Virtual Reality Glasses have been around for a long time, but like any device, they have evolved over the years. A long time has passed since the first cheap virtual reality glasses made of cardboard (the so-called “cardboard”, which at the time used the cheapest type of virtual reality at home), and today we can already find real models. like Google Daydream View or the company Mountain View. These Xiaomi Mi VR are very similar, but at a much lower price, especially if we buy them on AliExpress, as we will explain below.

Xiaomi Mi VR: the best cheap Virtual Reality Glasses in 2023 

Xiaomi Mi VR Virtual Reality Glasses were introduced 2 months after Xiaomi’s first box, the Xiaomi VR game, a very affordable device that can be found here for just over 10 $. This means that we can use virtual reality cheaply on every cell phone between 4.7 and 5.7 inches.

In addition, it is not made of cardboard, but uses materials such as plastic and rubber as well as a Lycra coating for its manufacture, which makes it one of the most comfortable boxes on the market. To be able to move through the menu we have to use the little metallic button at the top.

Xiaomi Mi VR: very affordable high-end glasses

But with the Xiaomi Mi VR, virtual reality goes to another level. It is no longer a simple box, but thanks to its cashmere padding and ergonomic plastic design it is a much more comfortable helmet weighing around 408 grams You can control our glasses remotely.


Another feature that sets these virtual reality glasses apart from cheaper ones is their low latency of just 16 ms. Latency is the time it takes for the image to appear after the person makes the move. When this value is low, we avoid the dizziness and discomfort when using virtual reality. In addition, his field of view of 103 degrees is a very acceptable value almost at the level of the Ocuclus or SteamVR glasses, and the ability to adjust the distance between our eyes and the 38 mm PMMA anti-reflective lenses makes us forget that we are using glasses and it will immerse us completely in a virtual world.

It is compatible with the latest Xiaomi models such as the Xiaomi Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus or Mi Note 2 that use Snapdragon 820/821 processors and Andreno 530 graphics, which are designed for use in this virtual reality Glasses are optimized. They are charged via USB Type C and have an autonomy of up to 60 hours. You can find them in this AliExpress search for under 50 $.

Xiaomi VR Play 2: the newest Xiaomi cardboard box

But carton has a lot more tags, all you have to do is look at the number of cartons sold on AliExpress thanks to the low price. It is for this reason that Xiaomi has decided to repeat its best success in virtual reality and launch the renewed Xiaomi VR Play 2, virtual reality glasses that are much more comfortable and pleasant to use than the first: change the fastening system that goes from some adjustable straps to an elastic strap and also the design, much more curved and ergonomic.

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Another great advantage of betting on this model is that it is compatible with any smartphone with screens between 4.7 and 5.7 inches and a minimum resolution of 1080p, and is also much lighter: only 183 grams. However, the field of view is reduced to 93 degrees. Without a doubt, they are much more accessible than the previous ones as they cost a little over 15$.

In short: are these Xiaomi Virtual Reality Glasses worth it in 2023 ?

Now that you know some of the best features of these glasses, you will certainly be wondering whether it is worth buying or whether it is better to go with a different brand. In fact, we have an article on our blog where you can find the best virtual reality glasses on AliExpress. Without a doubt, Xiaomi is one of the best technology brands on AliExpress and their products never disappoint, so their products are always worth buying. If we go for the Xiaomi Mi VR glasses, we have glasses with great performance and high quality, while the Xiaomi VR Play are more accessible and very comfortable options.