REVIEW Xiaomi Weight GYM Set

The multinational Xiaomi continues to expand and it seems that no market can resist it. After conquering markets such as cell phones, activity bracelets, kitchen appliances or heated jackets among others. The latest novelty they bring us is a set of weights and dumbbells to turn our home into a gym. In this article we will see the two variables presented. The first is a conventional set of modular weights that are transformed and modified to cover any exercise we envision.

The second review is the Xiaomi Move It Beat, a set of small weights with Bluetooth connectivity to precisely monitor all of our activities during our home training sessions. We will analyze what all the virtues of these dumbbells are and see where and when we can get hold of them.

Xiaomi Move It Beat

This small dumbbell set is originally a crown financing project in China sponsored by Xiaomi. Your goal is to make these small devices for dynamic workouts with little weight and a lot of movement a reality by encouraging users. This way, users who prefer more aerobic exercise will have a way to measure their efforts and also change their workouts with variable weights.

With three different weights of 500 and 750 grams and another one of 1 kilo, but in the same design. Each dumbbell is sold in a pack of two so that they can be used at the same time. As relatively light weights, these weights are ideal for people entering the fitness world, they are also an ideal addition for seniors who want to keep in shape with gentle training, but can see their development in the process.

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Made from surgical green silicone, they have a good feel that is compatible with sweat and allows for quick cleaning. The weight also includes a small detachable sensor for charging and cleaning. This sensor detects and records our movements to see if we are doing the exercises and movements correctly. Synchronized with an application on our phone, we can follow the instructions for practicing our activities in it.

It’s equipped with a 1080 mAh battery that charges through a micro USB port as soon as we pull it out of the silicon piece. The average recharge time is 30 minutes and it allows us more than 5 hours of autonomy of use, a very reasonable time that allows us to use it several times without having to recharge it after each use.

These Smart Weights are currently only available in China and cost around 13$ for the 500-gram dumbbell, 15$ for the 750-gram dumbbell and 17$ for the 1-kilo dumbbell.

It was found that scheduled training could be compatible with other devices such as Xiaomi branded TVs and where we could better sync and display the training so that it resembles a video game. This would make the practice more fun and very accessible to all ages.

Hopefully in the future they will also be available outside the borders of the Asian country so that everyone can use them in their training sessions.

Buy Xiaomi Weight Set

As you all know, Xiaomi not only sells its own products, but also products from other manufacturers that meet its quality standards and use the company’s brand and logistics to reach a lot more households. This weight kit is one of those examples as it is made by the Chinese company Yiwu celebration sports Was.


This modular kit contains a variety of weights and tools that can be combined with each other to perform a variety of exercises. Thanks to excellent ergonomics and quick assembly, we can do almost any exercise we can think of to train each of our body muscles from the comfort of home.

The kit consists of three bars of different lengths, two of which are short bars for use with dumbbells, to which different weights can be added. The third bar is longer and padded to accommodate the other bars, creating a complete bar that allows us to do back and leg exercises as shown in the photo below.

The basic kit includes different weights of 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 kilograms. These variable weights allow us to adjust our weights based on strength and experience and to increase them over time and practice.

There is a more advanced kit that contains weights totaling 40 kilograms. This is important if you already have a particular workout in the gym and want to work out a much more extensive gym at home.

As additional tools, some handles are included with which we can do individual push-ups. But also thanks to a sophisticated thread system it enables us to manufacture kettlebells or kettlebells, as they are also called.

The possibilities and exercises that we can perform are practically unlimited and allow us to have a very complete gym in a very small space. The current prices that come to us from China are as follows, for the 10 kilo starter package it is priced at the current exchange rate of 13 euros. For the more complete version of 40 kilos, we are talking about a final price of 38 euros. As with most products, these prices will increase after crossing the border due to different postage costs and taxes in the countries where they are sold.


Hopefully it will be announced soon that they are available on AliExpress or in your countries’ official stores for a healthy lifestyle at a gift price.