The Best EXTERNAL BATTERY For Mobile Devices

One of the most common accessories used by cell phone users are external batteries that are used to charge the cell phone when they are away from home, when they are not connected to the mains, or in similar cases. Today, there are many varieties, brands, and models of chargers and external batteries that can make your life easier, but not all of them perform the same function. We have verified that the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank is one of the best-selling and best-rated on the market.

And something else that we from Aliexba found: buying your Xiaomi Mi Power Bank on AliExpress can save you valuable money, as Chinese sellers (we will also show you the best stores) on this platform offer these external batteries at a very affordable price . If you want to get to the point, click here to find it quickly.

What exactly is the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank?

For the most clueless, it is an external battery for the phone from the Chinese brand Xiaomi, which not only has a wide range of smartphones in its catalog, but also a wide range of gadgets at a very affordable price and of excellent quality. Depending on the mAh (milliamps per hour) there are several models: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10000, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 16000 and the newest and newest product, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000.

Mi Power Bank batteries are one of the best-selling accessories on online platforms because of their great value for money, and they will certainly become a fundamental and indispensable device as the evolution of Xiaomi has been constant and now models with a. offers capacity four times greater than that of the first type launched, without forgetting not to add weight and size.

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One of the questions you have asked us the most: does it fit in your pocket? Sure. We won’t fool you. As is common with batteries, the weight is heavy in relation to its size, but not excessive. The rounded design helps carry it in a pocket or bag without even realizing you are carrying it.

What can be done with these accessories?

Charge any device that uses a USB cable for this purpose. The compatibility is very high as it is valid for every Android and iOS. You have a smartphone or an iPhone, it is compatible with your phone.

For example, if we talk about the available charging time, it is possible to charge an iPhone 11 or a Samsung Galaxy S6 more than three times, to name two high-end mobile models. Oh, it’s also capable of filling up to three times the life of your next generation phablet. All life insurance 🙂

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank cheap on Aliexpress

And we’re not just talking about an accessory that can charge a mobile phone or tablet. You can also use it for an Ipad, PS Vita, GoPro or Ipod Nano, among other things.

How does the Xiaomi Mi Powerbank work?

As soon as it is connected to a charger, it has 4 LEDs that indicate the charge status of the battery. We recommend using a 2 amp charger. This way the load will be faster. For example, if you are using a 1 amp charger it will take at least twice as long. The relationship is directly proportional.

AliexBa tip: You will need to use a charger that you have at home to charge as it is not included. However, it does include a microUSB-USB cable for charging our gadget. Another novelty of the new models is the possibility of charging two devices at the same time thanks to two USB ports.


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank external battery models

As already mentioned, there are different types of external Xiaomi batteries depending on the mAh. These are listed below from less to more milliamperes (ie from less to higher load capacity). And of course, all five models are available on AliExpress.

Price comparison AliExpress vs Europe

If you use multiple devices every day, don’t even think about it. The investment in these external batteries is small and can save you many troubles. Before you talk about the price you need to know this There are a lot of imitations roaming around at different sellers and AliExpress is no exception. Of course, calm down, we have verified that a large number of Xiaomi batteries are 100% original.

One trick to determine if the product is not original is to check the technical specifications. If the seller says it’s an original, trust them. And when they bear the stamp of guaranteed authenticity, you can be sure.

As for the price of the Xiaomi Power Bank on this Chinese platform, we have found that it is worth buying the product on AliExpress. Why? We know that saving is important for all users, and external batteries are available here for 15 euros. It is difficult for you to find them cheaper. As with everything, the higher the load capacity, the more it costs, but to also mention the latest model, the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000, it is available for around 30$, depending on the seller.

Payable? We think so. Take a tour of other platforms and you will see for yourself. Just in case, we are also leaving you the buying guide for external batteries from AliExpress, in which you will find the best-selling batteries in history and also the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank, which has recently become fashionable.

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Best seller of Xiaomi Mi Power Bank batteries on AliExpress

To make it easier for you, below we are going to show you four of the best stores that have Xiaomi external batteries. So that you don’t have to look at the seller either, we have allowed ourselves the luxury of directly selecting the products that he makes available to you:

Remember that if you click directly on each shop you will be taken to the Xioami Mi Power Bank which is in their catalog. We believe all of them are excellent value, so don’t be afraid for your purchase.

And of course don’t forget that almost all sellers offer free shipping, which is also important. As long as the product is not very large. Another advantage that ensures that customs do not have any problems and do not hold back your purchase.