SOCOFY: Handmade Leather SHOES on AliExpress

As you know, we are happy to bring you the latest news and best brands on AliExpress. And there is a brand that is successful because of the quality of its products: It’s called SOCOFY and specializes in handmade leather shoes handcrafted, with a unique vintage-inspired style that has made them a reference brand around the world.

The main feature of their products is that all of their shoes are handcrafted and made of leather, with an incredible design and at a very reasonable price. Leather has many advantages over other materials in the manufacture of shoes:

  • Durability: they have a long lifespan of even decades, especially if we care for them and clean them regularly.
  • Endurance: They’re more resistant to the elements, making them difficult to break, yet they mold to the shape of your foot.
  • Flexibility and comfort: They adapt to your foot like a second skin and are therefore ideal for everyday use.
  • Sweat: Leather wicks sweat away from the skin so your feet are cool and dry in summer as in winter.

How to find Cheaper SOCOFY Shoes for Women on AliExpress

This brand specializing in women’s shoes sells exclusively online through sales portals. But thanks to him official shop on AliExpressAccessed by clicking here, you can now find all of their cheaper shoes, with free shipping to most countries and with the guarantee of buying them original. Read on to see our favorites.

SOCOFY Boots: a touch of color for your Outfit

Usually our looks are the most boring in winter. When we use patterned boots, we add a touch of personality and style to our outfit. It is for this reason that SOCOFY boots are the ones that get the most sales of all of their products and that is to say, you can find hundreds of boots with original and different prints. In addition, they are very comfortable made of leather and, like many of their models, have a lambskin finish on the inside to protect your feet well.

The bestsellers are ankle boots, as they never go out of style and always look good with good trousers. You will find different designs with colorful, floral or animal prints. There is also a wide range of heels and styles to choose from, from low ankle boots to cowboy-style boots. The price may vary depending on the pattern and the height of the boot, but is between 30 and 50 $.

There are more than 200 different boot models so the best thing to do is enter and filter based on your needs: heel height, color, boot type. Or see all models by clicking here. Even if you’re not a fan of flashy prints, their boots are worth a look as some are more classic and the quality is very good considering the low price.

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SOCOFY High Heels: elegant and original

SOCOFY heels are less well known, but they are sure to become your favorites. Their designs are spectacular, not only because of their colorful and original print, but also because of their very flattering style. Thanks to their wide heel, they are very comfortable shoes that can become a key element of your look.

You will find everything from open-toe shoes to low ankle boots or closed-toe shoes with an original bow with lots of vintage inspiration, such as Mary Jane style shoes. Our favorites are the ballerinas with heels, a classic that can be combined well with anything. But it is impossible to stick to just one shoe because everyone has something that makes them special.

Without a doubt, everyone will be wondering about these SOCOFY high heels, which brand these original and beautiful shoes are. There are more than 100 different models and to find them all all you have to do is enter this link. Many designs have a greater variety of colors when entering the product, so don’t forget to carefully check all of their models.

SOCOFY loafers and flats: comfort with style

If you hate heels and want original shoes, SOCOFY is your best choice. The bestsellers are closed-toe shoes. They are very easy to put on, with no laces or zippers. The best part is that they are very comfortable and therefore they are sold that way. While we’re used to boring shoes, all you have to do is look at other buyers’ real photos to get a pair.

You can also find loafers, ballerinas and clogs here. They’re a little more open than the previous ones and ideal for half-time. Not only do they have an original design, but with their non-slip soles they are also ideal for walking and, thanks to the leather finish, adapt to the shape of the foot. You can see all of SOCOFY’s flat shoes.

SOCOFY summer sandals and shoes: breathable and fun

Finally, we were very pleased that SOCOFY also has a large selection of summer shoes so that we can enjoy their designs all year round! The bestsellers are the sandals, which, like all shoes from the brand, are made of leather, so they hug the foot well and are more durable than other materials.


SOCOFY has a wide range of low heel sandals, with different designs and heels, but the main protagonist, as always, is the print, either with a color combination or with patterned motifs or leather. Here we show you some of our favorites.

But you can also find other types of summer shoes such as clogs or mules. Although they are less popular, they have scored with comfort and design in recent years, and with SOCOFY we will undoubtedly not leave anyone indifferent.

This is how SOCOFY shoe sizes work on AliExpress

Determining the right size for your new SOCOFY shoes is easier than you think. All you have to do is enter the shoes you like and go to the description where You will find a table of measurements. Next, you need to measure the length of your foot from heel to toe and look at the table of shoes that you want to buy.

In addition, in this case the seller also gives us the values ​​of the foot width, if your foot is wider than average, you will certainly need one size more, and if it is narrower it is worth one size less. Remember it SOCOFY uses leather in all of its shoes, a material that looks hard at first glance, but adapts well to the foot and adapts over time, so pay attention to the size chart.

Once you have the measurements, you can use the table to select the size number. It is important to use this table as a guide and never your usual shoe size, as this varies depending on the manufacturer. But everywhere SOCOFY sizes look pretty similar to Europeans and makes shoes in sizes 36 to 42 for women. If you have any doubts about your size, we recommend that you contact the seller, describe your problem and give them the measurements of your foot so they can guide you.

How long does it take to ship SOCOFY shoes via AliExpress?

The shoes of this brand are first made by hand, so it may take longer to prepare before shipping than traditional brands that only send products in stock. SOCOFY currently only works with its warehouse in China, where it has the manufacturing workshop. Therefore, the delivery time for your AliExpress purchases will be the usual depending on the country of origin.

What we like about this brand is that the shoes are well protected when they ship: each shoe is individually packaged and both are delivered in a suede bag for storage. They are sent without a box so that the package doesn’t bulge too much, but don’t worry, the shoes are well protected.


In terms of the nature of the shipments, it mainly works with AliExpress Standard Shipping which is very reliable, has a tracking number, and is free for most of the countries. But you can also choose other shipments such as AliExpress Premium Shipping, TNT or DHL. However, these shipments are paid for, so we recommend choosing the standard one.

To learn more about deliveries and shipments, we encourage you to read our Definitive Guide to AliExpress Shipping Methods, where we explain the differences between them and how they work. If you’ve already ordered your shoes and don’t know how to track your order, we also have a guide to tracking your orders on AliExpress to help you track your order.

Advantages of buying SOCOFY shoes on AliExpress and not on other online platforms

If you came to our blog in search of information and real reviews about SOCOFY shoes, you have surely seen that this brand is also sold on other online sites. Exactly one of the secrets to offering such competitive prices considering their quality is that This brand of Chinese origin is only sold through the Internet, thereby avoiding additional costs for intermediaries. However, it only has one official shop on AliExpress.

Your business has been open on this online sales platform for some time, and this is the only way you can guarantee that you are buying original SOCOFY with quality guarantee. There are already many buyers who bought their shoes, so in the comments you will see real photos and positive comments from the seller. Because of this, their business has received the “Top Brand” seal, which AliExpress only awards to sellers who offer better customer service month after month.

The benefit of buying through AliExpress is one of the most popular and safest marketplaces of the world. It is a sales platform that acts as an intermediary between buyer and seller: it protects your money and only gives it to the buyer when you confirm the order to avoid fraud. It also has all the encryption systems and payment technologies so that you can pay securely.