These are the Best Copycat RAY-BANS to Buy

Ray-Bans are very nice, but can be too expensive for some bags. Up until a few years ago you could buy fakes on AliExpress, but they have gotten serious and now only sell the originals. Knowing this, you will surely ask yourself: Where can I find replicas? DHgate is a similar store to AliExpress but still turns a blind eye to replicas. They have many affordable Ray-Ban models with lots of sales and great buyer reviews.

Today we are going to show you how to look for them and we will tell you everything you need to know before buying.

How do you find?

Here is a shortcut to finding Ray-Ban on DHgate.

Although easily identifiable as Ray-Ban, you will find that most do not have a logo:

But don’t suffer: just by reviewing customer uploaded images of the product, we can tell two things: First, that the reviews are excellent.

And second, that, as in this case of a replica of the Clubmaster model, they come with their case and a box in which we see the Ray-Ban insignia.

In the picture below, one of the buyers of the product takes a closer photo of the glasses and we can see that they have the Ray-Ban logo with the P for “polarized” wearing:

On the other hand, and thanks to this detailed picture, we can see that the quality of the frame and glasses is very good. The most normal thing is that the seller does not enclose photos showing the logo on the shopping cards to avoid problems, but rather the logo is on the glasses and on his cases and / or container boxes. Ultimately, according to our research, replicas are of good quality and often leave buyers satisfied.


Ray-Ban models available

Here we leave you the best selling Ray-Ban models with some features to help you choose which one to buy on DHgate.


Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic RB2140 Black - Acetate - Green Lenses - 0RB214090150 | Ray-Ban® Spain

This is the brand’s emblem sunglasses model. Currently they come with frames in different colors, although black and brown are the classics, and with different treatments of the crystals in green, gray gradient and others.

Club master

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic RB3016 Black - Acetate - Green Lenses - 0RB3016W036549 | Ray-Ban® Spain

They have a retro style from the 50s, but the truth is that they are timeless. A design that corresponds to and accompanies both classic and the latest trends. In the picture you can see the original colors, but today you can find different combinations of frames and lenses.

Round metal

Ray-Ban Round Metal RB3447 Gold - Metal - Green Lenses - 0RB344700150 | Ray-Ban® Spain

You’re another retro model, but in this case they are from the 60s and have likely seen hundreds of people including the world’s most famous musicians during that time. Round with a metallic frame, they are unisex and come in a wide variety of colors today.

Round spot

Ray-Ban Round Fleck Sunglasses RB-2447 901

This design is a more recent version of Round Metal adapted to the urban style and contemporary trends. The classic black frame and lens combination is this model’s best seller, but you can find it in different combinations.


It was originally designed for pilots in the 1970s, but they quickly exceeded those limits. Today we can say that they are the most famous sunglasses in the world. Its golden frame with green crystals is an unsurpassed classic due to the new combination options.


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