The BEST CHEAP Bike Shoes on AliExpress

AliExpress is becoming one of the largest online sales sites where we can find world-famous brands with discounts and also very competitive and cheap Chinese private labels. Therefore, if bike is your passion, we recommend that you take a look at your next cycling shoes on this website: we have found very good prices and we want to share them with you. Cycling shoes are an essential accessory as they allow you to ride a bike comfortably and avoid possible injuries. Read on if you are looking for good bike shoes at outlet prices!

Tips before choosing your next BIKE Shoes

While those of you who are already experts certainly know everything you need to know to find the shoes that best suit your needs, you may be thinking about getting your first bike shoes here to conform to your foot :

  • Locking system: Cycling shoes do not use laces to avoid accidents with the chainring and chain. Hence, it is most normal for them to have straps or buckles. However, some shoes have more advanced systems for better support.
  • Material that allows ventilation: We will certainly spend a lot of time with our feet in the shoes, so it is important that they have a good ventilation system to prevent sweat. Fabric, leather, or carbon fiber materials are best.
  • Find the right size: It is important not to choose a larger size because we don’t have enough support when carrying the bike, or a size that is too tight because we feel very uncomfortable. For this reason, it is important to choose the right size. At AliExpress, it will be easy for us as the sellers attach a table of measurements. It is normal for one seller’s size not to match another, nor our usual shoe size.

Top 5 cheapest bike shoe brands on AliExpress

Finding cycling shoes on AliExpress is very easy. This site has a section specialized in sports accessories, in which we can find, among other things, more than 2,000 different bike shoes. If you want to see them all click here but for a safe selection we recommend reading on our picks of the best cheap bike shoe brands from this famous Chinese website.

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Boodun sneakers: the most popular

Although you can find the world’s most popular cycling brands on AliExpress, the best-selling and popular shoes are those of the Chinese brand Boodun, which makes athletic shoes for mountain and road cycling. Buyers choose this brand not only because of its low price, but also because of its quality, with breathable materials, good grip on the foot and its high level of comfort. You can find all of their models at this link.

The bestsellers are these Boodun, which you can see below, some road bike shoes with an unbeatable price. They consist of microfiber on the cover, nylon and TPU on the sole, and their interior is made of mesh materials to allow adequate ventilation of the foot. It has a Velcro fastener and a quick release fastener, as well as various reflective details to increase our visibility. Thanks to their 3-hole cleat thread, they are compatible with most racing bike pedals. The only weak point could be the weight of around 600 grams. So if you are looking for lightweight shoes, they may not be suitable.

But Boodun also makes famous mountain bike shoes, the bestsellers are great value for money. During production, materials such as perforated high-density synthetic leather were used for the cover and fiberglass reinforced with nylon for the sole. It has Velcro straps, a shockproof safety tip and is compatible with SPD and EPS-R cleats.

Tiebao shoes: good value for money

Tiebao is another of the Chinese brands that we can find on AliExpress, but this time we find very cheap bike shoes, but with worse finishes than the previous ones. They are a good option if you use the bike very occasionally and don’t want to spend any money. They have shoes for road and mountain biking, but this time around, the latter seem to have more appeal that are the ones that drive the most sales overall as you can see here where you can find all of the shoes of this brand.

The bestsellers are MTB cycling shoes that are available in a variety of sizes from 38 to 46 in 4 different colors. In this case, the cover is made of fully breathable mesh material and its sole is made of carbon fiber and nylon. Its closures are Velcro and the comments of other buyers underline the high quality of its surfaces.

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Sidebike shoes: good workmanship

What we like the most about these branded sidebike shoes is that they have a wide range of shoes to choose from, with mid-range and high-end models at a great price. They have some with high quality finishes like carbon fiber, but there are others that are more affordable for those who don’t want to spend that much money. You can find them all in this filtered search.

The most popular are these MTB shoes at a very affordable price, consisting of mesh material on the cover and TPU nylon sole. They have 2 Velcro fasteners and a third micro-adjustment fastener. They can be purchased in 4 different color combinations.

But as I said, Sidebike has very interesting shoes like these for racing bike, of the highest quality at a reasonable price, which they can afford as a lesser-known brand. A good example of carbon fiber, these shoes are designed to get the most of your bike rides. Its sole is breathable, with multiple holes that allow air to circulate inside, in addition to the use of mesh material inside. Thanks to the carbon fiber, they are very light and weigh only 460 grams. In addition to the Velcro fastener, it has 2 other quick-release fasteners.

Santic shoes: a brand specializing in cycling

The Santic brand has become very popular, especially for their cheap cycling clothing of very good quality, but also for a wide range of cheap bike shoes, as you can see here. As with the previous brand, we can find from very affordable shoes to some with a higher price for their workmanship and properties.

A good example is this Santic, which you see below, with an unusual design and for just over 50 euros, which has most of the features that we have seen so far: breathable material, 2 Velcro fasteners and one with micro-adjustment and 3-stud screw.

Shimano shoes: international brand at a low price

After all, Shimano is a brand that needs no introduction as it is known worldwide for all of their sports accessories. It’s very popular for making components, but there are also cycling shoes and there are sellers on AliExpress who offer Shimano shoes at a discount, as you can see in this link. Remember that AliExpress has stopped selling counterfeit products for some time, so these shoes are genuine.

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The bestseller is the Shimano SH-M089, a very functional MTB shoe in a classic style. It has a flexible, fiberglass-reinforced Torbal midsole that offers comfort and is compatible with SPD cleats. Its sole is made of rubber and the upper part is made of synthetic leather and mesh for good breathability of the foot. It has 3 Velcro fasteners, the last one with micro-adjustment.

For a very small price difference, we also recommend the Shimano XC7, MTB cycling shoes for the most demanding. They are specially designed to practice Cross-Country and Ciclicross. Its cover is made of high-density synthetic leather for better ventilation and fit. Thanks to its Michelin outsole, the weight is reduced to 315 grams and improves traction. Adjusts with a Velcro fastener and a quick-release fastener with micro-adjustment. It is compatible with SPD cleats.

How to Find your Size when choosing Cycling Shoes on AliExpress

In the comments section of our blog, we always get a lot of comments on how to choose our size on AliExpress, and it couldn’t be easier. You never have to decide based on our country’s shoe size as it is actually common for every brand to be a different size. This is why it is important to refer to the measurement chart provided by the seller to help you choose your size. You just need to measure your bare foot and choose according to the table, z the picture we would have to choose the size above 264mm. If you still have questions, we recommend checking out our guide to choosing your size on AliExpress or asking the seller about your foot measurement.