The PROS and CONS of the Best CASHBACK Platforms

There are more and more Cashback Services for our Online Purchases. If you are thinking of using one, you are sure to be wondering which one to go for. Hence, we are going to analyze the pros and cons of the major cashback platforms to decide once and for all which is the best.

What is Cashback and How does it work?

Cashback returns a fixed percentage of your online purchases and allows you to save on purchases. Many work with such famous stores as Shein, AliExpress, Sephora, Booking, so it will certainly not cost you anything to accumulate money in your account.

The fact that a platform pays you to buy something may sound strange, but it’s a business we all win in: these platforms advertise deals and when we (users) make a purchase, those deals pay them one Commission with which they then share us.

Remember to always make your purchase through the platform

It is important to understand that you must always make the purchase using the link provided by the platform in order for the refund to be applied correctly. Otherwise the cashback will not be activated and you will lose your refund.

For example, if you want to make a reservation in Booking and collect Letyshops Cashback, you will need to access Booking via the link displayed in Letyshops or install the Letyshops browser extension. Try to make it clear that you will buy beforehand, make the purchase as soon as possible, and that you will not lose cashback in the end.
Also, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of purchase for each store, as they vary from one to the other.

Focus on a Cashback Platform or two

As you will see below, there are many cashback platforms out there and depending on where you want to buy, you may be more interested in one than the other.

It is not necessary to use just one platform, although we do not recommend using more than two as most will ask you for a minimum amount of accumulated funds to transfer the funds to your bank account. It will be easier for you to collect cashback if you don’t distribute the money between many platforms.

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Be careful with the extension when using two Cashbacks

The extensions offered by cashback platforms are very useful to ensure that you have activated cashback correctly or to notify you when you enter a shop connected to your platform.

So keep in mind that if you end up using multiple platforms and want to use their extension for the browser (which is recommended), you will have to install each extension in a different browser. In summary, if you use Letyshop and Beruby, use their extension in two different browsers and don’t install any other third-party extensions or ad blockers that may block your cashback.

The most widely used cashback platforms

Let’s take a look at which cashback platforms are used the most and what to keep in mind when making your purchases:


Letyshops is one of the most widespread cashback platforms and has a good reputation with buyers. It contains almost 4,000 associated shops and a very visual extension that allows you to quickly see if your cashback is not activated well. In our Letyshops article we tell you everything you need to know about this application.


Another of the most famous cashback platforms is Beruby, an industry veteran (since 2007). With Beruby, not only can you get part of your purchases back, but you can also make money by interacting on pages, watching videos or completing surveys. Check out our review on Beruby article to learn more about this platform and some tips to get the most of it.


In Shoppiday you have more than 900 cashback shops, exclusive coupons that you can only find on the platform and very good reviews from users.

What we really like about Shoppiday is that there is a selection of discount coupons that can be redeemed in physical supermarkets and that you can use by downloading them to your phone or printing them out and showing them at your trusted supermarket.


Widilo is one of the leading cashback sites in Spain, France and Belgium with more than 1,500 cashback shops and exclusive discount coupons. In addition to expanding your cashback at a selection of daily stores, you can also increase your cashback percentage at the stores where you make the most purchases.


Mega bonus

Megabonus has more than 3,000 affiliated stores, some of which are as well known as Shein, AliExpress, Booking … It has a referral program that is very similar to Beruby and very good: for every friend who signs up with your invite you will receive 50% of their accumulated cashback forever.

On the other hand, what we don’t like the least is that there is no welcome coupon like on the previous platforms.

My world

myWorld is active in more than 70 countries around the world and has more than 150,000 partner shops. Although at first glance you are impressed by the large number of shops that work with myWorld, a closer analysis of the cashback offer compared to other platforms shows that this is not a very high percentage. We also don’t believe they don’t offer referral programs or welcome coupons.


Aklamio’s cashback platform is available in several European Union countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy … and, according to their website, has more than 1,500 affiliated stores. Even so, there are only 150 shops available in England, so the range in which you can shop is significantly reduced. Unlike most of the platforms we’ve listed, Aklamio doesn’t have a clashback for AliExpress, but it does for Shein.


iGraal is the largest cashback platform in the European Union and has 500 cashback shops in England such as Asos, AliExpress, El Corte Inglés, Booking, Nike.

With your permission

At Consupermiso, in addition to cashback for purchases, you have the opportunity to earn more money by taking part in surveys or receiving offers by email. For some surveys, you receive up to € 1 cashback for completing them and the offer e-mails you receive for 0.06$.


We compare the most commonly used cashback platforms in the table below, depending on the businesses advertised, if you have other money making methods, affiliate program, exclusive coupons …

platformNumber of storesBrowser extensionExtended cashback offersCashback for interaction with other sitesReward for inviting friendsWelcome voucherExclusive vouchers
Letyshopsmore than 3800YesYesno5 € for each friend5 € when registering through a friendno
Berubymore than 1100YesnoYesFor each friend you always receive 50% of their accumulated cashback6 €Yes
Shoppidaymore than 900YesYesno10 € for each friend€ 20Yes
Widilomore than 1,500Yes, you earn € 1 for the installationYes, the more you buy, the more you buy, increase your cashback in your favorite stores too.no3 € for each friend€ 5Yes
Mega bonusmore than 3,000YesYesnoFor each friend you always receive 50% of their accumulated cashbacknono
my worldmore than 150,000YesYesnononoYes
Aklamioover 1,500 (only 160 available in Spain)YesnonoNo, although you can recommend a business to a friend and receive a commission on the purchase.nono
iGraalmore than 500YesYesno€ 3 + 10% of your cashback forever3 €Yes
With your permissionmore than 400Yes, for every month installed you will receive € 0.10noYes€ 1 for each of the first 10 recommendations and at least 10% of the generated cashback.nono
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Conclusion: which one is the best?

As we have already told you, we recommend that you use a maximum of two cashback platforms so as not to diversify your money too much and end up getting tired if you fail to manage to collect the minimum funds to transfer your bank account.

Among the platforms compared, in our opinion the best are Beruby and Letyshops: Letyshops has a very simple and effective extension and has more stores than Beruby, but the cashback of some of the most famous such as Shein, AliExpress or Sephora is higher in Beruby. Also remember that at Beruby you can make money without shopping: interact on pages, watch videos, take surveys and you also have exclusive discount coupons on their platform.

Beruby’s referral program, which allows you to earn 50% of your friends’ cashback for a lifetime, is one of the most money-making programs out there. So if we have to stick to either platform, Beruby is hands down the most complete.