If you want, you can go straight to the AliExpress official help center click on this link. Sometimes we encounter glitches and errors while browsing AliExpress. As with any web page, it is possible that there are outdated links or the page is changed to add new functionality.

One of the most common messages you ask us about is “unauthorized account” or “OOPS! It appears that your account does not have permission to view this page »which can occur at any time, for example when we try to access the details of one of our purchases or when we try to pay for our purchase.

When does this message appear on AliExpress?

If you’ve never seen this message while browsing AliExpress, you might be curious to see when it appears. The normal thing is that it appears while we are browsing through AliExpress through our computer as we have not yet seen this error in the mobile application. It usually occurs in the following situations:

  • If you try to access a section of your AliExpress account through history or favorites and you have not signed in.
  • When we want to enter an area of ​​AliExpress that is not yet available.
  • When paying when many users are trying to access it.

But like any other mistake, it can appear anytime while shopping on AliExpress.

What does it mean that my Account is not Authorized? – Solution

When this message appears, it’s normal for us to worry: Why is our account not authorized? Has our AliExpress account been suspended? Don’t be alarmed if you see this message, it is because we are trying to access an AliExpress promotion that requires registration. Although our session can be displayed as started on the right, this message informs us that we have not logged in or the page does not recognize the login.

Hence, there are several ways to solve this problem. The fastest and most effective way to solve this problem is to access AliExpress through the mobile application, where this problem has never occurred before. If this is not possible, we need to follow the steps below. We first check whether we have logged in with our account, and if we have actually done so, we will exit the program and re-enter with our data. Next we need to go to the section we want to go to manually without reloading the error page. If all of this doesn’t work, the next steps are to clear our browser’s cookies and cache and try a different browser. It seems like a classic, but often these errors appear when there is too much information stored on our computer from these two sites. If all of this doesn’t work and we urgently need to access this section of AliExpress, we can try another device (if we’re at the computer, try from the mobile application and vice versa).

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As you can see, this is a bug that may give us some work and it is possible that many of you will tell us that you have tried all of this and the bug still remains unsolved. In this case, and if it is not very urgent, we recommend that you wait a few hours as the page can sometimes have errors or internal problems. It happens a lot, especially in sales times like 11/11 when millions of users try to access the platform and the servers crash, allowing more problems and errors on the page.

Other Errors and problems when Buying on AliExpress

This is just one of the many mistakes that can occur when paying on AliExpress. For the full list, see our article on Error Codes on AliExpress. If you have any other questions about how AliExpress works and other common mistakes we have a tutorials section on AliexBA where we have very interesting items to help you with your purchases. If you still don’t know how this platform works, we recommend starting with our Definitive Guide to AliExpress. In our blog we also analyze the best martens and products available on this famous web platform of Chinese origin. So if you want to save money, do not hesitate and visit our blog regularly, we publish new articles every week. And you? Did you get this error message while browsing AliExpress?