REVIEW Xiaomi Mijia Internet DISHWASHER Compact

We are already used to the Xiaomi company presenting all kinds of products. If we look through the catalog, we will find that we can find last generation cell phones, 4K TVs, toothbrushes, pens or jackets with their own heating. As you can see, nothing opposes commercialization by the great multinational China. Yes, it is true that many of these products do not get across the borders of the Asian country, but lately the dripping of products is becoming more constant.

Today we found the good news that Xiaomi has introduced two new dishwashers at an affordable price and it seems that we will be able to enjoy them in the future. The size does not seem to be an obstacle to this, as televisions, electric rice cookers, microwaves, electric stoves and other large appliances have arrived in the official Xiaomi branches in recent months. We are going to analyze the two dishwashers as they have a very specific profile and one of them could be the perfect option for those who have always wanted one but never had a place for it.

Xiaomi Mijia internet Dishwasher

This is the first launch of the day and visually it looks like a traditional dishwasher like we have at home, but that’s just an optical illusion as it hides a lot of surprises inside and has an introductory price of 1,999 yuan, what about the current change amount to about 265 dollars. A really small amount compared to current dishwashers with similar performance.

It has a power consumption of 1,800 watts and an average water consumption of 7 liters per wash cycle, which is even a third less than when washing by hand. The energy rating has not been given, but we imagine it to be A or A + with these benefits.


This 60 centimeter wide and 31 kilogram heavy dishwasher corresponds to the usual dimensions of the current market, so that it can be built into any kitchen in the world. With a minimalist exterior finish, we only find an OLED screen in the steel door, from which we carry out all functions.

The program selection mechanism is to rotate the outer ring that the screen has to change the program until we reach the program we want. With every rotation on the screen we see these programs with a description.

It has nine preconfigured programs, which range from a fast mode of 11 minutes for dishwashing, a mode of 30 minutes and a temperature of 70 degrees for the sterilization of bottles to more demanding programs of 140 minutes and 70 degrees for a very thorough Cleaning with normal water consumption or with an eco mode to use as little water as possible. Hopefully, when it becomes available in our countries, we will be able to take a closer look at the programs included.

One of the most interesting options is a hot air drying system of up to 70 degrees, which ensures that all dishes and cutlery are completely dry after the program time has elapsed, without traces of water or limescale.

With an internal distribution of two removable metal trays, we can wash up to 16 plates, 8 glasses and 64 cutlery. In the lower compartment there is a special place for our cutlery and another for chopsticks and kitchen utensils, in which we can also store the largest plates and dishes. The upper tray is designed for glasses, bowls or Tupperware.

Like almost every Xiaomi product, it can be connected to the internet and controlled via the Mi Home application and the voice assistant called XiaoAI, but it only supports the Chinese language. Hopefully in the future you will be able to give commands by voice command in your native language.


From the mobile phone we can activate or deactivate it, see how long it takes to finish the program in use or what temperature they are at that moment. Another interesting option is to program it to activate when it suits us best, when we have hours when electricity consumption is cheaper. Now all we need is for it to hit stores soon to be able to enjoy this excellent product.

Xiaomi Mijia Internet Dishwasher Compact

A few hours after the market launch of the first dishwasher, the company surprised us with a second dishwasher, but this time with reduced dimensions. The exact dimensions and weight have not been specified, however, it has been stated that it has a capacity of up to 32 pieces, that is, what 4 people can use to eat.

It’s similar in aesthetics to a bakery but is larger, is white, and has a touchscreen on top for controls.

With a price of around 130$, it’s an ideal product for those who rent and don’t want to wash dishes every day, but don’t want to buy a cumbersome large appliance when moving in the future and a problem when the new home doesn’t have an installation to place it .

In this case, the installation is very simple, we just need to connect the previous hose to the tap and put the drain hose in the sink, this way you can collect and dispose of the water when it is already in use.

These versions have 6 preconfigured programs that enable a quick wash of 28 minutes at a temperature of 55 degrees or a highly efficient wash of 140 minutes at 75 degrees. With the various programs, Xiaomi ensures that we eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Another advantage is that the compartment is designed in such a way that no residues can remain that could cause unpleasant odors in the future.


Due to the reduced dimensions, we have a lower tray for all plates, bowls and glasses and an upper one for cutlery. This model, like its older brother, is also remotely controllable through the Mi Home application and we can perform the same options that we commented on earlier.

As in the previous case, it was not reported when these two products crossed the limits to be available worldwide. We will keep you updated when it happens and if you need a traditional dishwasher or a portable version we recommend that you take care as these two options are really good.