TIP Discount COUPONS on DHgate

Before paying for your DHgate purchases, you must have thought to yourself, “Hey, let’s see if I can find a DHgate discount coupon on Google.”

You enter the website, click the link and when you copy the discount code, DHgate will inform you that this coupon has already expired. But yes, there is a way to find coupons for DHgate. Today we’re going to explain how.

DHgate is the new sales portal of Chinese origin, which is successful worldwide due to the large variety of products (especially replicas and imitations of well-known brands) at an impressive price. If you have already registered and filled your shopping cart with products, you will surely be interested in how to find coupons on this famous sales website to save more money. That is why today we are going to tell you how to get coupons, what types of coupons there are and how to use them.

Types of Coupons on DHgate

Using coupons is the best way to save money on your purchases on DHgate, but there are many different types of coupons. So knowing how they work and how several can be combined can save even more. We are going to quickly review all types of coupons that can be used on this famous website so that you can save some money easily and without hassle.

DH voucher

These are the best coupons: they are used on all products sold on this website (although they can be limited to a certain category) so we can buy everything on the page and apply the discount. These types of coupons usually have a minimum purchase amount. However, if we don’t reach this minimum amount, we won’t be able to use it. However, the coupons can be used for all products in the shopping cart, so you don’t have to buy from the same seller to use it. The minimum amount for use also includes shipping costs.

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Additionally, one of the terms of the voucher that we like best is that if you use it and you need to open a dispute because the product is poorly received, you can return all or part of the voucher. However, there is one major disadvantage compared to AliExpress: DH vouchers cannot be combined with seller vouchers and only one voucher can be used per order.

Seller Voucher

These coupons They are the best on DHgate because they are very easily available. They are offered directly by DHgate sellers, they are only for buying products from their own stores. So, if you need to hit a minimum purchase amount, you will need to add several seller’s products to the cart in order to use it. Some sellers have coupons with different amounts, the higher the minimum purchase amount, the larger the discount coupon. Sellers can also offer coupons that can only be used on the DHgate mobile app. In the following we explain how to recognize them.

Other DHgate Coupons

DH and Seller Coupons are the most popular on this famous online sales platform, although there are two additional types of Coupons: “Bonus Coupons” and “Mobile Coupons“. Both are much rarer than DH or Seller Coupons, but they can help us save. The first are some additional coupons that are usually offered in promotions like 11/11 that can be added to DH discounts. The “Mobile Coupons” are the coupons that we can get in special promotions and that can only be used in the app. In short, if you want to shop and get coupons on this website, keep an eye on the website and mobile application.


How to get Coupons for DHgate

That’s the big question you’ll be asking yourself: How do I get coupons? Well most of the coupons are available through the same DHgate website, with discount coupons for new users or promotional events like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, 11/11.

As we said at the beginning for Get DH Coupons We can search in google and try out the coupons that appear on the typical discount coupon pages. Always look at the ones that say “€ 4 off” or something similar next to a code as those that say a% discount are useless. They just guide you to the DHgate website. Copy and paste the discount code, go to the “My Coupons” section of DHgate and click “Add New Coupon”.

But still The easiest coupons to get are the seller coupons: All you have to do is look for your favorite products and look for this icon that indicates that we can get Seller Coupons.

After entering the ad we find the option to receive seller coupons. In this case, the seller has 2 coupons, one for $ 6 and another for $ 5 for minimum purchases of $ 100 (to be spent in your store and with no option to combine with other DH coupons).

When we enter the section of our “My Coupons” account, we see the details of the coupons we have received, where we see that the $ 6 is only used for purchases in the APP and the $ 5 for purchases online or in the APP. We also see the coupon expiration date. With this coupon we see that it says “Shop Coupon” at the top.

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Finally, if you use the DHgate mobile application, you will see that on the cover there are two very important categories when it comes to receiving coupons: the first is the Seller Coupon section, where DHgate offers seller coupon stores, while In Im Coupons section, you can get coupons when you invite your friends to shop on DHgate. These coupons can only be used in the mobile application and if you also manage to be one of the first 5 users of the app that invites the most friends, you will receive an additional coupon.

How To Use DHgate Coupons?

Using these coupons is very simple, we just need to add the products to the cart and go to the payment screen where the coupon we received will be shown as valid. So you don’t have to worry about anything other than receiving the coupons to be able to use them later.