An oscilloscope is a very important measuring tool in the field of electronics because it allows the spectrum of the electrical signal to be viewed in the form of coordinates on two axes: the horizontal represents time and the vertical represents voltages. They are often used by experts in the field of electronics, but also by hobbyists, students, and designers. If you are thinking of buying a cheap digital oscilloscope, today we are going to show you the best models available on AliExpress’ online sales page.

Is it worth buying an Oscilloscope? Is it better to be digital to analog?

While by the time you’ve come this far you will certainly be determined to buy an oscilloscope, it really isn’t a necessary piece of equipment for everyone as many people successfully repair it without using one.

This device is ideal for measuring currents that are not just continuous or changing so that we can see what shape the current we are measuring is in order to detect errors caused by crossing different signals and signals with noise, micro-dips or voltage spikes . Today digital oscilloscopes are the best sellers because they have the same characteristics as analog ones and also contain some improvements.

How to Find Cheap Digital Oscilloscopes on AliExpress

So if you work with digital signals, audio, or the equipment you are repairing does not use pure DC or AC signals, you want to have an oscilloscope on hand. Fortunately, you can now buy a cheap one on AliExpress. We’re going to show you the 3 best oscilloscope brands that are making the most sales.


FNIRSI Oscilloscopes: inexpensive models

The best-selling oscilloscopes on AliExpress are those of the FNIRSI brand because, as you can see in this link, they have some models starting at 11 dollars. Their best-selling model is this digital oscilloscope with an excellent price-performance ratio. In this case we only have one channel with a bandwidth of 200 kHz with a sampling frequency of 1MSa / s, an accuracy of 12 bits and a recording length of 1024 points.

It has an ARM Cortex-M3 processor and a 2.4 inch TFT screen on which we can see various parameters of the waveform: frequency, period, pulse width, maximum and minimum values. It can also see the waveform freeze at any time and has a short circuit detection function.

DSO Fnirsi Pro oscilloscope

The brand also offers more professional models at a very affordable price, like this DSO Fnirsi Pro oscilloscope, which has better features: 5 MHz bandwidth, 20 Ms / s sample rate, 40 Kb memory, 8-bit precision. Again, the The battery is integrated and has a capacity of 1,200 mAh. If you use the oscilloscope a lot, it’s a great option.

Hantek Digital Oscilloscopes: special brand

The best thing about this website is that we can find specialized brands that offer quality products for a good price. Such is the case with Hantek branded digital oscilloscopes, a brand focused on high performance oscilloscopes. You can find all models, from portable oscilloscopes to professional models, in the official AliExpress store, which you can click here to go to.

One of the bestsellers is its oscilloscope with 3-in-1 function: it serves as a digital oscilloscope, as a waveform generator and as a multimeter. It’s ideal for technicians who want a multi-purpose tool. There are several versions with different depending on the bandwidth (between 40 and 70 MHz). It has 2 channels, a sampling frequency of 250 MS / s (1 channel) or 125 Ms / s (2 simultaneous channels) and thanks to its 2.8 LCD screen we can see the wave values ​​better. It contains two large capacity batteries. Its price is between 90 and 175 euros, depending on the model.

Another oscilloscope with lots of sales is the Hantek DSO5102P, and this oscilloscope is already on a different level and very cheap on AliExpress. It can operate in a bandwidth between 70 and 2000 MHz, it can analyze 2 channels at the same time and its sampling frequency reaches 1GS / s.Its WVGA quality screen makes it easy to read thanks to its large size. In addition, thanks to its USB input, it is compatible with software for digital signal recording.


Intrustar Oscilloscopes: virtual and two-channel

Finally, the intrustar brand has some very cool oscilloscopes. In this case, they are not only digital but also virtual in that they do not have a screen so we need a computer to be able to use them. Thanks to that, we can buy a cheaper oscilloscope with better features since, as you can see in this link, they cost between 45 and 90 dollars.

Although there are several versions, the bestseller is the ISDS205A, a two-channel oscilloscope with 20 MHz bandwidth, 48 MS / s sample rate, 8-bit precision. In addition to the oscilloscope, it can also analyze the spectrum and record the data we have analyzed. It communicates with the computer through a USB 2.0 cable.

Best Stores to Buy Cheap Digital Oscilloscopes on AliExpress

As you can see, there is a wide variety of digital oscilloscopes. We have selected the most interesting ones based on the best sellers and their characteristics. However, if you still haven’t found a model that convinces you or if you want to know where to buy these oscilloscopes, these are the best places to go to buy them safely:

  • Official FNIRSI Store – The best shop to buy cheap digital oscilloscopes from the Chinese brand FNIRSI, with 98.9% positive feedback.
  • Cleqee Store – Selectedlösungenpress store with great reviews and a wide range of oscilloscope brands.
  • Sunsunsun Store – We will find a wide range of oscilloscopes and other interesting and affordable electronic equipment.
  • Hantek Official Store – Official shop where you can find all Hantek oscilloscopes much cheaper than other online stores.
  • All sea Store – If you are looking for cheap oscilloscopes, multimeters, transistor testers and other electronic measuring devices, visit this shop.
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This selection is based on our experience as AliExpress experts, but if you want to know how to differentiate yourself from the best sellers on this website and learn a lot more about this platform, we recommend going through our tutorials which will help you find the best Tricks and tips to shop safely, get coupons and save money on your purchases. And you? Have you already bought your digital oscilloscope on AliExpress?