Review XIAOMI Electric Shavers

If shaving is part of your daily routine, you know that a good electric shaver is important to get good results. If you want to renew your old razor, forget the classic blades or buy a new razor because you feel like it or because your old razor is broken, in the following guide we will analyze all Xiaomi Electric Shavers and how to buy them at the best price.

AliExpress is one of the best sites to buy this type of machine. In fact, we have a guide on how to buy cheap Electric Shavers: cheap electric and classic, where we analyze the different models and brands that can be found on this website, but Xiaomi is always a good option as it suggests us as one of the best brands in terms of value for money with strict quality controls and products with great advantages.

Review Xiaomi Electric Shavers

And Xiaomi continues to surprise us with the quality of the products they have launched on the market outside of the smartphone sector: scooters, vacuum cleaners, smart devices for your home… So we really wanted to analyze that and show you the quality of these electrical machines from Xiaomi, which can become the best alternative to brands like Braun or Phillips. There are several different models of electric shavers, prices range from 15 to 50 dollars. We will analyze all the models this brand has launched so far.

Xiaomi Mijia Mini: a close Shave on the go

If you are one of those who do not have to shave often, or on the contrary, are on the move a lot and need a razor to hand for a perfect shave, Xiaomi has two very interesting mini electric shaver on offer. The cheapest is called Xiaomi Zhibai and can be found here for less than 15 euros.

At just 5 x 6.35 cm, it’s very small so you can take it with you wherever you go. For reference, it is the same size as a lighter and fits in the palm of your hand. It is fully waterproof, with an IPX7 grade, and its Japanese steel technology achieves high performance. Thanks to its two circular heads and its speed of 8,500 rpm, we achieve a perfect shave. It contains two 450 mAh batteries that last up to 30 days and can be easily charged via USB Type-C.


For around 10 euros more, Xiaomi’s latest travel electric shaver offers us significant improvements. For starters, it’s made of high-strength Japanese steel with an ultra-comfortable head that molds to the contour of your face for better results. You can go anywhere thanks to its geometric mesh head with up to 1,148 holes. It can cut beards up to 2 millimeters and also includes a head for trimming the beard without shaving it.

Xiaomi Xumei Turbine: Compact Electric Shaver

Xiaomi recently launched an electric shaver that is so compact that it is useful for both everyday life and travel. It’s called the Xiaomi Xumei Turbine and in this case it has a cylindrical design with a metal case and an IPX7 resistance. It’s very simple, in the upper part we find 3 0.1mm thick protractors for cutting and in the lower part the USB charging port. These 3 blades are covered with 925 holes of different diameters that increase from the inside out to reduce the shaving angle and prevent the hair from getting stuck.

Its motor with up to 4,500 rpm promises a gentle shave of even thick hair, both wet and dry. Its battery reaches 600 mAh, which gives it an autonomy of up to 2.5 hours and is always at hand thanks to its fast charging technology. Its price is accessible to all budgets, on Aliexpress you can be found for under 20 dollars.

Xiaomi Mijia Flex: make the most of your Shave

While we could say that this is yet another electric shaver for its price and features, in reality this is one of the best razors we can find today for less than $ 30. That is why the Xiaomi Mijia Flex became Xiaomi’s best-selling electric shaver with thousands of sales all over the world.

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What will stand out the most for those who have already tried it is that you can get a very close shave. And it is so that its 3 heads with rotating blades with double blade and 360 degree movement can reach even the most difficult angles of view. Can be used wet or dry.

Xiaomi Smate: Foil Razor with 4 Blades

Although it was launched just a week before the previous machine, there are big differences between these two razors. The most important one is that this razor, the Xiaomi Smate Electric Shaver, uses a razor instead of rotating blades. And since everyone knows which method they like best when shaving, the Xiaomi Smate may be a good option if you prefer foil razors.

The most important thing about this razor is that it contains 4 blades with a floating head that allow for a thorough wet and dry shave. Its USB Type-C charging port allows it to be charged in 1 hour. Its motor allows it to reach 8,000 rpm, so we can shave in less than 3 minutes, even if we have a thick beard. Its body is made of aluminum alloy with rubber sides for a good grip, its blades can be removed for underwater washing. Its price is perhaps its biggest drawback as it is one of the most expensive Xiaomi electric shaver as you can see on Aliexpress.

Xiaomi Soocas: affordable 3D Razor

Xiaomi does not stop launching products and if you thought that its range of razors with the Xiaomi Smate is already complete to be a top product, the famous Chinese brand just has another new one, along with Soocas, their product Razor launched dental care department. The Xiaomi Soocas or So White 3D razor contains three independent hover heads with which you can reach even the most complicated areas. The heads contain double Japanese steel blades that do not need to be sharpened for always the best result and without the need for spare parts.


It has two shaving modes with two different speeds and a protection system to avoid pinching, blocking and pulling. Its IPX7 degree of protection allows it to be cleaned underwater and thanks to its screen we can see the status of the battery. Finally, its design is very ergonomic and there is a trimmer on the back for small touches on longer hair. Ultimately, this is perhaps the electric shaver that will take the Xiaomi Flex sales manager off his seat, and in addition to good features, it is also cheaper, for less than 20 dollars you can find it on Aliexpress.

Our opinion on Xiaomi Electric Shavers

Now that you know all the Xiaomi Electric Shavers, you may be wondering whether it is really worth buying a razor of this brand, or is it better to spend more money on a traditional brand. Well, the reviews of other buyers make it very clear: Xiaomi electric shavers are a good alternative and the best thing is that we can find razors from 15 euros without having to forego a quality device.

And if Xiaomi is one of the best Chinese brands, AliExpress is the best platform to buy brands and products from that country as you are buying original products from their country of origin. By avoiding middlemen, we get the best prices. If you still don’t know how to shop on this platform, we recommend reading our Definitive Guide to AliExpress, where we explain everything you need to know before you start buying. Remember, you can find more guides and tips in our tutorial section. And you? Have you already bought one of these Xiaomi razors?