and to get a professional result in record time. Not only can you dry your hair quickly, but you can also shape it however you want.

The reason why the Xiaomi Dreame is reminiscent of the famous Dyson dryer at first glance is mainly due to its minimalistic and futuristic design. Both have a very characteristic shape and are fundamentally different from conventional dryers: an elongated handle and a small cylinder with a central cavity in which the air exits. This hair dryer comes with 2 accessories to shape our hair. The narrow nozzle is used to dry and shape our hair, while the wide nozzle gives it a natural effect. These nozzles connect magnetically and can be rotated 360 degrees.

Its great performance is largely thanks to its brushless electric motor with 1400 W and 110,000 revolutions per minute. Together with the double-flow air outlet, the dryer reaches a High speed air outlet up to 60 m / s to dry your hair in record time. We can dry our hair in around 2 minutes if it’s short and just 5 if it’s long.


But you also get Enhance the look of your hair thanks to its negative ion technologyto dry your hair without breaking the water molecules for softer and more flexible hair. Static electricity is eliminated and the cuticles are sealed, making them more even. When drying our hair, we can choose between 3 heat levels and 2 speeds to suit your needs. The intelligent heat control also helps us to protect our hair while maintaining its natural shine.

This dryer is designed to last. At its base we find a protected air inlet to prevent the hair from clogging. this made of high temperature resistant polymer alloy In addition, the dryer operates at a constant temperature to prevent damage from overheating. In the event of overheating, a protection is activated that cuts off the power supply to the device.

The Xiaomi dream it is very light, with only 600 grams and 1.8 meters of cableso it’s very easy to use and control, we don’t get tired of drying our hair anymore. The dryer has a size of 29 x 9.8 x 8 centimeters and comes in a practical storage case in which we can easily stow it.

Review Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer vs Dyson Supersonic

After analyzing the Xiaomi Dreame dryer, we can only say one negative thing: its price. And although we explain how to find it cheaper below, its technology and design make the price quite high. However, the Xiaomi dryer costs less than half the Dyson. Let’s compare the main features:

  • Speed: Both engines run at 110,000 rpm. Dyson works with 1600 W and Xiaomi with 1400 W.
  • Technology: Both models have negative ion technology and constant temperature control to prevent overheating and protect the hair.
  • Weight: Both have a weight of around 600 grams.
  • Equipment: Xiaomi has 2 magnetic nozzles and Dyson also has 2 magnetic and a diffuser, it has 2 more that are not included.
  • Case: Xiaomi has a case and Dyson doesn’t.
  • Price: As we said earlier, Xiaomi costs less than half.
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How to find the cheapest Xiaomi Dreame dryer on AliExpress

As you can see, if you wanted to buy the Dyson dryer you now have a Xiaomi alternative of comparable quality. Without a doubt, AliExpress is the best site for getting products from this famous Chinese brand because, when buying from China, we avoid middlemen who increase the price of the product.

The Xiaomi Dreame hairdryer is now available on AliExpress and can be found easily by clicking here from 130 euros. As you will see, it still doesn’t have a lot of sales due to its high price, but the comments from those who have already bought it are excellent. It is available in 4 colors: gray, white, red and blue.