The Best FIBER OPTIC Fusion Machines

Fiber optic cables must be spliced ​​to others, either to accommodate the needs of certain facilities or to allow the fibers to be connected to the transceivers that use them. There are currently two types of splicing: mechanical splicing and fusion splicing. The first consists of aligning the fibers in order to fix them mechanically or by means of adhesive, while fusion splicing is carried out by melting the fiber material with so-called fiber optic melting machines.

Given the importance of melting fibers with high voltage arcing or any type of heating system, buying a fiber optic splicing machine is easy today. There are many stores selling them and you can even find used fiber optic splicers for a very affordable price. However, if you are looking for a cheap fiber optic splicing machine and you don’t want to use it, then hands down the best option to take a look at AliExpress. On this huge Chinese platform, you can buy fiber optic splicers at the best price and from reputable brands such as Fujikura or Sumitomo.

The Best Fiber Optic Splicer Stores on AliExpress

Based on the above and after a painstaking investigation by AliExpress, we have selected the 5 best AliExpress stores where you can buy Fiber Optic Splicing machine at the best price. We are sure you will find what you are looking for in any of them!

  • XinRay shop (5 diamonds): This store has a very good reputation and sells fiber optic splicing machines at an irresistible price.
  • Shenzhen Zi Yan instrument (3 diamonds): This supplier offers a variety of specialized engineering tools of excellent quality at a very affordable price.
  • Greebid Electron Technology Co., Ltd. (4 diamonds): one of the reference businesses for electronic tools as complex as a fiber optic splicer.
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How to buy a cheap Fiber Optic Splicer

There are currently a wide variety of splicers that we can divide into two main categories: field splicers (most commonly used in cable installations) and factory splicers (used to make fiber optic splices to make amplifiers, compensators, etc.).

If you search for “Fiber optic splicing machine“You will see endless results and machines with different properties appear. But which fusion machine should we buy? When choosing the type of machine that best suits our needs, it is very important that we consider: the type of alignment (depending on the type of fiber we want to fuse, one type of alignment will be for us before the other fit), prices, environmental conditions (for example, if we work outdoors we need a resilient machine that can withstand certain temperature, humidity and altitude conditions) and technical service (in the unlikely event that our machine needs a minor repair or adjustment).

All these aspects can be found in the product data sheets of all fusion devices on AliExpress and if you are missing any information, do not hesitate to contact the seller: they will certainly be able to help you.

Identify a good salesperson

However, once we are clear about what type of fiber optic splicer we are interested in, the second step is to choose a good seller on AliExpress. This is very important especially when we buy such specific and expensive products. To know if a seller is reliable we need to look at 3 main things:

  • The reputation of the shop: In our experience, shops with at least 1 diamond are of excellent quality.
  • Other users ‘ratings and reviews: It is crucial to consider other users’ opinions before making a decision on a product.
  • The number of sales made.
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If we consider these three points and (after reading beforehand) accept the purchase and return policy, we can be 100% sure that we will make an excellent purchase at AliExpress. Before confirming your order, we remind you to carefully read the purchase, shipping and return policy. Also, remember that you can always contact the seller directly if you need more information.