The Best 2-DIN RADIOS on AliExpress

When we talk about car radios, one always thinks of the typical small radio (2 inches high and 7 inches wide), which used to have a CD or cassette player. But cars have changed, giving more and more space to the radio, so newer cars have larger radii called “2 DIN radios” that are twice that size (4 inches high and 7 inches wide). Today we’re going to show you the best double din radios that can be found on AliExpress.

The Best 2 DIN Radios on AliExpress

Although this sales platform is known for helping you find products at the best price, double din radios are also of a very good quality. Depending on the price, we can find all kinds of features. Each brand focuses on one market: there are brands that prefer to cover the middle class and generate a lot of sales, while others prefer to focus on the high end with very competitive prices and the best features on the market. We have selected the best makes and models so that all you have to do is choose the radio that best fits your budget and needs, but you can find them all in this search filtered by number of sales.

AMPrime: a Radio with multimedia connections

This brand has one of the best selling Radios on AliExpress. It’s the AMPrime universal radio, it costs less than 50 euros and has everything you need to get the most out of your car. It has a 7-inch HD screen and bluetooth connection, its remote control allows you to control the radio remotely and, best of all, we can choose very interesting extras, such as a control button for the steering wheel or a rear-view camera (LED or IR ). Thanks to its auxiliary input, we can also share content from our mobile phone or load other devices. In this case, it doesn’t include GPS navigation.

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Threecar: Radio with Mirror Link

If you don’t have a lot of money available, but don’t want to forego some multimedia features that will make your radio even more enjoyable, we recommend this radio from the Threecar brand. With a very tight budget, you get a 2 DIN radio with Mirrorlink technology, with which you can see the screen of your mobile phone on the radio so that you can comfortably run applications or music. It comes with a remote control, but a steering wheel or rear view camera can also be added to the kit.

Bonroad: High Quality Spokes

The Bonroad branded radios are one of the most complete on AliExpress. This brand offers radios with above average characteristics, and as you can see here, prices are around 100 euros. Its best-selling model exceeds 500 sales with a score of 4.9 out of 5, and this radio has everything you need to drive and enjoy the road.

For starters, it uses the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system so it is compatible with most phones and applications. It also has a very powerful 1.8 GHz octa-core CPU which, combined with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM, guarantees smooth operation and is able to play high quality videos. Thanks to its full HD capacitive screen, we can enjoy this audiovisual performance by playing videos, listening to the radio or using the built-in GPS. The difference is undoubtedly made by the Mirrorlink technology, the option of wheel pressure monitoring or the compatibility with OBD on-board diagnostic systems.

Hikity: very complete double DIN Radio

Although it costs almost twice as much as the best-selling models, Hikity has 2DIN radios with very good performance. Its best-selling model has the basic features of a multimedia radio of this type: high resolution capacitive screen, GPS navigation, WiFi connection, SD card slot, USB input, Bluetooth 4.0, the possibility of integrating a rear radio … But best of all that, despite its low price, it includes MirrorLink, a system that allows you to see the screen of your IOS or Android smartphone on the radio. Hikity has other very interesting models, with DVD player, remote control, stereo sound, Android 8.0.

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Jansite: The Best value for money

If you are looking for the best value for money radios we recommend checking out Jansite. This brand, which specializes in devices for your car, has been one of the top brands on AliExpress for years due to the good price-performance ratio of its products. From its cheapest models we can find radios with the latest Android versions, quite decent RAM and ROM values ​​and all kinds of connections (USB, TF card slot, bluetooth, wifi).

Eunavi: maximum performance

Finally, the Eunavi brand specializes in high quality 2-DIN radios, both universal models and compatible with the main brands on the market. As you can see in this link, their price is much higher than what we have seen before, but they have a very low price considering their features: latest version of Android, 64-bit octacore processor, radio signal amplifier, DDR3 RAM, steering wheel control, Mirrorlink, Wi-Fi connection and 4G … The comments of other buyers confirm it: if you are looking for the highest quality, it is worth checking out what this brand has to offer.

How to enter 2 DIN Radios Compatible with your Car

All of the radios we talked about have universals, meaning they work for any radio. For this reason, most include a remote control or a controller that is added to the steering wheel. However, if you are looking for a radio compatible with your car there are brands out there too.

Remember to look carefully for the compatible car models in the description of the radio and if in doubt, it is best to contact the seller, who can also provide us with further details about their products. If you have any other questions about buying on AliExpress, remember that we have a tutorials section on our blog where you can find the best tips and tricks to shop safely and save money on this website. And you? Have you already bought one of these radios for your car from AliExpress?

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